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Faculty discussing organization events

Faculty talk current events with student association in 2015.

Political Science Majors Association

The Political Science Majors Association was formed in 1993-94. The association was organized as the answer to a lack of interaction between the students in the major. Its original members had a vision: an organization that would aid students in everything from advising to internships.

The strongest aspect of the organization is its relationship with the faculty in the Political Science Department. The group works hand-in-hand with the department as classes are revised and improved.

As the organization developed, attendance and enthusiasm both grew, PSMA is now one of the fastest growing groups on campus.

As integral part of preparing for life after Ohio University is learning how to become a well-rounded person. Ohio University recognizes not only the importance of academic excellence, but also the significance of becoming involved with different campus organizations. For those who have chosen to study Political Science, there is an organization to help enhance their education and prepare them for the future.

The Political Science Majors Association was created to help educate and develop the skills of those interested in Political Science. All students majoring or minoring in Political Science are invited to participate, as well as any others interested. A goal of the association is to have the involvement of the Political Science Department and to further its development. Supporting non-partisan political activities is another goals of the Political Science Majors Association.

For more information, contact the association's adviser, Dr. Matthew Layton.