Ohio University

Quick Reference Contacts

Address and Phone Number Updates 740.593.4495 www.ohio.edu/registrar/personal-info
Class Permission Slips 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Classroom Scheduling 740.593.4188 scheduling@ohio.edu
Confidentiality Request/Release 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Degree Verification - Individual and Student Inquiries 740.593.4199 graduation@ohio.edu
Degree Verification Service Agency 1.703.742.4200 www.degreeverify.org
Diploma Mailing/Replacement Diploma 740.593.4199 graduation@ohio.edu
Enrollment Verification - Individual and Student Inquiries 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Enrollment Verification Service Agency 1.703.742.4200 www.degreeverify.org
Graduation Application and General Information 740.593.4199 graduation@ohio.edu
Incomplete Grade Extension Requests 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Name and Social Security Number Changes/Corrections 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Pass/Fail Forms 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Probation - Athens and Regional Campuses 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Record Audit/Retrieval of Re-enrolling Students 740.593.4199 transcripts@ohio.edu
Re-enrollment Applications 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Registration Information 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Repeat/Retake/Non-Credit/Exception Forms 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Schedules, Student Class 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Scheduling, Class and Classroom 740.593.4188 scheduling@ohio.edu
Segmented Transcript Request Forms 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Selective Service 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Special Grade Reports - Athens/Regional Campuses 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Thesis and Dissertation Reports 740.593.4199 grades@ohio.edu
Transcript Requests and Information 740.593.4199 transcripts@ohio.edu
Withdrawal/Cancellation 740.593.4495 registration@ohio.edu
Veterans Certification 740.566.8387 veteranscenter@ohio.edu


University Registrar Debra Benton 740.593.4260 bentond@ohio.edu
Associate Registrar for DARS Bob DeLong 740.593.9898 delong@ohio.edu
Associate Registrar for Operations Cherise Olmo 740.593.4214 olmo@ohio.edu
Associate Registrar for Technology and Communication Bob Bulow 740.593.2469 bulow@ohio.edu
Assistant Registrar for Academic Records Brenda Cox 740.593.4192 coxb@ohio.edu
Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Scheduling Services Vacant 740.593.9627  
Assistant Registrar for Registration Mike Wickham 740.593.4183 wickham@ohio.edu
Academic Records and Athletic Eligibility Coordinator Brooke Roberts 740.593.4195 robertj5@ohio.edu
Degree Audit System Analyst Nicki Williamson 740.593.4205 willian1@ohio.edu
Director of Veterans and Military Student Services David Edwards 740.593.4180 edwardd1@ohio.edu
Office Manager and Special Assistant Michelle McGrath 740.593.4213 mcgrathm@ohio.edu
Registrar Services Analyst Zachary Reichard 740.593.4193 reichardz@ohio.edu
Reporting Analyst Lita Burt Ohlinger 740.593.4128 burt@ohio.edu
Technology Analyst and Communication Supervisor Jayme Arnett 740.593.4216 arnettj@ohio.edu


Registrar Services Brenda Dorst 740.593.4182 dorst@ohio.edu
Scheduling Vicki Dornbush 740.597.2573 dornbush@ohio.edu