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Ohio University MicroCT Scanner

OU µCT Quick Facts

MicroCT Scanner next to technician
  • Function: Noninvasive 3D imaging of in vivo and inanimate subjects for analysis of structural properties, composition, and anatomy
  • Location: Edison Biotechnology Institute, Konneker Research Labs, the Ridges
  • Knowledgeable staff with more than 11 years’ experience with microCT at OU
  • Model: TriFoil Imaging eXplore CT 120 Small Animal X-Ray CT Scanner
  • Custom generator producing 5 kW peak power for dense object penetration and fast scan times
  • Resolution: isotropic voxel sizes of 25, 50, &100 µm (e.g., 25 µm = 0.025 mm)
  • Feature detectability: 4 µm
  • Maximum sample/specimen size: 85 x 85 x 250 mm
  • Energy: 40–120 kV. Current: 50 mA max.
  • Cardiac and respiratory gating to reduce motion artifact in live animals
  • Hourly rates: OU: $75. Non-OU Academic: $150. Commercial: $180
  • Add-on services available (e.g., visualization, analysis)

Contact OUµCT Personnel for more information

  • Lawrence M. Witmer, PhD, Professor, Biomedical Sciences, OU-HCOM,
  • Ryan C. Ridgely, Research Associate, Biomedical Sciences, OU-HCOM,

Download the flyer with examples of OUµCT scan results

View and Download MicroCT Manuals, Programs, Tips and Sample Data