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Terms of Usage

Ohio University Students, Faculty, and Staff:

By reserving space through the Office of the University Registrar, I, on behalf of my organization, acknowledge and agree to the following terms of usage:

  1. I am responsible for charges resulting from any additional service/time required to set up, tear down, or clean the space reserved as a result of abuse/misuse of space (including improper cleanup, failure to return room to original condition, etc.).
  2. I am responsible for charges associated with repairs required as a result of the abuse/misuse/damage of the space reserved.
  3. If we are disruptive to other occupants of the building, we will be asked to leave and may be prohibited from reserving space in the future. Note: Please be sure to fully disclose in the event description the nature of the event so that proper space may be reserved.
  4. If we are found to have abused, misused, and/or damage the space reserved, the organization may be prohibited from reserving space for one calendar year from the date of the event where the misuse/abuse/damage occurred.
  5. Classroom Key Procedure - Exterior building doors will be unlocked prior to the scheduled event. The event permit holder is responsible for obtaining an interior classroom key prior to the scheduled event. Faculty/Staff can obtain a classroom key from their departmental key contact. Student organizations will need to contact their sponsor/advisor to obtain access to the classroom.