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Final grade reports are available online in MyOHIO Student Center. Students will receive notification when grades are available. Student grade information is maintained online allowing students to obtain any updated grade, GPA, and academic status information as soon as it changes.

  1. Sign in to MyOHIO Student Center

    • click on "other academic..." drop-down box
    • choose "Grades"
    • click


Once grades are submitted to the University Registrar, they are final and cannot be changed unless evidence of an error can be presented or a formal grade appeal process is completed in accordance with Ohio University's official grade appeal policy (see the Faculty Handbook section 'Final Examinations and Change of Grade').



Classes that end prior to the semester closing date may have their final grades submitted beginning the last day of the class. Grades are to be entered through the Faculty & Advising Center (see detailed instructions below). The grade deadline remains the same. All semester grades must be submitted by Wednesday, following the close of the semester, at noon.

Important notes regarding your grades:

  • Once you enter the grades and click submit they are recorded on the students' records and are available to the student within 24 hours.
  • If you click submit and have not recorded a grade for a student you may enter a grade for that student through the Faculty & Advising Center until the final grade deadline for the semester.
  • After a grade has been submitted, if you need to make a change due to an error in calculation, a Special Grade Report form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.
  • It is important to submit grades as soon as possible, but you do have until the grade deadline to submit all of your semester grades.

The grading system for reporting spring semester final grades will be available Friday, of the final week of classes, after 6:00 p.m. Note: grades CANNOT be entered using Internet Explorer 8; please ensure your browser is updated. Instructions for using the system:

  1. Log in to the Faculty & Advising Center using your OHIO ID and password.
  2. On the Teaching tab select "Class List/Grading." Note: Only the faculty/instructors listed in PeopleSoft as the instructors for the class may enter and submit grades.
  3. Two options for entering final grades:
    1. View class roster to enter grades:

    2. Import/Load grades:

  4. Click the Save Grades button to save the grades if you will need to make changes later. Click the Submit Grades button after you have completed entering your grades to finalize the submission of grades for the class. Submitting grades will affect only students for whom you have entered a grade. If a student's grade was blank when you submitted, you may go back and enter the final grade online. After grades are submitted any changes must be processed using a Special Grade Report form.
  5. If you do not finalize the submission of grades by clicking the Submit Grades button, what you have saved as of the grade deadline will be submitted automatically for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


PDF instructions [PDF] are available on how to download the Grade Center from Blackboard 9.1 and import final grades into the Ohio University Online Grading System. Additional information on the Blackboard Grade Center is available online.


A student is eligible to return unless otherwise notified. Academically dismissed undergraduate students may petition for reinstatement under certain conditions. Graduate students with academic deficiencies may be denied permission to continue enrollment in certain programs. If this happens, a student must apply and be admitted to a different degree or nondegree graduate program before continued graduate enrollment is allowed.

Disciplinary expulsion, which can apply both to graduate and undergraduate students, prohibits the student from ever attending Ohio University and from being present, without permission, on any campus of Ohio University.

Students are informed of academic drop actions by their academic deans and of nonacademic suspensions by the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility. These offices place holds on students' academic records. It is not possible for a student to register while such holds exist. Failure to receive notification by mail does not affect a student's status.


You may register to audit classes, which allows you to preview or review courses without receiving a grade or semester hours. Classes taken for audit count in calculating tuition, but they do not carry credit or count toward financial aid eligibility. Audited courses will appear on your official transcript but will not affect your GPA or semester hours earned. Audit courses will not count toward any graduation requirements.

Do not confuse auditing a class with taking a class under the pass/fail option.

Your instructor may set up specific requirements for auditing the class, and if you do not meet the requirements, you may be removed from the class at your instructor's discretion with a grade of WP or WF. Be sure to discuss your auditing status with your instructor at the first class meeting.

A student interested in taking a class under the audit grading option, should register for the class, then contact the student services office in his/her college or regional campus student services office (by the Friday of the second week of the semester) to complete an audit application. A regular grade course may NOT be changed to audit option and audit course may NOT be changed to regular grade option after the second Friday of the semester.


A student interested in taking a class under the pass/fail grading option, should register for the class, then contact the student services office in his/her college or regional campus student services office (by the Friday of the second week of the semester) to complete a pass/fail application. A pass/fail request by a regional campus student is reviewed by the appropriate college's student services office on the Athens campus and may be denied if an inappropriate choice has been made. A regular grade course may NOT be changed to pass/fail option and pass/fail course may NOT be changed to regular grade option after the second Friday of the semester.

Students may complete no more than 12 semester hours under the pass/fail option. No course taken pass/fail may be used to fulfill any graduation requirement (college, school, or department) other than total hours. To be eligible for the pass/fail option the student must have earned a GPA of 2.5 or better for his/her last semester of full-time enrollment or have an accumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. First semester freshmen are not subject to the GPA requirements. A student may take only one course per semester or summer session pass/fail.

Note: Graduate-level courses (5000 and higher) may not be taken under the pass/fail option. Do not confuse the pass/fail option with auditing a class.


Students in a recognized departmental honors program may take a maximum of three (3) graduate courses in their major department during their senior year (i.e., after earning 90 or more semester hours). Semester hours earned in these courses will count toward total semester hours required for graduation and the grades will be calculated into the undergraduate GPA. Registration in graduate courses requires permission from the instructor. Participation in this option is at the discretion of the department or school. Graduate courses taken in this manner will not apply to graduate credit at a future time.

For Athens campus students, permission slips for departmental honors students may be obtained through the academic departments where the courses are taught. Return the signed permission slip for processing to Registrar Services, first floor, Chubb Hall no later than the second Friday of the semester.


A regular undergraduate course with fixed content can be retaken to affect your accumulative grade point average. Undergraduate courses that are retaken to improve a grade will be identified automatically at the time you register. Retaking the course removes the hours and the effect of the earlier grade from the calculation of the grade point average. However, all grades are printed on the student's academic record (transcript). Please note the later grade is the one calculated in the grade point average even if it is lower than the first and the course semester hours duplicated by retaking coursework are not accepted toward the credit hour requirement for graduation.

The number of times a student is allowed to retake an undergraduate course for the purpose of improving the grade is restricted to a maximum of two attempts in addition to the first attempt. Withdrawals are not counted as an attempt.

Please note retaking a course after graduation will not change your graduation grade point average or honors status. Some graduate and professional schools include all grades in their calculations of grade point averages while determining eligibility for admission even though Ohio University calculates only the last grade in a retaken course.

Graduate courses cannot be retaken to improve a low grade on the first attempt. All grades received are calculated into the graduate grade point average.


For information about grading policies, please consult the current edition of the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog.


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