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WellWorks is currently not offering Nutrition Counseling appointments

We encourage you to check out our nutrition tips and recipes on our WellWorks Portal. Create an account and peruse our library of offerings available to WellWorks Virtual Members. Find something you like? Virtual Members can access much of our library at no additional fees!

The world of nutrition can seem so complex and confusing. Let our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist help you navigate the science and meet your wellbeing needs. We provide a variety of services, including:

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Special seasonal programs and workshops
  • Cooking classes
  • Nutrition and wellbeing presentations
  • Academic guest lectures

Please note: WellWorks' Registered Dietitian position is currently vacant. Therefore, the above nutrition services cannot be scheduled at this time. The information provided on this website is subject to change when our Registered Dietitian position is filled.  

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling services are available to everyone. Our dietitian specializes in helping you to meet your goals for weight loss/gain, chronic disease management, optimal athletic performance, recovery from eating disorders, navigating food allergies and sensitivities, healthy meals for busy families, and building your best relationship with food while fueling your lifestyle. 

Q: “What does an initial nutrition counseling session include?”

A: Your session will be personalized to your needs and interests and may include: 

  • Health history 
  • Body composition analysis 
  • Energy and macronutrient targets 
  • Nutrition assessment and recommendations
  • Educational materials and handouts selected per client needs
  • Personalized meal plan 
  • Client centered goal setting

Follow-up sessions include additional educational information, monitoring and accountability, assessment of dietary intake and/or weight changes (if desired), and progressive collaborative goal setting.

At this time, WellWorks is only accepting nutrition counseling appointments for current participants of Risk Reduction and HeartWorks. We anticipate that we will be able to resume offering counseling services to the public in FY20.

Nutrition Counseling Pricing:

The below prices are effective for any appointments made after December 23, 2018:  
1-hour initial session: $50 ($30 for OHIO students with valid ID*)

30-minute follow-up sessions: $25 ($15 for OHIO students with valid ID*)

*Students must bring their ID to their appointment to receive the student discount 

For more details, please see our Nutrition Counseling Policies below. 

Additional Services:

  • Interested in our special nutrition-focused seasonal programs and workshops, including cooking classes? Upcoming events will be made available on the WellWorks calendar shortly. 
  • Looking to schedule a nutrition-related presentation for a staff meeting or a guest lecture for an academic class/program? We have, previously, offered the below presentations; or, you can contact us at wellworks@ohio.edu to discuss additional options. Though, please note that our nutrition-focused guest lecturing options are limited at this time. 
    • Mindful and Intuitive Eating
    • Nutrition Tips for Heart Health
    • Smart Steps for Food Safety
    • Savvy Snacking and Sipping at Work
    • Women’s Heart Health
    • “Professional Perspective” for Nutrition Learning Communities

Nutrition Counseling Policies:

Please review our Nutrition Counseling Policies to ensure you receive the best possible client experience with Nutrition Counseling services at WellWorks. 

  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Do you have a diagnosed condition such as diabetes or celiac disease that nutrition counseling may help you better manage? Do you have a WageWorks flexible spending account? If so, ask your doctor if they would fill out a  Letter of Medical Necessity  so you can receive nutrition counseling using your flexible spending account funds. Please bring the completed form with you to your nutrition counseling appointment.
    • At this time, Ohio University is not established with an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) and, therefore, WellWorks cannot accept debit cards from Flexible Spending Accounts such as Wageworks. 
    • We can, however, provide you with an itemized receipt for reimbursement submission to your Flexible Spending Account.  While some of our services do qualify for reimbursement with some FSA programs, restrictions (such as the aforementioned letter from your physician) may apply.