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Transcript FAQs

Below is a list of our frequently asked question concerning transcripts:

Are electronic transcripts available from Ohio University?

Electronic transcripts are available for any student in attendance after Fall 1985.  Electronic transcripts are available only through our online ordering system. Note: We cannot provide electronic transcripts for mailed, faxed, or in-person requests.

Can an electronic transcript be uploaded

Yes, electronic transcripts can be uploaded, scanned and printed.

How do I order transcripts?

The easiest and fastest way to order is online through Parchment.  You may also order by completing a Transcript Request form.  Completed Transcript Requests forms will take 1-3 business days once the form and payment are received.  Please send to: Office of the University Registrar, Chubb Hall - Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701-2979, or faxed to 740.593.4184.

I am having issues with ordering through Parchment.

If you are having issues with ordering on Parchment, we recommend you use chrome and clear your browser cache.  Additional assistance is provided by Parchment in the following ways: login into your Parchment account and use Parchment help (chat bot), complete a ticket or call (847) 716-3005.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about my transcript?

Contact Transcripts in the Registrar's Office at 740.593.4200, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT, or email your questions to

Can you email or fax my transcripts?

We do not fax or email transcripts. You may order your transcript through Parchment for the fastest delivery method available. 

Is an electronic version of my transcript considered official?

Yes. The electronic transcript is an official transcript for the recipient to whom you request it be sent. If the electronic transcript is shared beyond the original recipient, it is no longer official.

When will my degree appear on my transcript?

Degrees will be posted to student records approximately four weeks after the official term end date. It is the student's responsibility to verify the degree has been awarded before ordering a transcript. You may verify by refreshing your DARS. If the degree has been awarded your DARS will indicate the degree initials and the award date. For example, the DARS will state "MS DEGREE AWARDED DECEMBER 16, 2024."

May the electronic version of my transcript be shared?

Yes. However, if you choose to share the electronic transcript with someone, it is no longer an official transcript. If someone requires an official transcript, you will need to choose them as the recipient of the electronic transcript.

Will I be able to send a electronic transcript to another college or university?

Yes, please verify with the receiver that they will accept an electronic transcript from Parchment. If they will not accept (rarely the case), sending a paper transcript is the only option.  

My transcript has not been received by the recipient, what do I do?

We recommend the recipient check the email spam folder.  Some governmental agencies have firewalls which may block the email.  Please verify before you order the recipient can receive an electronic transcript.  Once ordered we cannot change the recipient email or address.

Will I be able to send an electronic transcript to myself or someone else other than a college or university?

Yes. As long as the recipient has a valid email address, you may request an electronic version of your transcript. Note: If you choose to share the electronic transcript with someone, it is no longer considered an official transcript.

Is the electronic version of my transcript sent via email?

No. The recipient of the electronic transcript will be notified via email how to retrieve it through a secure website, but the actual transcript is not sent via email.

Is the recipient of the electronic transcript notified when it is available?

Yes. The recipient will receive two emails. The first email will advise them the transcript is available and the second email will contain the pass code they will need to download and validate the transcript.

May an electronic transcript be downloaded multiple times?

The recipient may download the electronic transcript multiple times within the first 30 days after the order is completed and it becomes available. We recommend the recipient download the transcript and save the file for future use.

How long do I have to download my electronic transcript?

The recipient has 30 days to download the file. If the transcript is not downloaded within 30 days, it will no longer be available. You will need to place a new order.

What if I want the most recent term's grades or degree listed on my transcript?

When placing an order there is an option to hold your transcript for final grades or degree for a specific term. Transcripts held for grades are available after the deadline has passed for grade submission, which is approximately 10 days after the term end date. Transcripts held for degree are available approximately four weeks after the term end date.

Will I be able to send an attachment with my PDF transcript?

Yes. You can send an attachment to another school or third party, but not to yourself. The maximum pages you are allowed to attach is four. You are responsible for the attachment to be completed prior to attaching to your order.

What is considered third party?

A Third Party is defined as a recipient not chosen from the recipient table (i.e., entering address manually), this includes sending the transcript to yourself.  Some employers or institutions will order a transcript on behalf of a student.  These orders will require an authorization release from the student in order for Ohio University to release these records.  All authorizations must accompany the request either as an attachment in Parchment or with the Transcript request form.

Can I email my transcript request to the Registrar's Office?

No, we cannot accept emailed transcript request forms due to the credit card information needed on the form. All transcript request forms need to be faxed or mailed to the Registrar's Office. 

The signed request may be mailed to this address:

Office of the University Registrar
1 Ohio University
Chubb Hall, First Floor
Athens, OH 45701-2979

The request may also be faxed to 740.593.4184. 

I have a financial hold on my account, but I need an official transcript for employment. What do I do?

Ohio University no longer withholds transcripts for most account balances.   Obligation holds from campus care, library, etc. may prevent a transcript from release.  If you have a transcript hold due to an obligation hold balance, please contact the office issuing the hold for details. Arrangements can be made for employment purposes