Ohio University

Job Family Grids

The job family grid describes the levels of work being performed within a job family and across the relevant career tracks.

Academic and Program Administration
Academic and Program Administration Individual Contributor [PDF]
Academic and Program Administration Management [PDF]
Academic Services
Academic Services Individual Contributor [PDF]
Academic Services Management [PDF]
Administrative Management
Administrative Management Management [PDF]
Administrative Management Individual Contributor [PDF]
Administrative Services
Administrative Services Individual Contributor [PDF]
Administrative Services Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Athletics Individual Contributor [PDF]
Athletics Management [PDF]
Auxiliary Services Individual Contributor [PDF]
Auxiliary Services Management [PDF]
Auxiliary Services Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Communications and Marketing
Communications Marketing Individual Contributor [PDF]
Communications Marketing Management [PDF]
Development and Institutional Advancement
Development and Institutional Advancement Individual Contributor [PDF]
Development and Institutional Advancement Management [PDF]
Education Individual Contributor [PDF]
Education Management [PDF]
Engineering Architecture and Planning
Engineering Architecture and Planning Individual Contributor [PDF]
Engineering Architecture and Planning Management [PDF]
Enrollment Services
Enrollment Services Individual Contributor [PDF]
Enrollment Services Management [PDF]
Environmental Safety and Police Services
Environmental Safety and Police Services Individual Contributor [PDF]
Environmental Safety and Police Services Management [PDF]
Environmental Safety and Police Services Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Event Management
Event Management Individual Contributor [PDF]
Event Management Management [PDF]
Facilities and Operations
Facilities and Operations Management [PDF]
Facilities and Operations Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Finance and Business
Finance and Business Individual Contributor [PDF]
Finance and Business Management [PDF]
Finance and Business Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Fine and Performing Arts
Fine_Performing_Arts_Individual_Contributor [PDF]
Fine Performing Arts Management [PDF]
Health Services
Health Services Individual Contributor [PDF]
Health Services Management [PDF]
Human Resources
Human Resources Individual Contributor [PDF]
Human Resources Management [PDF]
Human Resources Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Information Technology
Information Technology Individual Contributor [PDF]
Information Technology Management [PDF]
Information Technology Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Instructional Technology
Academic Technology Individual Contributor [PDF]
Legal & Compliance
Legal & Compliance Individual Contributor [PDF]
Legal & Compliance Management [PDF]
Library Services/Museum
Library Museum Individual Contributor [PDF]
Library Museum Management [PDF]
Library Museum Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Media Production
Media Production Individual Contributor [PDF]
Media Production Management [PDF]
Media Production Technical and Administrative_Support [PDF]
Records Management
Records Management Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Research Administration
Research Administration Individual Contributor [PDF]
Research Administration Management [PDF]
Research and Labs
Research and Labs Individual Contributor [PDF]
Research and Labs Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Risk Management & Safety
Risk Management Individual Contributor [PDF]
Risk Management Management [PDF]
Risk Management Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]
Student Affairs
Student Affairs Individual Contributor [PDF]
Student Affairs Management [PDF]
Student Affairs Technical and Administrative Support [PDF]