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Barry Tadlock 
Associate Professor

253 Bentley Annex

Barry Tadlock is Associate Professor in Ohio University's Department of Political Science. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky (1995), his M.A. from the University of Virginia (1987), and his B.A. from Emory & Henry College (1984). He teaches undergraduate courses in American national government, the politics of Appalachia, legislative processes, and the presidency, and a graduate seminar on executive and legislative politics. He is the recipient of the Arts & Sciences Dean's Outstanding Teacher Award (2007) and he was named a University Professor (2008-09). In addition to his teaching duties on the Athens campus, Dr. Tadlock is also an instructor for OU's Lifelong & Distance Learning Program and also the eLearning Degree Completion Program.

Dr. Tadlock's research interests include the following: identity politics, Appalachia politics, congressional campaigns/elections, and welfare reform. His work has appeared in the following journals: American Review of Politics; Public Administration Quarterly; Journal of Children and Poverty; Politics and Policy; Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work; & Legislative Studies Quarterly; and in the following edited books: The Change Election: Money, Mobilization, and Persuasion in the 2008 Federal Elections; The Politics of Same-Sex Marriage; The Sociology of Spatial Inequality; Communities Reform: Welfare, Food Assistance and Poverty in Rural America. Dr. Tadlock co-edited (with Ellen D. Riggle) Gays and Lesbians in the Democratic Process; Public Policy, Political Representation and Public Opinion (Power, Conflict and Democracy: American Politics into the Twenty-First Century series, Columbia University Press, 1999). His research will be a part of three separate chapters in the forthcoming Transgender Rights and Politics.