Reiki Master placing hands a few inches above a client's body
Being in balance promotes healing.


Reiki appointments are now available at WellWorks! 

About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese tradition of bringing oneself into balance. The word Reiki is made up of two words: "rei" means universal or all things and "ki" means energy. So, therefore, Reiki is the universal energy of all things. It is the energy all things are made of, the energy that animates life, and the energy that can heal as the self is brought into balance. Practitioners are attuned to this energy and using their hands (hovering over the body or gentle touch), they connect to the Ki of the client.

This process helps the client's energy flow more freely. It is like going into a deep meditation where all the stories of illness and stressors are left behind. The more time someone can spend in this state, the more the stories of suffering fade away.

Healing is something different for every person. After a few sessions of Reiki, many clients say they sleep better, do not get as effected by the stressors of life and often say they feel like themselves again. As these transformations take place, many people do find relief with physical symptoms. 

Reiki is non-invasive. The client will lay or sit comfortably during the session. It can be accomplished virtually or in-person and can be done with groups of people at one time. 

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for medical healthcare and advice. 

More than 20% of medical facilities in the United States offer Reiki services. These include Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, OSU’s Wexner Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Harvard University’s Cancer Center, and Columbia University Medical Center. In many of these institutions, it is offered to patients and employees as part of employee wellbeing.


Private appointments with Louise Cruz, Reiki Practitioner, are now available. Appointments can be made in-person and virtually via Teams (or Zoom, if requested). Additional details about scheduling your appointment are available below.

Review our Payment Policies for more details. 

Scheduling Reiki

WellWorks now offers 60 minute Reiki appointments for $60. Note: WellWorks employees are state employees and, therefore, cannot accept tips. 

Reiki is available for purchase online through our member portal.  Your receipt will be emailed to you, which will contain scheduling instructions.


To purchase and schedule your appointment:

Step One: Sign in or create an account on our Member Portal. Notes: Creating an account is free and membership is not required. Ohio University employees can sign in to their employee account using SSO. 

Step Two: Navigate to Reiki in the Portal, place an appointment in your cart ($60), and checkout using our secure online payment program. 

Step Three: Check your email for a receipt, which will contain instructions on how to schedule your appointment. Can't find the receipt? Email to schedule your appointment.


Appointments can be offered in-person and virtually via Teams (or Zoom, upon request). Your choice!