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Class Permission


If a student is trying to register for a class and is not able to get into it via the MyOHIO Student Center, they might be able to request permission to get into the class. Generally, they must first attempt to register for the class before requesting permission, after which time they will see a "Request Permission" link. After the student completes the request, the instructor is notified to approve or deny the request. If approved the student will be notified to finish enrolling using the MyOHIO Student Center. The entire process is online.

Things to Remember

  • The process will not bypass waitlists, holds, enrollment appointment times, or other restrictions.
  • Students need to ACE the process:
    • A SK . Request permission through MyOHIO Student Center.
    • C HECK . Check email for approvals.
    • E NROLL . Confirm registration after approval - students are not automatically registered.

Additional Resources


Registrar Services
Office of the University Registrar
Chubb Hall, first floor
1 Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701