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Quick Reference Contacts

Services Provided by the Office of the University Registrar
Office of the University Registrar Administrative Staff
Office of the University Registrar Supervisors


Address and Phone Number Updates 740.593.4495
Class Permission 740.593.4495
Classroom Scheduling 740.593.4188
Confidentiality Request/Release 740.593.4199
Degree Verification - Individual and Student Inquiries 740.593.4199
Degree Verification Service Agency 1.703.742.4200
Diploma Mailing/Replacement Diploma 740.593.4199
Enrollment Verification - Individual and Student Inquiries 740.593.4495
Enrollment Verification Service Agency 1.703.742.4200
Graduation Application and General Information 740.593.4199
Incomplete Grade Extension Requests 740.593.4199
Name and Social Security Number Changes/Corrections 740.593.4495
Pass/Fail Forms 740.593.4495
Probation - Athens and Regional Campuses 740.593.4199
Record Audit/Retrieval of Re-enrolling Students 740.593.4199
Re-enrollment Applications 740.593.4495
Registration Information 740.593.4495
Repeat/Retake/Non-Credit/Exception Forms 740.593.4199
Schedules, Student Class 740.593.4495
Scheduling, Class and Classroom 740.593.4188
Segmented Transcript Request Forms 740.593.4199
Selective Service 740.593.4495
Special Grade Reports - Athens/Regional Campuses 740.593.4199
Thesis and Dissertation Reports 740.593.4199
Transcript Requests and Information 740.593.4199
Withdrawal/Cancellation 740.593.4495
Veterans Certification 740.566.8387


University Registrar Debra Benton 740.593.4260
Senior Associate Registrar Bob DeLong 740.593.9898
Associate Registrar for Operations Kathleen Pugh 740.593.4183
Senior Associate Registrar  Bob Bulow 740.593.2469
Assistant Registrar for Academic Records Kensey Love 740.593.4192
Academic Records and Athletic Eligibility Coordinator Brooke Roberts 740.593.4195
Catalog Editor and Program Management Specialist Mario Cinquepalmi 740.593.9627
Senior Analyst for Degree Audit Baatar Sodnompel 740.593-4183
Analyst for Degree Audit VACANT 740.593.4205  
Director of Veterans and Military Student Services Terry St. Peter 740.593.4180
Graduation Plan Curriculum Analyst Molly Delaval 740.593-4193
Office Manager and Special Assistant Angela Andrews 740.593.4213
Registrar Services Analyst Tasha Hutchison 740.593.4185
IT Support Specialist Lita Burt Ohlinger 740.593.4128
Senior Assistant Registrar Chris Thompson    
Senior Technology Analyst Yza Melvin 740.593.2742
Technology Analyst and Communication Supervisor Jayme Arnett 740.593.4216
Technology Analyst-Graduation Plan Greg Webb 740-597-1505
Technology, Integration, and Reporting Analyst Bryan DeLong 740.593.4197


Registration and Scheduling Jody Grove 740.593.4208