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Produce Buying Club (formerly CSA)

Notice: The 2020 Public Produce Buying Club will continue as originally planned, though the private CDC Club has been canceled. Additional health safety measures will be requested of participants for the pick-up process each week. Participants have been emailed those details and they are available below.  

Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or a Buying Club (a way to purchase local vegetables wholesale) is a great way to get fresh, local, non-GMO vegetables without going to the market. Members purchase a share of a farmer's crops before the growing season begins and, in turn, receive a selection of fresh vegetables on a regular basis. A summer CSA or Buying Club typically runs June-October and includes a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits. 

History of the WellWorks' CSA:

The WellWorks CSA program began in 2011 with Shade River Organic Farm serving as the provider. On a weekly basis, the Hamiltons delivered amazing vegetables and herbs to CSA supporters at Ohio University. This program was created in an effort to ensure our employees and members had easy access to local, nutrient-dense food. We genuinely believe that this program positively contributed to the wellness of our community.

In 2018, due to time constraints, Shade River Organic Farm elected not to continue their relationship with the WellWorks CSA, so the University sought a suitable replacement through a county-wide Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Rural Action's Buying Club submitted the winning "bid" and the Buying Club model was first utilized in Summer 2018 at Ohio University and continues in 2020. 


The 2020 Buying Club is a 22 week program. Shares will be delivered to campus on a weekly basis. To participate in the full program, the up-front cost is: $264 for a half peck, $484 for a peck and $682 for a half bushel. Though, you are able to opt-out of certain weeks at the time of enrollment. For each week you opt-out, the cost of the program is reduced by $12 per week for a half peck, $22 per week for a peck and $31 per week for a half bushel.

Upon registration completion, you will receive a confirmation email from WellWorks with the total cost which is calculated based on your share size, add-on options and opt-out dates. Rural Action will then email you with an invoice. 
You can enroll after the start date if space is still available, but be sure to consider any date that has passed or is less than 4 days away as "opt-out" dates. You may not opt-out after payment is received; though, you can send someone to pick-up your share for you. Any shares that are not picked up will be donated. 
In the online registration form (see below), you are able to select any of the weeks you would like to opt-OUT of the Produce Buying Club (these are the weeks that you will not have a share to pick-up). So, please have these dates available at the time of registration. 

2020 WellWorks Buying Clubs: 

Update: All available spaces for the 2020 Produce Buying Club are currently filled. If you are interested in being added to our Waiting List, please provide your contact information using our online form.

In 2020, WellWorks will, once again, host a public Produce Buying Club with delivery on Fridays at noon and a private Buying Club for families/staff of the Child Development Center. 

WellWorks Public Buying Club:

University employees, students and community members are invited to participate in the 2020 Buying Club with weekly (Fridays at noon) pick-up on Ohio University's Athens Campus in the Walter Hall parking lot. The program is managed by Rural Action and all produce is purchased from local farmers at the Chesterhill Produce Auction. This wholesale model of a Buying Club allows for a greater diversity in the produce received each week, which can be a limiting factor of a traditional CSA. It also allows you to opt-out of certain weeks that you know you'll be out of town. With such flexibility, this program caters to a wide audience!

2020 Buying Club Details: 

  • Duration:
    • Weekly pick-up for this public Buying Club will occur on Fridays at noon beginning May 29, concluding on October 23.
  • Size Options:
    • Half Peck (Feeds 1-2 adults per week),
    • Peck (Feeds 3-5 adults per week), or
    • Half Bushel (Feeds 1-2 families per week - Great for sharing!) 
  • Prices:
    • Half Peck = $12 per week ($264 for the full 22 weeks),
    • Peck = $22 per week ($484 for the full 22 weeks),
    • Half Bushel = $31 per week ($682 for the full 22 weeks). 
  • Opt-Out Option: The above prices are the base level prices for the full 22 weeks. An added benefit of the Buying Club format is that you can opt-out of any weeks that you may be unable to pick-up your share. By opting out in advance, the overall price you pay at the beginning is reduced! Here are the details...
    • For each week that you choose to opt-out (or each week you have missed, if opting in after May 26), your payment will be prorated based on the share size you purchased.
    • You must select your opt-out dates at the time of registration. If you choose to skip a pick-up after payment has been received, refunds will not be provided.
    • As soon as you hit submit on our online registration (see below for link), your details will be sent to our coordinator of the program who will calculate your final cost, email you a confirmation and send your payment total to Rural Action. Rural Action will then contact you with an invoice and payment options (Credit card and check are preferred).
    • For each week that you opt-out of the program, the following amounts will be deducted from the base payment: Half Peck = $12 per week, Peck = $22 per week, Half Bushel = $31 per week.
  • Add-On Options: 
    • In 2020, Rural Action will be offering optional add-on products such as maple syrup, jams/jellies, and other locally produced, shelf-stable food products. Any participant of the Produce Buying Cub is able to also order the following add-on items at the time of registration: 

      Shagbark Products: 
      Dry Black Beans (1 lb) $4.00
      Dry Pinto Beans (1 lb) $4.00
      Heirloom Popcorn (1 lb) $4.00
      Black Bean Corn Chips (8 oz) $4.00
      Buckwheat Flour (1lb) $4.00

      Other Locally Produced Products (acquired from Chesterhill Produce Auction): 
      Maple Syrup (16 oz) $10.00
      Crab Apple Jelly (8 oz) $4.00
      Mixed Berry Jelly (8 oz) $4.00
      Strawberry Jam (8 oz) $4.00
      Blueberry Jam (8 oz) $4.00

  • Online Registration Form:

    • WellWorks Public Buying Club:  Online registration is now closed. All available spaces for the 2020 Produce Buying Club are currently filled. If you are interested in being added to our Waiting List, please provide your contact information using our online form.
  • Payment:
    • Payment (credit card or check made out to Chesterhill Produce Auction (CPA)) must be supplied to Rural Action no later than the time of your first pick-up. Rural Action will email you an invoice prior to your first pick-up and you will be given the option to pay online in advance. 
    • Rural Action is solely responsible for management of the program and ensuring the safety of the food provided. Ohio University is not financially involved in this program; the University is merely serving as a convenient pick-up location for participants.
  • Pick-Up Details:
    • Rural Action will deliver your shares to campus in the Walter Hall Parking Lot from 12:00-1:00 p.m. every Friday for the duration of the program. The Walter Hall Parking Lot is Lot #134 on the Ohio University Parking Lot Map
      • If you ever forget to pick up your share, you may call Rural Action (740-677-4047, ask for Tom) to determine if you can pick up your produce at their office in The Plains OR to inform them to donate your produce that week. 
      • Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read additional safety precautions that will be taken during the 2020 pick-up.
  • The Buying Club is limited to 45 participants.The minimum number of participants needed to fully execute the program is 10.


Receive Email Updates about future CSA programs or Buying Clubs supported by WellWorks:
If you would like to receive our email updates about Community Supported Agriculture and the Buying Club, please email Annie Laurie Cadmus at cadmus@ohio.edu

Typical Weekly Produce List

Weekly produce content varies week-to-week and is different for every vendor. Each delivery provides vegetables that are growing in their garden at that time. Here is a list of vegetables and herbs that are typically included in an Ohio produce share throughout the summer:

Basil Beans Beets
Broccoli Bulb fennel Cabbage
Carrots Cilantro Cucumbers
Dill Parsley Parsnips
Peppers Potatoes Garlic
Kale/Chard Kholrabi Leeks
Onions Radishes Salad greens
Scallions Summer/Winter squash Tomatoes
Turnips Zucchini  


Additional Safety Measures During 2020 Pick-Up

Below, you will find the details about the safety precautions Rural Action will take during pick-up each week. Below are the instructions we will utilize while the University remains closed. When the University reopens, this process will likely change.


Location: Pick-up will still occur in the Walter Hall Parking Lot (lot #134/Quadrant G6 on the OHIO parking map)


Time: We will extend the original pick-up time by 15 minutes (12:00pm-1:00pm) on Fridays, offering you each an appointment window to accommodate increased safety procedures.  We will divide our participants into 4 groups. Each group will be assigned a 15 minute appointment window in that hour in which they will be asked to pick up their produce.


Safety Logistics: 

  • Since the parking lot will be mostly empty, please form a line with your vehicles*, remaining in your vehicle until it is your turn.
  • When it is your turn, roll down your car window and call out your name.
  • The Rural Action staffer will place your items near the trunk of your vehicle. When the Rural Action staff members are at least six feet away, please get out of your vehicle, place the items in your car and drive away.
    • At this time, in an effort to reduce contamination, items will be placed in paper bags.
    • If you have extra paper bags that you’d be able to donate, please bring them with you and leave them on the ground when you pick-up your share.
    • In the interest of time, please just place the bagged items in your vehicle and do not attempt to remove the items and place them in your own bags. 
  • Please wear a mask/face covering at all times during the transaction


This new pick-up process may take a bit longer than in previous years and we may need to make modifications as we go. We thank you in advance for your patience as we learn the most efficient and safest way to manage this process.


*If you plan to pick-up your produce on foot, bicycle, etc. (non-vehicular), please email cadmus@ohiuo.edu so we can offer alternate instructions.