Ohio University

Replacement Diploma

Replacement Diploma Policy

A replacement diploma will be issued if a notarized statement is sent to the Office of the University Registrar attesting that the original diploma was lost, destroyed, never received, or if the student had a legal name change. Please note, if you have any financial obligations to the University, a replacement diploma will not be mailed until the obligations have been met.

The name printed on the replacement diploma will be the same as the name printed on the original diploma, unless there is a legal name change. If there is a legal name change, the original diploma and copies of any court document must be returned with this notarized statement. More information to change your legal name can be found on Update My Personal Information.

The replacement diploma will carry the current titles and signatures of all University officials.

The notation "Official Replacement" will appear at the bottom of the replacement diploma.

Please allow six weeks for delivery of the replacement diploma.

Please send the notarized Replacement Diploma Request Form (PDF) along with the $15.00 fee to the address listed on the form. Check or money order should be made payable to Ohio University.

For additional assistance, place call 740.593.4199 or email graduation@ohio.edu.