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Faculty and Advising Center FAQ - General

What is the Faculty and Advising Center?

The center is an online resource for faculty and advisors of students to get access to various services for advising and assisting students. Currently, advisee lists and class lists are available through the Faculty & Advising Center. In addition, during appropriate times, faculty may enter students' final grades into their class lists.

Also, the center allows students to access their DARS reports and view their completed TDCPs.

What can I find in the Faculty and Advising Center?

This depends on your role in reference to students. The number and types of students you can view will depend on the nature of your advising, be it as faculty, professional advisor, advising coordinator, or otherwise. Faculty will have access to class lists and the ability to submit final grades.

I do not remember my OHIO ID or password. What do I do now?

Because the Faculty & Advising Center requires your OHIO ID and password, you must contact OIT for assistance with either your OHIO ID and/or password. The Registrar's Office does not have access to OHIO password information. More information on your OHIO ID and password can be found on the OIT website. To speak with a representative from OIT, call 740.593.1222.

The Faculty and Advising Center is not responding (it just "spins"). What can I do?

When trying to view various pages in the Faculty & Advising Center, occasionally your browser cache will prevent it from displaying properly. There are a couple methods for fixing this problem listed below.

You can bypass your browser's cache one single page at a time:

  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl and click Refresh on the toolbar
  • Firefox: Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-Shift-R
  • Safari: Shift and click Reload on the toolbar
  • Chrome: These must be done twice: Ctrl-F5 or Shift-F5 or Ctrl and click Reload button on toolbar
  • Opera: Shift+R or Shift and click Reload on the toolbar


Likewise, you can clear your entire browser's cache:

  • Internet Explorer 9: Ctrl-Shift-Del and then choose what you would like to delete (Temporary Internet Files, etc)
  • Internet Explorer 8: Ctrl-Del or Shift-Del and do the same as above.
  • Firefox (newer): Ctrl-Shift-Del and then choose what you want to remove
  • Firefox (older): Edit or Tools > Preferences or Options > Advanced > Cache or Privacy > "Clear Cache" button
  • Safari: Opt-Cmd-E or from Safari menu choose "Empty Cache"
  • Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-Delete, select "Under the Hood", click "Clear browsing data...", then choose what you wish to clear.
  • Opera: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > History > click "Empty now"
Can I export any data?

Exports can be made of advisee lists in both Excel and PDF formats. Note that checkboxes are not considered in the export function. Exporting to PDF or Excel generates a file for all currently filtered data. The checkboxes are used for sending email and releasing holds.

Which browser should I use?

Overall, the current version of most modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) will display the Faculty & Advising Center properly, although each browser might have slight variations in performance. For class permission requests, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome work better.

I'm an instructor, how do I see the waitlist for my class?

After clicking to view your class roster, you can filter by clicking on "Show Only Waitlisted Students" and then "enter". A box will appear in the middle of the page that the request is processing.


This will show all students who are on the waitlist and their position on the waitlist.