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Registration FAQ

How do I register for classes?

Student OHIO ID and password are required for registering for classes. Information about your student OHIO ID and password is available on the OIT Website.

How to Register for Classes instructions. 

How can I get a copy of my class schedule?

Your class schedule is available immediately upon registration and can be viewed online. Notifications to check your schedule will be sent periodically.

Student OHIO ID and password are required for registering for classes. Information about your student OHIO ID and password is available on the OIT website.

To obtain your class schedule:

Sign in to MyOHIO Student Center

  • click on "other academic... " drop-down box
  • choose "Class Schedule"
  • click 
double arrow
Assuming a waitlist is available, will granting class permission bypass the waitlist?

No. Generally bypassing the waitlist is not permitted. If a student needs some other override, such as instructor permission, they might be able to obtain that and get onto the waitlist, but will not be able to bypass the waitlist.

What if the instructor of record is not responding to the request for permission?

If you are not able to reach the instructor(s) of record, please contact the department or regional campus offering the class. Department contact information can be found at the Academic Departments Listing webpage.

How do I know I've successfully added a class, via permission, to my schedule?

After the request is approved, you will receive an email notifying you to confirm your registration. You will complete the registration process in your MyOHIO Student Center. Once the class is successfully added, it will be listed on your schedule in your student center.  

Please note: You must confirm permission for a class from your shopping cart. Clicking the confirm link in your list of pending class permissions will not add the class to your schedule. 

If I receive permission from the instructor to enroll in a class, does it guarantee me a spot?

No, permission does not guarantee a seat in the class. For example, if a class is open when you request permission but is full by the time you confirm your registration, you will not be able to enroll if you did not receive permission to override the class being full. For this reason, you should finalize your registration as soon as possible after receiving approval.

What if I request permission for a class that is not full at the time, but once the instructor grants permission the class has filled up?

In general, you will not be able to register for the class in this case. However, you can submit another permission request for this class, and, if there is not a waitlist for a class, the "class is full" override will be included on the request for the instructor(s) to review.

Will you still accept class permission slips ("green slips") after rolling out the new online class permission system?

Yes, we will continue to accept paper permission slips for a limited time.

What if I want to keep my class lecture section, but I want to request permission for a lab that better fits my schedule?

In this case, you can request permission, but you must request permission for both the lecture and lab, since they are registered for in tandem. You are not required to drop the class section you are in to request permission for a different one. If approved, you will then have the option to drop your original section and add the one for which you received permission.

The faculty member gave me permission to get into the class, but the expiration date to enroll via permission has passed. What should I do?

Once a class permission expiration has passed, you will not be able to use the approved permission. You will need to receive another approval, following the same process you did for the original approval (either initiating the process through your student center or contacting the instructor of record, department office, or regional campus).

Can I request permission to get into a class after the second week of the semester?

Not for full semester classes. You are not able to request permission after the last date to add the class, which is the second Friday of the semester for full semester classes. For classes that start later or do not meet the entire semester, this date could vary, but is available in Course Offerings.

Can I request permission to get into any class offered at Ohio University?

No. The online permission process is available for all types of courses, but some departments have restrictions on adding a class, via permission. If a class is not available to request permission, you will still see a link to request permission, but you will receive an error message indicating it has been restricted.

What if there is no instructor listed on the class for which I need permission?

You will need to contact the department or regional campus for options on how to add a class.

The instructor gave me permission to be in a class. Do I need to do anything else?

Yes, you will need to return to you MyOHIO Student Center, locate the class in your shopping cart, and click the "Confirm" link. Follow the additional steps to finalize adding the class to your schedule.

I need help but am not sure who to contact. What should I do?

If you need any assistance in registering for a class via permission, you can contact the instructor, department, or regional campus. Additionally, you can email or call 740.593.4495.

Is the process for requesting permission for a class the same for all students?

Yes, the same steps are followed for students of any academic level.

How do I know what overrides to request when I am requesting permission for a class?

When you request permission for a class, the overrides will be determined automatically, based on the class and your record. If a class is full, the class full override will be selected. If you do not meet the requisites, the requisite override will be selected. Based on that, you can decide if you still want to request permission or choose another class.

My permission request was approved, but I am getting an error when I try to confirm my registration. Why?

There are many reasons you could be getting an error. An approved request does not guarantee you a spot in the class and it does not bypass all restrictions. You could receive an error because the class has filled since you received permission, in which case you would need to find another class or request permission again. You might also receive an error for a hold on your account, because the registration would put you over the maximum allowed hours, etc. You might need to resolve an issue (e.g., a hold) or receive additional approval to deal with this error.

What do I need to do to return to Ohio University after taking off a term or more?

You are considered to be a "re-enrolling student" if you take a fall or spring term off, and then decide to return to Ohio University. Taking the summer off does not make you a re-enrolling student.

If you have attended Ohio University previously (earned a grade and/or credit) and wish to return at the same level (i.e., undergraduate students returning as undergraduates and graduate students returning as graduate students), please complete the Re-enrollment Form for processing.  Form will be processed by Office of the University Registrar (undergraduate students) or the Graduate College (graduate students).

For additional information about re-enrolling, visit our re-enrolling students web page.

If you have not attended Ohio University previously (never earned a grade and/or credit), undergraduate students will need to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office, 120 Chubb Hall, 740.593.4100 and graduate students will need to contact the Graduate College, 102 Grosvenor Hall, 740.593.2800.

How can I view all my pending class permission for a class?

Log into the Faculty and Advising Center, click on "Class List/Grading" under the teaching tab, and filter the list to the correct class(es). For a single class, click the "Take action on pending class permission requests" icon; for multiple classes, select the check boxes next to the classes you would like to review and click the "View Permission Requests for the Selected Classes" button at the bottom of the page.

What if a student requests permission for a class that is not full at the time but is full by the time I approve the request?

When approving a request, you will be presented the option to add a "class is full" override. As long as the class does not have a waitlist, you can do this because the class is full or you think it will be full soon.

How does this new process affect late registration (after the last date to add a class)?

Students should be registered for their classes officially by the last date to add a class. If extenuating circumstances exist that prevented this, the student must contact their college or regional campus student services office to discuss the situation.

If there is more than one instructor for a class, do all instructors have to approve the request?

No, any instructor of record for this class can approve the permission request.