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Faculty Publications

The Heritage College faculty publications list is updated monthly and includes tenure track, instructional, and clinical faculty with dedicated research time. Publications are obtained from PubMed and Scopus reports. To search publications for authors, title key words, journal, or publication dates, enter key words in the filter box below. This list includes publications from FY21, FY22 and FY23.

Last updated: 6/7/2023

Faculty Author Title Journal Publication Date
Beverly E.A. Feasibility of a Cinematic-Virtual Reality Training Program for Health Professional Students: A Single-Arm Pre-Post Study Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2023
Muniz-Terrera G. Terminal decline in physical function in older adults Journals of Gerontology 2023
Grijalva M.J., Kopchick J.J. High growth hormone serum partially protects mice against Trypanosoma cruzi infection FEBS Open Bio 2023
Mao Y. Serum adiponectin concentrations as a risk factor for cardiovascular complications in type 1 diabetes Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 2023
Drozek D. Setting Patient-Centered Priorities for Cardiovascular Disease in Central Appalachia: Engaging Stakeholder Experts to Develop a Research Agenda International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2023
Berryman D.E., Kopchick J.J. Early investigations of 20-kDa human placental GH show promise Endocrine, metabolic & Immune Disorders Drug Targets 2023
Clark B.C. Brain activity associated with quadriceps strength deficits after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Scientific Reports 2023
Haile Z.T., Alemu D.G. Association between premarital HIV testing and ability to negotiate sexual relations among married women in Ethiopia: a population-based study AIDS Care 2023
Nunemaker C.S., Rosol T.J. The Nuclear Localization Sequence and C-Terminus of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein Regulate Normal Pancreatic Islet Development and Function General and Comparative Endocrinology 2023
Stevens N.J. Leaf sponge tool use by Buraiga chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii, in Kibale National Park, Uganda African Journal of Ecology 2023
Haile Z.T. Association between educational attainment and risky sexual behaviour among Ghanaian female youth African Health Sciences 2023
Rosol T.J. Evaluation of a photodynamic therapy agent using a canine prostate cancer model Prostate 2023
Witmer L.M. Evidence for a novel cranial thermoregulatory pathway in thalattosuchian crocodylomorphs PeerJ 2023
Lo C.C. Sexual Dimorphism in Lipid Metabolism and Gut Microbiota in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet Nutrients 2023
Kopchick J.J. Central growth hormone action regulates neuroglial and proinflammatory markers in the hypothalamus of male mice Neuroscience Letters 2023
Thomas M.K. Medical Mistrust Among Food Insecure Individuals in Appalachia Family & Community Health 2023
Haile Z.T. Factors associated with receipt of adequate antenatal care among women in Rwanda: A secondary analysis of the 2019-20 Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey PLoS One 2023
Clark B.C. Maximizing Strength: The Stimuli and Mediators of Strength Gains and Their Application to Training and Rehabilitation Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2023
Skinner D. Emerging Frameworks in Health and Education: Conceptual Evolution in Pursuit of School-Based Health Continuity in Education 2023
Terrera G.M. Differences in the longitudinal change of behaviours related to dementia in long-term care: a growth mixture modelling approach BMC Geriatrics 2023
Stevens N.J. Oldest evidence of abundant C(4) grasses and habitat heterogeneity in eastern Africa Science 2023
Muturi H.T., Najjar S.M. Loss of CEACAM1 in endothelial cells causes hepatic fibrosis Metabolism 2023
Muniz-Terrera G. Sex difference in evolution of cognitive decline: studies on mouse model and the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network cohort Translational Psychiatry 2023
Kerr A.M. Burdens of disease and caregiver burden in complex vascular malformations Pediatric Blood and Cancer  2023
Najjar S.M. Role of Insulin Clearance in Insulin Action and Metabolic Diseases International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2023
Beverly EA Cinematic Virtual Reality for Educating Health Care Providers About Type 2 Diabetes, Disability, and Elder Abuse and Neglect: A Pilot Study Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2023
Grijalva M.J. Identifying Barriers and Facilitators for Home Reconstruction for Prevention of Chagas Disease: An Interview Study in Rural Loja Province, Ecuador Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease 2023
Mahato N.K. Topographic localization of the sacroiliac joint and superior gluteal artery branches on the posterolateral ilium Clinical Anatomy 2023
Walkowski S. Relationship of Training in Acupuncture to Physician Burnout. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 2019
Nowak F.V. Porf-2 = Arhgap39 = Vilse: A Pivotal Role in Neurodevelopment, Learning and Memory. eNeuro 2018
Dietrich A.M. 2018 Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference: A Workforce Development Research Agenda for Pediatric Care in the Emergency Department Academic Emergency Medicine 2018
 Akbar H. Towards increasing shelf life and haemostatic potency of stored platelet concentrates Current Opinion in Hematology 2018
Akbar H. Small molecule targeting the Rac1-NOX2 interaction prevents collagen-related peptide and thrombin-induced reactive oxygen species generation and platelet activation Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2018
Healy A.M., Shubrook J.H. Endocrinologists’ opinions of diabetology as a primary care subspecialty Clinical Diabetes 2018
Biegalke B.J. pUL34 binding near the human cytomegalovirus origin of lytic replication enhances DNA replication and viral growth Virology 2018
Kopchick J.J. A Long-lived Mouse Lacking Both Growth Hormone and Growth Hormone Receptor: A New Animal Model for Aging Studies. Journals of Gerontology 2017
Haile Z.T. Factors that can influence feelings towards and interactions with people living with HIV/AIDS in rural Central Kenya Internation Journal of STD and AIDS 2016
Ice G.H. ‘If I went to my mom with that information, I’m dead’: sexual health knowledge barriers among immigrant and refugee Somali young adults in Ohio Ethnicity and Health 2016
Clark B.C. The Effects of Task Type on Time to Task Failure During Fatigue: A Modified Sørensen Test Journal of Motor Behavior 2017
Franz B., Skinner D. The impact of the Affordable Care Act on hospital-led community health evaluation in the U.S. Appalachian Ohio region Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 2017
Kopchick J.J. Spatial learning and memory in male mice with altered growth hormone action Hormones and Behavior 2017
Skinner D., Franz B. What Challenges Do Nonprofit Hospitals Face in Taking on Community Health Needs Assessments? A Qualitative Study From Appalachian Ohio. Journal of Rural Health 2017
Grijalva M.J. Pioneer study of population genetics of Rhodnius ecuadoriensis (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) from the central coastand southern Andean regions of Ecuador Infection, Genetics and Evolution 2017
 Najjar S.M. Age-dependent insulin resistance in male mice with null deletion of the carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 2 gene Diabetologia 2017
Nunemaker C.S. STEAP4: Its emerging role in metabolism and homeostasis of cellular iron and copper Journal of Endocrinology 2017
Kopchick J.J., Berryman D.E. Impact of growth hormone on regulation of adipose tissue Comprehensive Physiology 2017
Clark B.C. Response to “Clinical Evaluation of Bone Strength and Fracture Risk” Current Osteoporosis Reports 2017
Grijalva M.J. 2b-RAD genotyping for population genomic studies of Chagas disease vectors: Rhodnius ecuadoriensis in Ecuador PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2017
Skinner D., Franz B. Community Perceptions of Hospitals and Shared Physical Space: A Qualitative Study Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 2018
Li Y.V. Cross talk between increased intracellular zinc (Zn2+) and accumulation of reactive oxygen species in chemical ischemia American Journal of Physiology 2017
Beverly E.A., Kerr A.M., Balbo J.T., Fredricks T.R. Students' Perceptions of Trigger Warnings in Medical Education Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2017
Skinner D. Ready for residency: A bloomian analysis of competency-based Osteopathic Medical education Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2017
Lo C.C. Energy homeostasis in apolipoprotein AIV and cholecystokinin-deficient mice. American Journal of Physiology 2017
Haile Z.T. Association Between Risky Sexual Behavior and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women in Kenya: A Population-Based Study Journal of Community Health 2018
Williams S.H. An ontogenetic perspective on symphyseal fusion, occlusion and mandibular loading in alpacas (Vicugna pacos) Zoology 2017
Haile Z.T. The relationship between history of hormonal contraceptive use and iron status among women in Tanzania: A population-based study Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 2017
Kopchick J.J. Meeting Reports: The 25th Anniversary of the Growth Hormone Research Society Lisbon, Portugal, May 20, 2017. Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews 2017
Lee K.Y., Li Y., Berryman D.E. Tbx15 Defines a Glycolytic Subpopulation and White Adipocyte Heterogeneity. Diabetes 2017
Consitt L.A.,Kopchick J.J. Mice overexpressing growth hormone exhibit increased skeletal muscle myostatin and MuRF1 with attenuation of muscle mass Skeletal Muscle 2017
Najjar S.M. Liver-specific reconstitution of CEACAM1 reverses the metabolic abnormalities caused by its global deletion in male mice Diabetologia 2017
Berryman D.E. Growth Hormone’s effect on adipose tissue: Quality versus quantity International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2017
Kopchick J.J. Growth hormone and the epithelial-To-mesenchymal transition Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2017
Haile Z.T. Association Between Type of Health Professional at Birth and Exclusive Breastfeeding Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health 2017
 Healy A.M., Shubrook J.H. The Time Is Now: Diabetes Fellowships in the United States Current Diabetes Reports 2017
Beverly E.A. Factors associated with Ohio nurse practitioners’ childhood obesity preventive practice patterns Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2017
Kopchick J.J. Characterization of Growth Hormone Resistance in Experimental and Ulcerative Colitis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2017
Grijalva M.J. Distribution of triatomine species in domestic and peridomestic environments in central coastal Ecuador PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2017
Berryman D.E., Beverly E.A. Assessment of nutrition knowledge and attitudes in preclinical osteopathic medical students Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2017
Stevens N.J. The first hyaenodont from the late Oligocene Nsungwe Formation of Tanzania: Paleoecological insights into the Paleogene-Neogene carnivore transition PLOS One 2017
Lo CC Apolipoprotein A-IV exerts its anorectic action through a PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in the hypothalamus. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2017
Williams S.H. Thyroid hormone fluctuations indicate a thermoregulatory function in both a tropical (Alouatta palliata) and seasonally cold-habitat (Macaca fuscata) primate American Journal of Primatology


Nunemaker C.S. Can NMDA receptors get b-cells toxically excited? Endocrinology 2017
Malgor R. Interrelationship of canonical and non-canonical Wnt signalling pathways in chronic metabolic diseases Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research 2018
Kerr A.M. Communication and the Appraisal of Uncertainty: Exploring Parents' Communication with Credible Authorities in the Context of Chronic Childhood Illness. Health Communication 2017
Clark B.C. Skeletal muscle performance and ageing Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle 2018
Li Y., Chen X. Extracellular ATP, as an energy and phosphorylating molecule, induces different types of drug resistances in cancer cells through ATP internalization and intracellular ATP level increase. Oncotarge 2017
Haile Z.T. Hormonal contraceptive use and vitamin A deficiency among women in Tanzania International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 2018
Lee K.Y. Subcutaneous white adipocytes express a light sensitive signaling pathway mediated via a melanopsin/TRPC channel axis Scientific Reports 2017
Haile Z.T. The Moderating Effect of Urban Versus Rural Residence on the Relationship Between Type of Birth Attendant and Early Initiation of Breastfeeding in Ghana. Journal of Human Lactation 2017
Kopchick J.J. Disruption of the GH receptor gene in adult mice and in insulin sensitive tissues Growth Hormone and IFG Research 2018
Balbo J., Beverly E.A. Neurobiology of sexual assault and osteopathic considerations for trauma-informed care and practice Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2018
Wymbs F. Using Conjoint Analysis to Inform Engagement in Head Start Parent Programs among Families Who Are Spanish-Speaking Journal of Child and Family Studies 2023
O’Connor P.M. New age constraints support a K/Pg boundary interval on Vega Island, Antarctica: Implications for latest Cretaceous vertebrates and paleoenvironments Geological Society of America Bulletin 2023
Muniz-Terrera G. The Big Five personality traits and allostatic load in middle to older adulthood: A systematic review and meta-analysis Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 2023
Beverly E.A. Measuring grit, self-efficacy, curiosity, and intolerance of uncertainty in first-generation college and first-generation osteopathic medical students BMC Medical Education 2023
Muniz-Terrera G. It Runs in the Family: Testing for Longitudinal Family Flynn Effects Journal of Intelligence 2023
Kopchick J.J. Fasting and prolonged food restriction differentially affect GH secretion independently of GH receptor signaling in AgRP neurons Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2023
Szewczyk N.J. Increased mitochondrial Ca(2+) contributes to health decline with age and Duchene muscular dystrophy in C. elegans FASEB Journal 2023
Muniz-Tererra G. Mediterranean diet adherence is associated with lower dementia risk, independent of genetic predisposition: findings from the UK Biobank prospective cohort study BMC Medicine 2023
Najjar S.M. Racial/ethnic and gender disparity in the severity of NAFLD among people with diabetes or prediabetes Frontiers in Physiology 2023
Franz B. Hospital adoption of harm reduction and risk education strategies to address substance use disorders American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2023
Rosol T.J. FEMA GRAS assessment of natural flavor complexes: Lemongrass oil, chamomile oils, citronella oil and related flavoring ingredients Food and Chemical Toxicology 2023
Young J.A., Lach G., Lee K., Okada S., Kopchick J.J., Berryman D.E. Increased Fibrosis in White Adipose Tissue of Male and Female bGH Transgenic Mice Appears Independent of TGF-β Action Endocrinology 2023
Franz B. Trends in the Provision of Community-Building Activities by Nonprofit Hospitals, 2010-2019 Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 2023
Bianco J.A. The working alliance and Clinician-assisted Emotional Disclosure for rheumatoid arthritis Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2017
Lee K., Kopchick J.J., Berryman D.E. Increased fibrosis: A novel means by which GH influences white adipose tissue function Growth Hormone and IGF Research 2017
Benencia F. Regulation of inflammatory factors by double-stranded RNA receptors in breast cancer cells. Immunobiology 2017
Malgor R, McCall K.D. TLR signaling inhibitor, phenylmethimazole, in combination with tamoxifen inhibits human breast cancer cell viability and migration. Oncotarget 2017
Lo C.C. Apolipoprotein A-IV enhances cholecystokinnin secretion Physiology and Behavior 2018
Williams S.H. Flexibility of feeding movements in pigs: Effects of changes in food toughness and stiffness on the timing of jaw movements Journal of Experimental Biology


Kopchick J.J. Effects of rapamycin on growth hormone receptor knockout mice Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2018
 O'Connor P.M. New Egyptian sauropod reveals Late Cretaceous dinosaur dispersal between Europe and Africa Nature Ecology & Evolution 2018
Najjar S.M. Liver-specific rescuing of CEACAM1 reverses endothelial and cardiovascular abnormalities in male mice with null deletion of Ceacam1 gene Molecular Metabolism 2018
Berryman D.E., Kopchick J.J. Depot-specific and GH-dependent regulation of IGF binding protein-4, pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A, and stanniocalcin-2 in murine adipose tissue Growth Hormone and IGF Research 2018
Puri V., Lee K.Y., Najjar S.M. Exenatide induces carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1 expression to prevent hepatic steatosis. Hepatology Communications 2017
Consitt L.A. Sex-dependent reductions in high molecular weight adiponectin during acute hyperinsulinemia are prevented with endurance training in older females Clinical Endocrinology 2018
 Li Y.V. Intracellular zinc increase affects phosphorylation state and subcellular localization of protein kinase C delta (δ) Cellular Signalling 2018
Najjar S.M. Exenatide Prevents Diet-induced Hepatocellular Injury in A CEACAM1-Dependent Mechanism. Journal of Diabetes and Treatment 2017
Williams S.H. The influence of diet on masticatory motor patterns in musteloid carnivorans: An analysis of jaw adductor activity in ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) and kinkajous (Potos flavus) Journal of Experimental Zoology 2017
Beverly E.A. Understanding the Meaning of Food in People With Type 2 Diabetes Living in Northern Appalachia. Diabetes Spectrum 2018
Kopchick J.J. MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Lessons from growth hormone receptor gene-disrupted mice: are there benefits of endocrine defects? European Journal of Endocrinology 2018
Skinner D. Toward a More Humanistic American Medical Profession: An Analysis of Premedical Web Sites From Ohio's Undergraduate Institutions. Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development 2018
Consitt L.A., Malgor R. Blocking Wnt5a signaling decreases CD36 expression and foam cell formation in atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Pathology 2018
Consitt L.A., Slyvka Y., Clark B.C. Paternal high-fat diet enhances offspring whole-body insulin sensitivity and skeletal muscle insulin signaling early in life. Physiological Reports 2018
Guseman E.H. Calculating a Continuous Metabolic Syndrome Score Using Nationally Representative Reference Values. Academic Pediatrics 2018
Haile Z.T. Factors Associated with HIV Related Stigma among College Students in the Midwest. AIMS Public Health 2017
Broecker J. Influences on Intentions to Place Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives: A Pilot Study Comparing According to Provider Specialty in Ohio. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 2018
Witmer L.M. Paleoneurology: A Sight for Four Eyes Current Biology 2018
Puri V. Linkage of Infection to Adverse Systemic Complications: Periodontal Disease, Toll-Like Receptors, and Other Pattern Recognition Systems. Vaccines  2018
 Hill Guseman E. Evaluation of Nighttime Media Use and Sleep Patterns in First-semester College Students. American Journal of Health Behavior 2018
Berryman D.E., McCall K.D. Phenylmethimazole abrogates diet-induced inflammation, glucose intolerance and NAFLD Journal of Endocrinology 2018
Grijalva M.J. Youth participatory research and evaluation to inform a Chagas disease prevention program in Ecuador. Evaluation and Program Planning 2018
Berryman D.E., Kopchick J.J. Transcriptional profiling identifies strain-specific effects of caloric restriction and opposite responses in human and mouse white adipose tissue Aging 2018
Najjar S.M. Inhibition of protein arginine methyltransferase 5 enhances hepatic mitochondrial biogenesis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2018  
Haile Z.T. Association of Youth Characteristics and Recent Utilization of Dental Services in the United States. Frontiers in Pediatrics 2018
Clark B.C. A randomized control trial to determine the effectiveness and physiological effects of spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization compared to each other and a sham condition in patients with chronic low back pain: Study protocol for The RELIEF Study. Contemporary Clinical Trials 2018
Hill Guseman E., Beverly E.A. First-year osteopathic medical students’ knowledge of and attitudes toward physical activity Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2018
Haile ZT. Meta-Analysis Journal of Human Lactation 2018
Nunemaker C.S. Metformin Inhibits Mouse Islet Insulin Secretion and Alters Intracellular Calcium in a Concentration-Dependent and Duration-Dependent Manner near the Circulating Range. Journal of Diabetes Research 2018
Franz B.A. Reconsidering the role of language in medicine Journal of Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine 2018
Skinner D., Franz B.A. How U.S. children's hospitals define population health: A qualitative, interview-based study BMC Health Services Research 2018
Grijalva M.J. Seroprevalence and risk factors for infection with Bartonella bacilliformis in Loja province, Ecuador. Emerging Microbes & Infections 2018
Franz B.A. The Role of Reflection in Narrative Medicine. Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development 2018
Grijalva M.J. Zika virus knowledge and attitudes in Ecuador. AIMS Public Health 2018
Kopchick J.J. Standardizing protocols dealing with growth hormone receptor gene disruption in mice using the Cre-lox system. Growth Hormone & IGF Research 2018
Kopchick J.J. Relative Contributions of Myostatin and the GH/IGF-1 Axis in Body Composition and Muscle Strength. Frontiers in Physiology 2018
Witmer LM. Convoluted nasal passages function as efficient heat exchangers in ankylosaurs (Dinosauria: Ornithischia: Thyreophora). PLOS One 2018
Franz B.A., Skinner D. Defining “Community” in Community Health Evaluation: Perspectives From a Sample of Nonprofit Appalachian Hospitals American Journal of Evaluation 2018
O'Connor P.M., Stevens N.J. The second titanosaurian (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the middle Cretaceous Galula Formation, southwestern Tanzania, with remarks on African titanosaurian diversity Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 2017
Kopchick J.J. Growth hormone research society perspective on biomarkers of gh action in children and adults Endocrine Connections 2018
Stevens N. A Fossil Gekkotan (Squamata) from the Late Oligocene Nsungwe Formation, Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania Journal of Herpetology 2018
O'connor P.M. Gigantic pterosaurian remains from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 2017
Witmer L.M. New information on the cranial morphology of Avimimus (Theropoda: Oviraptorosauria) Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 2017
O'Connor P.M., Stevens N.J. Paleomagnetism of the Cretaceous Galula Formation and implications for vertebrate evolution Journal of African Earth Sciences 2018
Zidron A.M. Coccygeal Polypoid Eccrine Nevus Presenting as a Skin Tag: Case Report and Review of the Literature Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2019
Healy A.M. Diabetes fellowship in primary care: A survey of graduates Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2018
Healy A.M. HNF1β diabetes or maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 5 with rare HNF1β mutation: A case report Clinical Diabetes 2019
Mezitis N.H.E. Chrononutrition applied to diabetes management: A paradigm shift long delayed Diabetes Spectrum 2018
Skinner D. Listening to Quackery: Reading John Wesley’s Primitive Physic in an Age of Health Care Reform Journal of Medical Humanities 2019
Franz B.A., Skinner D. Why Don't Hospitals Prioritize Substance Abuse in Their Community Benefit Programming? Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 2019
Clark B.C. Muscle strength and size are associated with motor unit connectivity in aged mice Neurobiology of Aging 2018
Guseman E.H., Beverly E.A. Medical students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors with regard to skin cancer and sun-protective behaviors Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2018
Rosol T.J. Stromal PTEN determines mammary epithelial response to radiotherapy Nature Communications 2018
Beverly E.A., Fredricks T.R., Guseman E.H. What can family medicine providers learn about concussion non-disclosure from former collegiate athletes? BMC Family Practice 2018
Beverly E.A. A qualitative process evaluation of a diabetes navigation program embedded in an endocrine specialty center in rural Appalachian Ohio BMC Endocrine Disorders


Grijalva M., Berryman D.E. Regional Variations in Physical Fitness and Activity in Healthy and Overweight Ecuadorian Adolescents. Children 2018
Haile Z.T. Gestational weight gain and unplanned or emergency cesarean delivery in the United States Women and Birth 2019
Najjar S.M. Liver-specific ablation of insulin-degrading enzyme causes hepatic insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, without affecting insulin clearance in mice Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 2018
Rosol T.J. CD147 and Cyclooxygenase Expression in Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Veterinary Sciences 2018
Stevens N.J. Fossil lemurs from Egypt and Kenya suggest an African origin for Madagascar’s aye-aye Nature Communications 2018
Skinner D., Franz B.A. The Politics of Primary Care Expansion: Lessons From Cancer Survivorship and Substance Abuse. Journal of Healthcare Management 2018
Nunemaker C.S. Reducing Glucokinase Activity Restores Endogenous Pulsatility and Enhances Insulin Secretion in Islets From db/db Mice. Endocrinology 2018
Haile Z.T. The moderating role of race/ethnicity on associations between insurance status and HPV vaccination among women in the USA International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2019
Grijalva M.J. Using the health belief model to identify communication opportunities to prevent Chagas disease in Southern Ecuador PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2018
Haile Z.T. Factors that modify the association of maternal postpartum smoking and exclusive breastfeeding rates Breastfeeding Medicine 2018
Grijalva M.J. Triatominae: Does the shape change of non-viable eggs compromise species recognition? Parasites & Vectors 2018
Najjar S.M. CEACAM1 in liver injury, metabolic and immune regulation International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2018
Sharma V.M., Lee K.Y., Kopchick J.J., Puri V. Growth hormone acts along the PPARγ-FSP27 axis to stimulate lipolysis in human adipocytes American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 2019
Berryman D.E. Increased environmental temperature normalizes energy metabolism outputs between normal and Ames dwarf mice Aging 2018
Grijalva M.J. Influence of ecological factors on the presence of a triatomine species associated with the arboreal habitat of a host of Trypanosoma cruzi Parasites & Vectors 2018
Kopchick J.J. Growth Hormone Discovery and Structure Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews 2018
Drozek D.S. An adhesion based approach for the detection of esophageal cancer Integrative Biology 2018
Sharma V.M., Berryman D.E.,  Kopchick J.J., Puri V., Lee K.Y. Growth hormone controls lipolysis by regulation of FSP27 expression Journal of Endocrinology 2018
Benencia F. Please stand by: how oncolytic viruses impact bystander cells. Future Virology 2018
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Clark B.C. Age-related changes in gait biomechanics and their impact on the metabolic cost of walking: Report from a National Institute on Aging workshop Experimental Gerontology 2023
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O'Connor P.M. Developmental strategies underlying gigantism and miniaturization in non-avialan theropod dinosaurs Science 2023
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Kopchick J.J. Growth hormone regulates neuroendocrine responses to weight loss via AgRP neurons. Nature Communications 2019
O'Connor P.M. A new African titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur from the middle cretaceous galula formation (Mtuka Member), Rukwa Rift Basin, Southwestern Tanzania PLOS ONE 2019
Grijalva M.J. Life Cycle, Feeding, and Defecation Patterns of Triatoma carrioni (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), under laboratory conditions Journal of Medical Entomology 2019
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Drozek D. Nurturing the Seeds of Change: Strengthening the Lifestyle Medicine Movement With the Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 2018
Kerr A.M. Memorable Messages Parents of Children with Vascular Birthmarks Receive from Others: Implications for Stigma and Identity. Health Communication 2020
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Franz B., Skinner D. Should hospital emergency departments be used as revenue streams despite needs to curb overutilization? AMA Journal of Ethics 2019
Skinner D., Franz B. How should health care organizations and communities work together to improve neighborhood conditions? AMA Journal of Ethics 2019
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