Healthy OHIO

Healthy OHIO

Healthy OHIO is Ohio University's employee wellness initiative. Available to Ohio University employees enrolled in the medical plan and their benefits-participating spouses/partners, the program is intended to give participants customizable tools and resources for a variety of wellness goals. Healthy OHIO is an umbrella program that houses two sub-programs: an online/mobile wellness platform called Virgin Pulse and biometric health screenings.  

Eligible participants can earn up to $260 annually by participating in Healthy OHIO.

Mobile Wellness with Virgin Pulse


  • Eligible participants can earn up to $200 per year (up to $50 quarterly) when they use the online/mobile wellness platform for customized engagement opportunities. Whether you’re looking to improve your financial well-being, focus on your fitness or spend more time with your pets, Virgin Pulse can help you define and meet your unique wellness goals.

Registration Instructions: 

The first time you log-in to your Virgin Pulse account, you'll need to set-up your account by registering in a few easy steps. 

  1. Create Your Account on the Ohio University registration page.
  2. Verify eligibility:
    1. The benefits-carrier: choose the "EMPLOYEE PAYING BENEFITS" option and then complete the form that appears on the screen.
    2. The spouse/partner of the benefits-carrier should select "SPOUSE/PARTNER OF EMPLOYEE" and use their spouse's OHIO ID (the first part of their Ohio University email address) with a + sign. (Example, if the benefits carrier's email is, the spouse/partner will use "bobcat+" as the Employee ID).
  3. Fill in your information.
    1. Be sure to choose a password you'll remember, because you'll want  to log in regularly to be able to earn your rewards. 
  4. Start earning! 

After you have registered your account, you can log-in using the  following links:

There are many fun ways to connect Virgin Pulse to your wellbeing goals!

Set your interests so you are given inspirational and informational daily cards to read. Choose meaningful Healthy Habits so you can track your progress toward a goal. Complete a program in Journeys to help guide you through a goal. Learn how to choose foods for your eating style. Connect an activity tracker. The list goes on.

Looking for more in-depth information about Virgin Pulse? Check out our Virgin Pulse website or email us at


Start here! The options below are our favorite ways to engage with the platform and earn points this quarter: 


Biometric Health Screenings

All eligible participants are encouraged to conduct an annual health screening so they stay on track with their wellness goals. Note: Equal opportunities are available to all affiliates at all OHIO campuses. Though, Athens incentives are processed in Fall semester and Regional incentives are processed in Spring semester. 

Eligible Participants will receive $60 added to the paycheck of the benefits-carrier. It will appear on a paycheck under the line item of "Healthy OHIO." Please note that it can take up to a full quarter following the participation window for payouts to appear on a paycheck.

Three screening options are available in FY23:  

Icon of a hospital

Option One: 

WorkHealth Clinics 

We encourage eligible employees/spouses/partners to use OhioHealth's WorkHealth Athens Clinic for screening appointments at no cost during the annual screening window (September-November).

The screening window for this option is now closed.

Icon of a doctor

Option Two: 

Screening Form

Have your primary care physician (PCP) conduct an annual screening, including a blood panel.

Ensure your PCP knows to code the visit as a preventive exam so you don't pay for the screening. If your appointment does not qualify as a preventive exam, we recommend utilizing option one or option three, instead. You will be given a copy of your results and can share those results with your PCP.

Physician Screening Forms for all campuses will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning July 1 and due on May 31, annually. Late forms will not be accepted. No exceptions.

  • Athens: Forms will be accepted July 1, 2022-May 31, 2023 for labs taken December 1, 2021 – May 31, 2023. 
  • Regionals: Forms will be accepted July 1, 2022-May 31, 2023 for labs taken April 1, 2022-May 31, 2023.
  • Forms received July 1-November 30 will be processed for payroll payout in December/January. Forms received December 1-May 31 will be processed for payout in June. 

Select and download the Physician Screening Form that pertains to your campus.

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Option Three: 

On-Campus Events

Athens campus events occur in the fall annually and Regional campus events occur in the spring. Regional event dates will be announced by February 2023. 

Athens Campus  Fall events have passed

Regional Campuses   Event dates TBD



Download Your Physician Screening Form:

Select your campus affiliation to download the Physician Screening Form form most relevant to you. Share the form with your Physician who can fax it to WellWorks at the number provided on the form. Forms must be submitted by May 31. 

Forms received July 1-November 30 will be processed for payroll payout in December/January. Forms received December 1-May 31 will be processed for payout in June.

*Costs associated with screenings: While preventive care within the Anthem network is covered at 100%, services that are outside of the Anthem network and/or not classified as preventive care are subject to cost sharing. Please discuss the status of your visit with your physician's office. If your appointment cannot be classified as a Preventive Exam due to pre-existing conditions, we recommend scheduling your appointment at OhioHealth WorkHealth Athens, Castrop Center.

**Payouts: This is a taxable benefit paid by Human Resources. Payouts will occur on the paycheck of the benefits-carrier under the Healthy OHIO line item. Payouts occur prior to the conclusion of the quarter following the payout event. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about Healthy OHIO? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Don't see the answer to your question there? Email us at