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Faculty and Advising Center

To access Faculty & Advising Center

(to access Class Lists, Advisee Lists, Release Priority Registration Advising holds, to access DARS, to enter grades)

Some users have experienced issues with using Internet Explorer that causes the Faculty & Advising Center to display incorrectly. In particular, IE8 will NOT allow you to enter grades. It is suggested you use the most current version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Class Lists/Grades (available under Teaching tab)

You will be able to access a list of all of your students enrolled in your classes, or students enrolled in classes in your department/school, college, or campus. Additionally, if you are listed as the instructor of record you will have the authority to enter grades during the time online grading is available. From Class Lists you may email all of your students or selected students in your class(es) and you may view information about each student in your class. If you have questions regarding the students that are on (or not on) your class list, please contact Registrar Services at or 740.593.4495. If you have questions regarding the grading portion of the Faculty & Advising Center, please contact or 740.593.4199.

Find brief instructions on submitting grades on the Online Grading System. A Frequently Asked Questions page is available that answers and addresses the most common questions and issues regarding the Faculty & Advising Center as a whole.

Advisee Lists (available under Advising tab)

You will be able to access a list of all of your advisees or students in your department/school, college, or campus. From this list, Priority Registration Advising holds may be released individually or by selecting any number of students and clicking on the "Release Advising Holds" button. In addition, you may email your students and view information about each student.

Priority Registration Advising Hold 

All undergraduate students will have a Priority Registration Advising hold placed on their records. The Advisee Lists application will be used to release the Priority Registration Advising hold.

In addition, the Advisee Lists permit expanded access to those who have the authority to release a priority registration advising hold. If you need access to advise students not specifically assigned to you, you will be given access once you have completed the Request for Access to PeopleSoft form.

Note: If you wish to have a historical record of your advisees, please either print your list from this application or use the Excel file option to save an electronic file of your list. The system does not maintain historical records of assigned advisees.


If you have forgotten your OHIO ID or need help changing your OHIO password, please review the information available on the OIT website or contact the OIT service desk at 740.593.1222.