Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction


    Risk Reduction

    Commit to be more fit.  The Risk Reduction program will help you with the what, when, where, and how of exercise, and you’ll help yourself with the why. 


    Fall 2022 Cohort Details:

    • The program will begin on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 and registration is now open.
    • Team meetings occur weekly (Wednesdays at 12pm via Teams) for 12 weeks.
    • Benefits-eligible employees and/or spouse/partners are eligible to participate. 
    • Eligible participants may participate once in the Risk Reduction program. 
    • Cost for the Fall 2022 cohort will be $0.00 thanks to support from the OHIO Benefits Office!


    The Fall 2022 cohort will receive: 

    • Exercise "prescriptions" (WHAT to do for exercise e.g., exercise prescriptions are for general health at a beginner's level)
    • Exercise "periods" supervised by student staff (You'll commit to WHEN and students in exercise physiology or a related program will help you understand HOW to use equipment and follow the exercise prescription)
    • 1-year membership to WellWorks (This is WHERE the exercise happens)
    • Team meetings (via Microsoft Teams)
    • Up to four individual nutritional counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian (either in-person or virtual)
    • Access to our library of resources about physical activity, nutrition support, and stress management.

    Register Online

    Upon registration, your eligibility will be verified. Once we have received confirmation that you are eligible for the program, we will email you additional details. If an individual registers and it is determined that they do not qualify, they will be notified and their spot in the program will reopen for another, eligible individual. Space is limited. Participants will be accepted in the order in which they register.


    Can't participate this semester but interested in future cohorts? Complete the Risk Reduction Interest Form.

About Exercise Prescriptions

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Exercise prescriptions will begin with a gentle “initiation phase” in which participants build a foundation of aerobic fitness and establish a habit. Exercise bouts during this phase may be anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes in duration. Exercise prescriptions will generally recommend three days per week of exercise during the “initiation phase.” Exercise prescriptions progress from the “initiation phase” to the “improvement phase.” 

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The “improvement phase” incorporates more challenging workloads than the “initiation phase” and begins to incorporate resistance (muscular strength) training. Exercise bouts during this phase may range from 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Although all exercise prescriptions parallel the same principles of exercise, each is scaled to an individual’s abilities and progressed at a rate appropriate to an individual’s adherence and response.  

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Participants may reach a “maintenance phase.” Participants in the “maintenance phase” have established an exercise habit and achieved a level of exercise consistent with national health recommendations. The “maintenance phase” is a sustainable, comprehensive routine that may be a foundation for a lifetime or a great base for more advanced exercise experiences going forward.  

Exercise periods will be supervised by staff who provide direction and support twice weekly (dates and times will be made available at the first cohort meeting). Supervised exercise periods will be available at WellWorks and virtually. Please note: This is NOT personal training. Supervising staff will help you implement your individual exercise prescription, learn how to use equipment, and answer questions, but you will build self-efficacy as you build your exercise skills one day at a time.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in each program?


  Risk Reduction 1.0 Risk Reduction 2.0
Program Schedule

Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus
Best Suited For: Beginners: those with "no" or "low" physical activity status an/or those who prefer free-living activity to gym-based exercise training. Beginner-Intermediate: those already moderately to highly physically active and/or those with exercise experience.
Eligibility: Anyone! Must be Ohio University Benefits-Eligible (employees/spouses/partners)
Cost $120

$300 FREE (Spring 2022)

Pre-Recorded Education
Exercise Prescriptions
Nutrition Counseling
Restorative Yoga
Team Meetings
Mindful Moments

✅ = Included in program
❌ = Not included in program


How do I enroll?

Risk Reduction 1.0: Registration can be completed online! Create a free account on our member portal  and then register for the Risk Reduction 1.0 Wellness Series. Payment is made online in that portal and then access to the exclusive program website will be emailed to you within three business days. 

Risk Reduction 2.0: Eligibility must first be verified before being given the private registration link. Please first complete the Interest Form to have your eligibility verified and the program coordinator will then email you additional registration details. 

When does Risk Reduction begin?

New teams begin each semester (January/February, May and September).

I haven't been diagnosed with a significant health risk. Can I still participate?

Yes. We believe that all people have the capacity to grow and change. Risk Reduction is a challenge to one’s personal status-quo. It’s an adventure. Are you ready?