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COVID Massage Safety Procedures


After the year we’ve all had, we know that a good massage is overdue! WellWorks wants you to be able to return this activity to your regular wellbeing routine without fear. Please know that our team is working to ensure that our members and clients have an enjoyable and safe experience at our facility. Last updated: 8/2/22.

  • Space Improvements: In an effort to support improved air flow and client comfort, we have moved the massage room to a larger space within the WellWorks suite. This new space also provides a quieter environment, maximizing the client experience. Members still check in at the WellWorks front desk and are then escorted to the new massage room.
  • Safety Protocols: While the client’s experience will, largely, not be impacted by our safety measures, we are following all recommended safety requirements that are relevant to our operation. Our Massage Therapist will sanitize the space before and after each massage, remove linens from the space and utilize either single use or pump massage oils/lotions to prevent any cross- contamination.  
  • Masks: Masks are optional at this time. 
  • Temporary Adjustments to Offerings: At this time, we have eliminated 30-minute massages, facial massages and add-on services (such as Hot Stone and Cupping Therapy).

    Menu of Massage Services

    WellWorks is currently offering 60 and 90 minute massage appointments. Massages can be purchased and scheduled online, over the phone (740.593.2093) or in-person at our front desk in Grover Center E124, Athens Ohio.

Massage Therapist performing 60 minute massage

60 Minute Massage:

Our most popular massage option, the 60 minute massage is designed to allow clients the time they need to have problem areas addressed while also achieving a state of relaxation. 

Cost: $60

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Massage Therapist performing 90 minute massage

90 Minute Massage

Those seeking relief from pain or wishing to increase range of motion and mobility are encouraged to book a 90 minute massage. The increased time will allow the massage therapist to better identify the root issue of pain and address the issue through a variety of modalities, as needed. An increased sense of relief and relaxation can be achieved during this longer massage experience. 

Cost: $90

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Add-On Services

Returning Soon! 

Cupping Therapy or Hot Stone massage can be added to any 60 or 90 minute massage service at an additional fee. This service is temporarily paused in response to our safety measures for COVID-19. We are working to provide our clients with a comfortable and safe experience at our wellness center. Add-On Services are likely to return to our menu of offerings shortly! 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy add-on service: RETURNING SOON 

Cupping Therapy is a practice in which cups are placed on the client's body in strategic locations where the client wishes to address pain, inflammation or blood flow concerns. The therapist then adds suction to the cups, allowing toxins to be brought to the skin where they are more easily removed. While the cups are in place, the therapist will massage other areas of the body, allowing for more body work to be accomplished in a shorter frame of time.

Clients will experience varying levels of circular marks on their skin post-massage and are encouraged to hydrate before and after the massage to maximize the therapy's benefits. Those taking blood thinners, pregnant or experiencing any health issues should consult with their physician before participating in Cupping Therapy. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage add-on service: RETURNING SOON 

Hot stone for athletic recovery is an excellent way to more effectively warm up the fascia, allowing for a deeper, more beneficial recovery massage. The therapist incorporates the hot stones by using them as a massaging tool to address tight muscles and increase mobility.

Looking for a more relaxing experience? Hot stones can do that, too! The stones can, instead, be simply placed on the client's body (pictured) in strategic locations to allow for a comforting, warming effect during a traditional massage.

Clients may experience a quick release of body heat after a hot stone massage and are encouraged to bring an extra layer of clothing to wear post-massage.


Gifting a Massage

Interested in gifting a massage to another person? Great idea!

While we do not sell “gift certificates,” we can place money on another person's account. If the recipient is not a current account holder with WellWorks, we will create an account at no cost and place the purchased gift(s) on the new account. Accounts are free to create, so there will be no added charge for this service. Money on an account cannot be used for online purchases. Money on the account will be allocated at the Front Desk at the time of the service.

Purchasing for another person must be done at our Front Desk, either in-person (Grover Center E124, Athens OH) or over the phone (740-593-2093). We cannot currently accommodate online purchases for gifts. Massages purchased online will go on YOUR account and, per our Massage Policies, massages are not transferrable to another account. 


Meet our Massage Therapist

Rachel Batty, MT: 

Rachel has proven excellent at adjusting her massage style to fit all her clients’ needs. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, injury recovery, or anything in between, Rachel is prepared to support your wellness goals.

Rachel’s special skills include: working with athletes of all ages, for both maintenance and recovery; neuromuscular therapy with a focused treatment for chronic and acute pain; relaxation, and stress relief.

Therapist massaging client