Membership Pricing

Facility Memberships:

Our Facility Memberships are available to Ohio University employees, their spouses/partners, community members, teens (age 13-17) and Ohio University graduate students. We do not offer memberships to Ohio University undergraduate students.

Membership Duration:



$8 for current OHIO employees
$10 for non-employees

Weekly (OHIO Employees ONLY)  $15





Individual Annual 


$200 Up Front


Direct Debit Option*:
- $24 for the first month

- $16 for 11 months*

Youth Annual 
(Age 13-17)


*Evergeen: Those who choose to enroll in direct debit can also choose to participate in our Evergreen payment option. This will eliminate the need to renew one’s membership annually and offer an $8 reduction in total membership price annually after the first year (rather than being charged the $24 at the start of each year, the member will maintain a flat rate of $16 per month). This payment option does involve a $25 cancellation fee should the member choose to cancel their membership. Memberships cannot be canceled until after one year has passed.

NOTE: WellWorks is a cash free facility. Please pay by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) or a check made to "WellWorks."

Flexible Spending Account expenditures:  At this time, Ohio University is not established with an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) and, therefore, WellWorks cannot accept debit cards from Flexible Spending Accounts such as Wageworks. We can, however, provide you with an itemized receipt for reimbursement submission to your Flexible Spending Account.  While some of our services do qualify for reimbursement with some FSA programs, restrictions (such as a letter from your physician) may apply. WellWorks is not responsible for verifying expense eligibility prior to payment.

Payment Plan Options for Annual memberships: Different payment options are available for annual memberships. Members can set-up monthly direct debit payments (see payment instructions below) or pay in one lump sum at the time of enrollment or renewal. There is no difference in cost between the two payment options. If the member chooses Direct Debit, they can also choose to enroll in the Evergreen program, which auto-renews annually, saving $8 per year. See below for more details about the Evergreen payment option.

Direct Debit Payment Instructions:   If you would like to pay for your annual membership via monthly direct debit payments, please be aware that, at sign-up, we will ask you to 1.) pay the first month's fee and 2.) provide the following banking details: name of bank, routing number, account number. 

Evergreen Payment Option: Members who choose to pay through direct debit can also opt-in to an “Evergeen” payment option. An Evergreen membership has no expiration date and, therefore, does not require annual renewal paperwork. Additionally, the member will only be charged $16 per month following the initial payment of $24, which provides an annual cost savings of $8. This option does have a $25 cancellation fee should the member choose to cancel their membership after one year.

WellWorks is proud to be a SilverSneakers™ site. Eligible individuals can call Tivity Health® or go online to to determine if they are eligible. If you are eligible, you can obtain your unique 16-digit eligibility code. Bring that code in to WellWorks to receive your SilverSneakers™ membership. SilverSneakers™ members receive the same member benefits as any other membership offered at our facility. 



Virtual Memberships:

Our Virtual Memberships are available to anyone (with some restrictions for minors)!  Memberships cost $7/month for current Ohio University employees and $10/month for non-employees. Memberships are available in various intervals: 1 Month, 4 Month and 6 Month. 

More information about our Virtual Memberships can be found online. 

Ready to commit to your wellness adventure? Buy your membership online at our Member Portal and get immediate access to our library of resources! 

✅ = Included in monthly fee
✔️ = Available at an additional fee
❌ = Not available for this membership type




OHIO Employee*

Must be an employee at time of registration




On Demand Fitness

Live Fitness Classes

Active Senior Programming

RD Approved Recipes

Kitchen Hacks

Wellness Coaching Videos

Mindfulness and Resiliency Training

Online Support

Wellness Coaching Sessions



Training Plans



Specialty Programming



Personal Training



Risk Reduction Specialty Program


*OHIO Employee is defined as any current Ohio University employee. Student employees, some hourly employees and contract employees are excluded from this discount. To determine if you qualify for the discount, please use your employee Single Sign On upon logging in at our Member Portal and navigate to Memberships. All employee discounts will be automatically calculated based on your classification.

**Risk Reduction programming is available to benefits-eligible employees. 

✅ = Included in monthly fee
✔️ = Available at an additional fee
❌ = Not available for this membership type