Massage Therapy

You deserve a massage. The WellWorks licensed massage therapists can help you: get relief from muscle pain and soreness; alleviate stress, and; detoxify—both mentally and physically.


Meet our Massage Therapists

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are pleased to offer their massage therapy skills and experiences to anyone seeking to reduce pain and improve their sense of wellbeing.

Rachel Batty LMT

As a graduate of Hocking College's Massage Therapy program, Rachel has received top notch training and proven excellent at adjusting her massage style to fit all her clients’ needs.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, injury recovery, or anything in between, Rachel is prepared to support your wellness goals.

Rachel’s special skills include: working with athletes of all ages, for both maintenance and recovery; neuromuscular therapy with a focused treatment for chronic and acute pain; relaxation, and stress relief.

Rachel currently offers massage services at WellWorks on Mondays (2pm-7pm), Wednesdays (9am-2pm), Saturdays (9am-2pm) and Sundays (1pm-6pm).

Rachel Batty LMT Headshot with white background
Andrew Shackelford LMT Headshot

Andrew Shackelford LMT

Andrew received his B.S. in Physiology of Exercise from Ohio University and went on to complete the Medical Massage Therapy program at Hocking College.

In addition to his massage therapy practice, Andrew has professional experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, which has helped inform his massage style. 

Andrew's preferred massage techniques include Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Search and Release, Deep Tissue Work, Pin and Stretch, Unilateral Press Stroking, Cupping, and Active/Passive Range-of-Motion Movements.

Andrew currently offers massage services at WellWorks on Tuesdays (9am-7pm), Wednesdays (2pm-7pm), Thursdays (2pm-7pm) and Fridays (9am-7pm). 

Menu of Services

WellWorks is currently offering 60 and 90 minute massage appointments. Our Wellness Center staff carefully clean and disinfect all tools utilized for massage services following each massage. We are committed to offering our clients a comfortable and safe experience at our wellness center.

Massages can be purchased and scheduled online, over the phone (740.593.2093) or in-person at our front desk in Grover Center E124, Athens Ohio.

60/90 Minute Massage


    60 Minute Massage

    Our most popular massage option, the 60 minute massage is designed to allow clients the time they need to have problem areas addressed while also achieving a state of relaxation. A 60 minute massage can support healing  or relaxation, and can enhance physical performance when performed routinely. Clients are encouraged to share specific problem areas they wish to have addressed during their session.

    Cost: $65


    90 Minute Massage

    Those seeking relief from pain or wishing to increase range of motion and mobility are encouraged to book a 90 minute massage. The increased time will allow the massage therapist to better identify the root issue of pain and address the issue through a variety of modalities, as needed. An increased sense of relief and relaxation can be achieved during this longer massage experience. 

    Cost: $95

Specialty Massages


    Cupping Therapy

    with 60 or 90 minute massage: 

    Cupping Therapy is a practice in which cups are placed on the client's body in strategic locations where the client wishes to address pain, inflammation, or blood flow concerns. The therapist then adds suction to the cups, allowing toxins to be brought to the skin where they are more easily removed. While the cups are in place, the therapist will massage other areas of the body, allowing for more body work to be accomplished in a shorter frame of time.

    Clients will experience varying levels of circular marks on their skin post-massage and are encouraged to hydrate before and after the massage to maximize the therapy's benefits. Those taking blood thinners, are pregnant, or experiencing any health issues should consult with their physician before participating in Cupping Therapy. 

    Cost: $90 (60 minute), $120 (90 minute) 


    Hot Stone

    with 60 or 90 minute Massage: 

    Hot stone for athletic recovery is an excellent way to more effectively warm up the fascia, allowing for a deeper, more beneficial recovery massage. The therapist incorporates the hot stones by using them as a massaging tool to address tight muscles and increase mobility.

    Looking for a more relaxing experience? Hot stones can do that, too! The stones can, instead, be simply placed on the client's body (pictured) in strategic locations to allow for a comforting, warming effect during a traditional massage.

    Clients may experience a quick release of body heat after a hot stone massage and are encouraged to bring an extra layer of clothing to wear post-massage.

    Cost: $90 (60 minute), $120 (90 minute) 

  • Coining (coming June 1)

    Andrew will be offering a new specialty massage called Coining.

    With Coining, also known as Gua Sha or Scraping, the therapist uses a tool with a blunt edge to apply short, firm and repeated strokes along the length of the tissues needing treatment.   

    Coining is known to reduce pain, muscle stiffness & inflammation, increase mobility, stimulate the immune system, stretch muscle & fascia, promote healthy circulation of muscles and organs, and increase micro-perfusion of surface tissues.

    Like Cupping, Coining often leaves a temporary, reddish discoloration of the skin that may last 3-10 days after treatment.  Though this may resemble bruising, it is not.  There is no damage to the tissues. Clients are encouraged to hydrate well before and after treatment, and to keep discolored skin out of direct sunlight until the color fades. 

    Cost: $90 (60 minutes) and $120 (90 minutes)

  • Prenatal Massage (coming June 1)

    Rachel will be offering prenatal massage.  A prenatal massage can help to alleviate pain and stiffness that can occur in different areas of the body during pregnancy.

    A prenatal massage is similar to a regular massage with adjustments made for body placement, comfort, and safety.  It will help to relieve tension in both the muscles and the mind.  Regular prenatal massages may reduce pain and swelling, improve mood, and make for an easier delivery.  

    Cost: $65 (60 minutes) and $95 (90 minutes) 

Gifting a Massage

Interested in gifting a massage to another person? Great idea!

While we do not sell “gift certificates,” we can place money on another person's account. If the recipient is not a current account holder with WellWorks, we will create an account at no cost and place the purchased gift(s) on the new account. Accounts are free to create, so there will be no added charge for this service. Money on an account cannot be used for online purchases. Money on the account will be allocated at the Front Desk at the time of the service.

Purchasing for another person must be done at our Front Desk, either in-person (Grover Center E124, Athens OH) or over the phone (740-593-2093). We cannot currently accommodate online purchases for gifts. Massages purchased online will go on YOUR account and, per our Massage Policies, massages are not transferrable to another account. 

Customer Testimonial

“We reached out to WellWorks to schedule a chair massage day for our staff and could not have been happier! The entire process was quick and painless: simple to coordinate and minimal effort on our side beyond getting the word out to our very excited team. The massage therapist, Rachel, was incredibly talented and great to work with, too. Needless to say, our staff was thrilled that we scheduled this and the day ended with three requests to hire Rachel full-time and several requests to make this a repeat event. As a local company, we were thrilled to have such a seamless partnership with another community organization!"

– Cat Esperanza, Sunpower