DARS is an acronym for the Degree Audit Reporting System. DARS analyzes degree requirements for a major, minor, or certificate according to the catalog year in which you entered the program. DARS reports are the printed results of the analysis. The DARS report displays the courses from which you must select in order to complete degree requirements, and it shows how the completed courses apply toward those requirements. The DARS report provides a "snapshot" of where you stand relative to graduation. NOTE: Requirements are not analyzed by DARS for some graduate programs and osteopathic medicine.

Although the DARS report provides a comprehensive description of program requirements, it is intended to supplement the role of the faculty advisr who will help you with course selection and assist you in making informed decisions about a future career.

If you have enrolled at Ohio University Fall Quarter 2005-06 or later, you may view your DARS report through My OHIO Student Center (which can be accessed from My OHIO portal - Academics tab ). If you are unable to log in to the DARS Web application, please contact the service desk at 740.593.1222 or servicedesk@ohio.edu. Online help is available at https://www.ohio.edu/oit/help/.



If you are thinking about changing your major, you may request a "What - If" DARS report after accessing the My OHIO Student Center mentioned above, from the student services office of the college that offers the major you are considering, or from your regional campus student services office. This report will help you determine how courses already completed will apply to the new major as well as what additional courses are needed to complete that program.

If you feel that DARS is not correctly analyzing certain requirements, you should consult an advisor from the student services office of your college or regional campus student services office.



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