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Personal Training
Offering virtual and in-person training sessions

Personal Training

Personal Training Options

When you train at WellWorks, you're not only getting a personalized  workout designed to support your goals, but you're also providing real-world professional experience to tomorrow's leaders. Our trainers are current Ohio University students who are supervised by our full-time professional staff of Exercise Physiologists and Wellness Professionals. 

WellWorks offers two convenient training options to fit your unique needs: Virtual and In-Person: 

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Virtual Training

World traveler? Busy parent? Not local to Athens, Ohio? Whatever your reason, Virtual training can be a convenient solution to prioritizing your wellbeing no matter where you are. 

WellWorks began offering virtual training in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our trainers and clients loved it so much, we decided to continue offering this convenient service. 

What to expect: Check out the video above to get a feel for what the virtual training experience is like. The trainer will send you a link to a virtual meeting. You'll log in at the time of your appointment and your trainer will guide you through your sequence for the day. 

Equipment needed: To fully participate in virtual personal training, clients will need access to a computer/phone with a web cam and internet. Trainers can incorporate any home gym equipment you may have on hand. Though, if you have no equipment, our trainers can successfully train you utilizing all bodyweight movements. 

Cost: $20 for 30 minutes or $30 for 60 minutes. 

Open to all Membership Types: Virtual training is available to Virtual Members and Facility Members. 

Trainer and client at WellWorks with equipment

In-Person Training

Need hands-on corrections to body movements? Looking for social support? Enjoy the energy of the fitness center? We get it. Our facility and members are awesome. We love being here, too. 

In-person training utilizes the fully equipped fitness center in Grover Center, making it ideal for clients who may be training for life's next adventure or those looking for a diverse workout experience. 

What to expect: Clients will check-in at our Grover Center facility. From there, our amazing trainers will guide their client through a personalized workout, designed to help you meet your goals. 

Equipment needed: Wear close toed athletic shoes and comfortable clothing. We'll provide the rest! WellWorks trainers will utilize a variety of in-house equipment, including cardio and strength machines, handheld equipment, box steps and more. You can provide feedback about your preferred equipment and movement patterns to make the most of the experience.

Cost: $20 for 30 minutes or $30 for 60 minutes. 

Open to Facility Membership Types: In-Person training is available to  Facility Members only. 


Enhance Your Awesome

We think you're already awesome. Personal Training allows you to enhance the awesome that's already there by working toward your goals.


Not sure what your goals are? Give Wellness Coaching a try. Wellness Coaching can help you better identify your goals with your trainer and motivate you to keep working toward your evolving awesome self. 


Please review our Personal Training Policies to ensure you get the best possible experience with personal training at WellWorks.

New Clients: 

Interested in pursuing personal training with WellWorks? Excellent!

Follow the instructions for "How to Sign Up for Personal Training." 

When we receive your completed Interest Form, we will connect you with a Personal Trainer who we feel fits your unique needs. After an intake meeting, if you feel like training is right for you, you can purchase a Membership (if you don't already have one) and Training Sessions. 

Existing Clients: 

Already have a trainer with WellWorks? 

- You can keep track of your number of remaining training sessions in our Member Portal. Log in to your account, select "Profile" in the upper right corner of the screen and then select "Multi-Visit Passes."

- Need to purchase new Training sessions? Members are able to make purchases of individual or bulk packages using our online Member Portal. To purchase new packages, you will need to have an active membership which can be purchased on our Member Portal

Purchase PT Sessions

How to Sign Up for Personal Training

Step One: Complete our online Interest Form

Step Two: Wait for a member of our staff to contact you. We will do our best to match you to a trainer who fits your schedule and wellness goals. Once we have matched you with a trainer, we will contact you to set-up your personal training consultation. NOTE: You do not need to be an active member to submit the Interest Form. Though, if you choose to participate in Personal Training after you have been matched with a trainer, an active Membership will be required. 

Step Three: Get to know your Personal Trainer at your initial consultation!  During this time, you will review the information you submitted in your Interest Form. Together, you and your trainer will identify your wellness goals and schedule sessions. 

Step Four: If, after your consultation, you decide to officially start training with us, you must purchase Personal Training sessions. Sessions will be placed directly onto your account and must be used within one year from the purchase date.


We Want Your Feedback

In order to better improve our personal training services, we seek insight of participants to re-evaluate and adjust the program for future members participating in personal training. With this information, the professional staff at WellWorks could create new opportunities for students to learn new customer service skills, how to improve self-efficacy, and essentials of effective face-to-face communication. Your honest responses to the questions would be greatly appreciated.

 Personal Training Survey

Fitness Assessments are Now Available!

Looking to start an exercise program, but don’t know where to begin? Or are you simply curious where you stand as it relates to your overall physical health? A fitness assessment can be a great way to monitor and assess your ability as it relates to aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility.  The assessment consists of the five components of fitness: body composition (circumference measurements and bioelectrical impedance), muscular strength (push-ups, bodyweight squats, and sit ups/curl ups), flexibility (sit and reach), and cardiovascular endurance (1 mile walk, 1.5-mile run, or 3-minute step test). This will be a 60-minute consultation with the WellWorks Fitness Coordinator or a Personal Training Graduate Student.

Not located on the Athens campus? That's ok! We now have a virtual assessment available!

Must have an active Virtual or Facility WellWorks Membership to participate. 

Cost: $25

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