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Bobcat Combine

The Bobcat Combine is an 8 station event designed to mimic the tests seen at the NFL Pre-Draft Combine! Participants will be able to test their athleticism, strength, skills, and accuracy through a variety of fun stations. Participation in each station is completely optional, and you can engage in as many or as few as you desire throughout the entirety of the event. 

What does the NFL Combine look like, you may be wondering? 

see what the Pros go through! 

2022 Event Details

It will take place on Sunday, March 20th in Walter Fieldhouse from 2PM-5PM! To spread out times, there will be 3 different time slots for you to choose from when you register via the steps below (2pm-3pm, 3pm-4pm, or 4pm - 5pm). Registration is $5 per participant, or free for anyone with an active IM Pass (valid passes include Spring 1, Spring 2, Spring Semester, and Annual passes).

Registration closes at 5pm on Thursday March 17th!

Station Descriptions

Below you will see a brief description of each of the stations for this year's 2022 Bobcat Combine, along with a link to example videos for each station.

*Videos may not exactly line up with how the event will look, but will be representative of the task(s) that you will be asked to complete for that station.

  • 40-yard dash
    • This event is a straight line sprint of 40 yards! It will take place on a turf field surface. 
  • Shuttle Run 
    • This drill tests lateral quickness and acceleration. You will sprint short distances and change direction between on the turf field. 
  • 3 Cone Drill
    • This event will test how quickly you can change directions, while continuing to accelerate. It will involve turning and weaving between sets of cones on the turf field. 
  • Vertical Jump
    • This event will test how high you can jump from a standing position. 
  • Broad Jump
    • This event will test how far you can jump from a standing position. 
  • Bench Press
    • For this event, you will be able to choose your weight. The standard 225 lbs is not necessary, and you can choose whatever weight you are comfortable with. We will have a spotter available for safety precautions. 
  • Throwing: Accuracy
    • In this event, we will set up rings that participants will throw a football through at different distances. 
  • Throwing: Distance 
    • In this event, we will see how far each participant will throw a football!

How to Register

Step 1: Create an IMLeagues Account

  1. Go to IMLeagues and click “Sign Up”
  2. Select “Ohio University” as the School/Organization and enter in your personal information
  3. Click “Create Account”
  4. When entering your OHIO ID please enter your OHIO email without the @ohio.edu.

Step 2: Log in to IMLeagues 

  1. Click “Intramural Sports”
  2. Select the Bobcat Combine Event
  3. Select your “Division” or preferred Time Slot (example: 2pm – 3pm)
  4. Click "Signup"
  5. For Team Name, enter your name
  6. Accept the waiver
  7. Click “Create Team.”

Step 3: Pay for Registration

  1. You will be prompted to pay a $5 registration fee or apply an active IM Pass to the payment
  2. If you are paying the $5 registration fee, you will then be re-directed to cashnet
  3. Enter your payment information


Email imsports@ohio.edu or call 740.593.9946