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Mission, Vision, and Values Statements


Support the University mission by modeling the highest standards of the registrar profession in providing exemplary service to the University's students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families, while ensuring accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of academic records.


Be a leader in the registrar profession to support and service the university community.


R  Records Integrity

Our core responsibility is to maintain and preserve accurate student academic records for the university.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

We respond to requests and operate in an efficient, courteous, and appropriate manner. By doing this, we build positive relationships throughout the university, enabling our colleagues and students to have confidence their inquiries will be appropriately addressed in a timely manner.

G  Growth

We strive to grow continually and to improve our staff through professional development opportunities. We become a better office when we review processes, solicit and consider feedback from our constituents, and challenge ourselves openly.

I  Innovative Solutions

We meet the needs of students, alumni, faculty, and staff by facilitating the development of new solutions and matching consumers with existing resources to best serve the university community.

S  Service and Support

We embrace our role as an academic support office and feel providing outstanding service and support others office and individuals allows the university to be more successful.

T  Teamwork and Trust

We promote a team-oriented environment, benefiting from everyone's knowledge and experience. We will only be our best when we trust each other and have open and honest dialogue.

R  Respect, Equality, and Diversity

We respect, encourage, and embrace diversity. This is true for our own staff and for those in the university community with who we interact directly and indirectly. Everyone's thoughts, opinions, and perspectives are welcome equally.

A  Adaptability

We recognize the need to be adaptable to changing circumstances while still abiding by the policies we are entrusted to enforce.

R  Reliability

We take pride in being an office others can count on by following through on our commitments.