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About Community Supported Agriculture:

Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or a Buying Club (a way to purchase local vegetables wholesale) is a great way to get fresh, local, pesticide-free vegetables without going to the market. In a standard CSA, Members purchase a share of a farmer's crops before the growing season begins and, in turn, receive a selection of fresh vegetables on a regular basis. With a Buying Club, members pool their money to purchase bulk, local produce at wholesale prices. A summer CSA or Buying Club typically runs May-October and includes a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits. 

History of the WellWorks' CSA:

The WellWorks CSA program began in 2011 in Athens, Ohio (Athens County) with Shade River Organic Farm serving as the provider. On a weekly basis, the Hamiltons delivered amazing vegetables and herbs to CSA supporters at Ohio University. They delivered desired shares to various on-campus locations each week. This program was created in an effort to ensure our employees and members had easy access to local, nutrient-dense food. We genuinely believe that this program positively contributed to the wellness of our community.

In 2018, due to time constraints, Shade River Organic Farm elected not to continue their relationship with the WellWorks CSA, so the University sought a suitable replacement through a county-wide Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Rural Action's Buying Club submitted the winning "bid" and the Buying Club model was first utilized in Summer 2018 at Ohio University. 

In 2020, Rural Action augmented the program by creating the "Add-On Program" where participants can opt to add weekly orders of locally produced items such as maple syrup, jams, jellies, chips,  beans, etc.

In 2023, Rural Action will continue as the provider of the Ohio University Produce Buying Club.

Rural Action's Produce Buying Club model is quite unique! The local non-profit works to pool the money of Buying Club participants and then make large purchases at the local Chesterhill Produce Auction. From there, Rural Action divides the procured produce evenly into the purchased shares to be able to provide diverse weekly shares of produce to participants while supporting local growers and producers. 

Overview of 2024 Produce Buying Club

Rural Action is solely responsible for management of the program and ensuring the safety of the food provided. Ohio University is not financially involved in this program; the University is merely serving as a convenient pick-up location for participants.

The 2024 full Buying Club season is May 14 through October 25 (24 weeks). This year, Rural Action is requiring participants to sign up for the full 24 weeks. There is no option to opt out of any weeks. 

Prices are as follows:
All 24 Weeks:

  • Half peck (~5lbs of produce) for $19/week or $456/season
  • Peck (~10lbs of produce) for $31/week or $744/season
  • Half bushel (~20lbs of produce) for $45/week or $1,080/season

Additional options for monthly or weekly add-on products are available upon registration. 2024 Add-On Products include: 

  • Shagbark Organic Black Beans (1 lb)
  • Shagbark Popcorn (1 lb)
  • Shagbark Organic Corn Grits (1 lb)
  • Mixed Fruit Jam (8 oz)
  • Maple Syrup (16 oz)


Program Options/Pick-up Locations:

  • Public Program: Grover Center Parking Lot (Lot 134): Fridays from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Private Program** (only open to staff and student families of the CDC): Child Development Center: Tuesdays after 1:30 p.m.
    • **If you sign up for the CDC pick-up site, you will be verified as eligible before payment. For child safety purposes, ONLY staff and student families are eligible to pick up at the CDC.

Please plan to have someone pick up your weekly share throughout the season! If no one picks up your share, it will be donates to Community Food Initiatives.


Additional Information:

There are two Buying Clubs at Ohio University:

  • OHIO Wellness Public Buying Club: University employees, students and community members are invited to participate in the 2023 Buying Club with weekly (Fridays at noon) pick-up on Ohio University's Athens Campus in the Walter Hall parking lot. The program is managed by Rural Action and all produce is purchased from local farmers at the Chesterhill Produce Auction. This wholesale model of a Buying Club allows for a greater diversity in the produce received each week, which can be a limiting factor of a traditional CSA. 
  • CDC Private Buying Club: A second, private club exists for staff members of and family members of enrolled students at the CDC. That club has a Tuesday afternoon pick-up. Details were provided to eligible family members. 



  • Payment details will be sent to you upon completion of your registration form
  • Payment can be made online or via check.

Pick-Up Details:

  • Public Buying Club: Rural Action will deliver your shares to campus in the Walter Hall Parking Lot from 12:00-1:00 p.m. every Friday for the duration of the program. The Walter Hall Parking Lot is Lot #134 on the Ohio University Parking Lot Map
  • Private Buying Club: Rural Action will deliver shares to the CDC after 1:30pm on Tuesdays so families/staff can pick-up their shares at the end of the day.  
    • If you ever forget to pick up your share, you may call Rural Action (740-677-4047, ask for Tom) to determine if you can pick up your produce at their office in The Plains OR to inform them to donate your produce that week. 


Please contact Sal from Rural Action at


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Typical Summer Produce List

Weekly produce content varies week-to-week and is different for every vendor. Each delivery provides vegetables that are growing in their garden at that time. Here is a list of vegetables and herbs that are typically included in an Ohio produce share throughout the summer:

Please note that the first few weeks will include flowers and plant seedlings to supplement the limited amount of produce in spring.


BroccoliBulb fennelCabbage
OnionsRadishesSalad greens
ScallionsSummer/Winter squashTomatoes