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Office Contacts

Registrar Staff 2020

Registrar Staff 2020

General Office Contact

Office of the University Registrar
First Floor, Chubb Hall
Athens OH 45701
phone - 740.593.4191
fax - 740.593.0216

Whom to Contact?

Academic Records (Grades, Graduation, Transcripts)

Kensey Love, Assistant Registrar for Academic Records  
Brooke Roberts, Academic Records & Athletic Eligibility Coordinator


Graduation (Application, Diploma Mailing, & Replacement Diplomas)

Transcripts (Outgoing)

Ad-hoc Reporting

Lita Ohlinger, IT Support Specialist

Catalog Production and Program Management

Mario Cinquepalmi, Catalog Editor and Program Management Specialist

DARS Support

Bob DeLong, Associate Registrar for DARS
Baatar Sodnompel, Degree Audit System Analyst
Vacant Position, Degree Audit System Analyst


Registrar Services (Enrollment Verification, Re-Enrollment, Registration, Curriculum, Room Reservations)

Jessica Barton, Records Management Specialist
Tasha Hutchison, Registrar Services Analyst
Kerry Kottyan, Records Management Senior Specialist
Lacy Male, Records Management Specialist
Joyce Mulligan, Records Management Specialist
Kathleen Pugh, Associate Registrar for Operations 

Registrar Services

Classroom Scheduling

Technology and Communication

Jayme Arnett, Technology Analyst and Communication Supervisor
Larissa Barnhart, Records Management Specialist
Bob Bulow, Associate Registrar for Technology and Communication
Molly DeLaval, Graduation Plan Curriculum Analyst
Bryan DeLong, Technology, Integration, and Reporting Analyst
Tina Ervin, Records Management Specialist
Theresa Hosack, Records Management Specialist
Yza Melvin, Senior Technology Analyst
Greg Webb, Technology Analyst- Graduation Plan

Registrar General Information

Veterans & Military Student Services Center

David Edwards, Coordinator of Veteran Services/Academic Advisor
Janet Russell, Records Management Specialist
Terry St. Peter, Director of Veterans & Military Student Services Center

Veterans & Military Student Services Center
740.566.VETS (8387)