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Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma)

What is a CeDiploma? A CeDiploma is an official, highly secure electronic copy of your Ohio University diploma that may be downloaded and shared for a lifetime. Reserve/download your CeDiploma now or learn more about CeDiplomas.

Starting with the Spring Semester 2015-16 graduates, Ohio University offers a Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma)!

Key Benefits of a Certified Electronic Diploma:

  • More than a paper diploma. An official, portable, and verifiable electronic version of your diploma that can be shared for a lifetime!
  • The CeDiploma holds your 12-digit CeDiD*. Using Validation Services, your CeDiD is the key to your degree information for employers, agencies, and more.
  • Provide your CeDiD and Ohio University's URL on your resume to highlight your achievement and expedite the verification process for potential employers.
  • Unlimited sharing with employers, family, friends, and social media.
  • Enhances your resume. Expedite the verification process by providing your CeDiD and validation URL on your resume.

Reserve/Download now (there is a $10.95 charge for this service):

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CeDiplomas are available to graduates beginning Spring 2015-16 (April 2016).

*CeDiD (Certified Electronic Document Identifer)

The certified electronic diploma is highly secure:

  • The CeDiploma can be independently validated through the Ohio University website by future employers, state government licensing agencies, and any other entity that wishes to validate your diploma.
  • The document is digitally signed by CeCredential Trust and encrypted such that it is trusted and more readily accepted. Should the document be altered in any way, the signature will inform the recipient that the document can no longer be trusted.
  • For security reasons, the electronic credential cannot be printed.
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