Ohio University

Job Family Definitions

Academic and Program Management

Develops, implements, promotes, and administers academic and/or academic related programs in order to further the teaching and research mission of the University. Responsibilities include developing, evaluating, and/or overseeing curriculum or program offerings, communicating program goals and benefits, managing resources and budgets, developing community partnerships and programs, advising deans and faculty regarding programmatic issues, and handling complex administrative problems for an academic based unit.

Academic Administration

Serves to ensure the effective accomplishment of the academic mission of the university. Coordinates academic assessment, planning, programming, and scheduling with deans, chairs and other academic leaders on and off campus including our accrediting bodies. Also oversees programs and policies that deal with students' academic programs.


Plans, directs, and supports programs for international students. Also may provide support to students who travel and study abroad.

Research and Program Management

Oversees research-related activates, may include research/program staff management, compliance monitoring, and writing/reviewing research protocols.

Academic Services

Academic Services seeks to increase the retention, engagement, and success of students at Ohio University by providing tutoring, academic program guidance, career development, skill assessment and development, identification of and assistance with the resolution of academic difficulties, and related services.

Career Services

Focuses on students' career development by working with students, alumni, and/or potential employers. Provides counseling to students, develops programs and activities to assist students with career development.

Medical Advising & Academic Support

Provides academic counseling and support to students in the medical program. Develops and implements programs to enhance students' academic success in the medical program.

Student Academic Advising

Advises students to assist them in making appropriate educational decisions specific to their education plan. Counsels students on academic policies and issues.

Student Academic Support

Provides academic counseling and support to students. Develops and implements programs to enhance students' academic success.

Administrative Management

Provides coordination and management of business policies and programs in order to effectively manage University resources (employees, finances, systems, and facilities). Administrative services includes activities in finance and human resources and may also include IT, facilities, or student services


Manages administrative, operational, human resources, and financial tasks in order to support the general needs of the department. Roles may include day-to-day administration management or senior leadership positions.

Health Services

Manages health units that provide general medicine, psychological, and disability services to students.


Assists in the planning and development of University-wide objectives, long-range and strategic plans, and identification of organizational strengths and weaknesses. Conducts special studies for top management in areas such as the organization's operational effectiveness, capacity utilization, operating cost containment, etc.

Administrative Services

Provides coordination and management of business policies and programs in order to effectively manage University resources (employees, finances, systems, and facilities). Administrative services includes activities in finance and human resources and may also include IT, facilities, or student services


Supports the general administrative functions of a wide variety of academic or administrative units including answering phones, greeting/referring/assisting visitors, customers, staff, or others, preparing documents and reports, compiling records, scheduling meetings, organizing and maintaining information, coordinating calendars, analyzing data including budgetary expenditures, and providing high level administrative assistance to executives.


Provides a key aspect of the University experience for students and student-athletes. The positions within this job family provide coaching; compliance; sports medicine; coordination of operations, equipment, and facilities; conditioning and athletic training; and specialized administration of athletic programs and services.

Administrative Operations

Provides the behind-the-scenes operational support to the athletic department. May include team logistics and scheduling, equipment management, and other tasks needed to support the coaches and student athletes.


Directs athletic teams and assists with developing student athletes physically, competitively, and psychologically for athletic competitions. Recruits student athletes.



Directs athletic teams and assists with developing student athletes physically, competitively, and psychologically for athletic competitions. Recruits student athletes.

Equipment & Facilities

Maintains athletic equipment and facilities. Tasks may include keeping equipment inventory records, providing athletic uniform laundry service, monitoring equipment conditions, repairing equipment, and purchasing new equipment.


Provides marketing services for the university's athletic departments. Responsible for corporate sales, promotions, advertising, audio/video broadcasts, and all other marketing initiatives on behalf of the athletic teams.

Strength & Conditioning

Works with student athletes on techniques to safely maximize physical capabilities and athletic performance.


Provides athletic training support to student athletes. Provides athletes with injury prevention training, and evaluation, management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.


Provides services to the University that support the daily activities of students, faculty, and staff. Coordinates services that support daily activities and special events on the University campus such as providing food services, printing services, logistics, and air operations for University leaders and visitors. Generates revenue to support the operations of the University through high-quality, customer-focused services.

Administrative Operations

Leads, oversees, and directs Auxiliaries including Culinary Services, the University Airport Operations, Printing Services, Campus Signage, Logistics, and Mail Services. Devises, installs, and directs the administration of policies and procedures.


Manages and coordinates Ohio University Airport operations. Responsible for ensuring safe and efficient operation of the airport and its associated aviation services to university departments and the general public. Pilots aircraft, coordinates flight schedules, and ensures aircraft readiness.


Provides catering services to internal and external customers.

Culinary Arts

Oversees menu planning, food preparation, and culinary standards.

Food Services

Directs the operations, workforce, and service levels of campus venues. Ensures safety and quality standards are met. Manages processes, systems, and inventory for campus venues.


Manages student housing operations. Responsible for the direction of all residence hall operations for students. Also may administer off-campus housing programs.


Responsible for administering all Ohio University mail and moving and surplus services to Residence Halls and general fund buildings on the Athens campus.

Moving & Surplus

Responsible for all moving services and dispostion of surplus property.

Publications & Production

Responsible for the production, planning, scheduling, and coordination of printed and/or digital books, catalogs, publications, t-shirts, signs, and other materials. May perform laser engraving services. Maintains press, bindery, and copier equipment.


Oversees retail operations at campus stores such as the bookstore, food venues, interior services, and tech store. Procures inventory and maintains inventory records. Distributes equipment, materials, and supplies. Promotes store through a variety of marketing strategies.


Responsible for the operation of the aviation department.


Typical activities include airplane safety, airplane maintenance, and
piloting aircraft.

Communications & Marketing

Fosters effective communication between the University and its students, employees, alumni, and the public in order to advance the University’s strategic vision. Communicates the University’s vision through targeted campaigns and programs. Establishes a consistent and recognizable brand for the University to ensure continuity of communication and increased recognition. Writes and designs communications materials for the University and its programs. Creates print and digital materials to promote the University’s activities.

General Communications

Develops, implements, and/or executes marketing communications programs. Involves work in two or more communications and marketing disciplines OR work not otherwise covered in other communications and marketing job subfamilies.

Marketing (Retail)

Develops, implements, and/or executes marketing communications programs. Involves work in two or more communications and marketing disciplines OR work not otherwise covered in other communications and marketing job subfamilies.

Multi-Media Communications

Produces, edits, and coordinates audio, visual, and photographic marketing media using the web, audio, video, and other electronic media, which may involve writing, editing, designing, production, and programming.

Public Relations

Provides university information and news to the general public and key campus audiences.

University Press

Involves producing (bookbinding, press, and edition bindery), planning, scheduling, and coordinating
the production of printed and/or electronic books, catalogs, publications, manuscripts, promotional
and other materials.

Visual Communications

Creates visual communications using graphic design, photographic services, illustrations, and market strategies to inform, instruct, or influence target markets about a product or service.

Web Design & Development

Responsible for the design, maintenance, technical functionality and content of a website for internal employees and external marketing/communications purposes.

Written Communications

Writes, edits, researches, and publishes written materials to inform, instruct, or influence target markets about a product or service.

Development and Institutional Advancement

Development and Institutional Advancement engages alumni, foundations, corporations, and the community with the mission of the University. The University’s mission is advanced through cultivating the support of donors both directly through solicitations and fundraising campaigns and indirectly through alumni engagement, alumni and professional societies, and targeted campaigns maintaining positive relationships with potential donors and the community.

Annual Giving

Plans and executes the university's campaign for annual gift support from all constituents, including alumni. Provides support in stewardship and recognition efforts for annual fund donors. This subfamily includes the Annual Giving team from Advancement Operations.


Identifies and cultivates sources of funding. Directs the management of individual giving programs, trusts, estates, gift planning, corporate and foundation relations, prospect research and donor relations and stewardship.

Donor Research

Identifies new donor prospects through research providing biographical data. Maintains accurate donor records. This subfamily includes the Prospect & Research Management team from Advancement Operations.

External Relations

Uses professional relationship building skills to identify and cultivate new individual, corporate, and institutional/foundation prospects. Engages external constituencies through programs, event, products and services and develops customized programs to create, enhance, and sustain external relations. This subfamily includes the Alumni Relations team.

Major Gifts

Works collaboratively to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward principal gifts from critical, high profile prospects/donors that will enhance university-wide priorities. Designs and implements strategic fundraising plans through collaboration for academic units, regional campuses and complex markets. Manages constituency programs.


Assists the Development and Inst. Advancement team with administrative duties and day-to-day operations. This subfamily includes positions in Advancement Operations that do not fit into other subfamily categories.

Planned Giving

Solicits and coordinates the administration of planned gifts through bequests, trusts, and other deferred giving strategies.


Coordinates donor recognition programs, publications, events, and communications. Designs, develops, and coordinates strategies for strategic stewardship of donors. This subfamily includes the Donor Relations team from Advancement Operations.


Delivers and administers educational programs and curriculum for internal and external audiences to enhance educational learning and delivery. Position responsibilities include administering programs, designing curriculum, teaching classes, writing lesson plans, developing and implementing organizational and employee development strategies and interventions, and related activities. Jobs in this function focus on the planning, development, facilitation, implementation, evaluation, and administration of a wide variety of educational programs and initiatives.


Designs, conducts, markets, and supports, public educational programs. Researches community educational needs and interests and develops educational programs and material accordingly. Organizes educational workshops for the community.

Early Childhood Education

Provides care and education to children. Provides support to families on child education. Supervises child care center activities.


Focuses on horses and horseback riding, the care and feeding, breeding, and anatomy of horses; horseback riding and horse training.

Executive Education

Includes jobs involved in assessing market and developing programs in various academic specialties. Includes marketing, costing, staffing, facilities and program delivery of Executive Education programs.


Involved in the instruction of non-credit courses.

Professional Development

Identifies employee training needs and assists employees with professional development plans. Organizes, coordinates, and promotes employee educational programs.

Engineering, Architecture & Planning

Provides engineering or architectural design, facilities planning, real estate services, and/or construction project management expertise to provide quality, sustainable, and energy-efficient facilities, systems, and research equipment. Responsibilities of these positions include programmatic administration, coordination and management of projects, budgetary oversight, facilities management, and leadership of programs and services. Functions may include specialized architectural, engineering, site, and construction services; energy engineering; project scheduling, estimating, and management; and specialized research-related engineering.

Design & Construction

Plans, organizes, and coordinates construction projects. Designs engineering plans and evaluates design proposals. Coordinates with architects, engineers, and construction firms to ensure adherence to schedules, project plans, and university objectives.

Energy Management

Develops and implements policies on fuel and electric energy conservation and determines opportunities for conservation.


Designs and inspects new and renovated construction projects. Performs maintenance inspections. Manages, plans, and coordinate activities associated with the physical, environmental, and security conditions of the facilities.


Responsible for the planning of engineering projects. Develops the most appropriate method and sequence of construction operations for a particular project. Assists in planning and coordinating campus-wide use of space and physical facilities. Maintains current floor plans and data on campus facilities.

R & D Engineering

Conducts research and development activities related to the design, development, fabrication, modification, installation, and testing of state-of-the art electronics or electronic components in a production setting.

Enrollment Services

Provides the University with end-to-end enrollment services to attract, retain, and register talented and diverse students to the University. Develops and executes strategic enrollment plans. Recruits, reviews, and admits qualified students. Advises students and families on financial aid and scholarships. Assists students and faculty in the course registration process. Determines student eligibility for courses as well as credit. Maintains sensitive and confidential student records.

Admissions & Recruitment

Recruits, evaluates, and participates in the selection of candidates for admission. Coordinates with all organizations and individuals involved in the admissions process. Advises applicants and parents about educational planning.

Financial Aid

Provides financial aid counseling to applicants, students, and parents and assists with applications. Analyzes financial needs and eligibility for financial aid. Makes decisions to award funds to students eligible for scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.


Creates, updates, and maintains course and class data. Performs operations such as course registration and scheduling, class changes and additions, maintenance of student records, and degree audits

Environmental Safety & Police Services

Maintains a safe and secure University campus. Monitors and mitigates potential risks to the campus. Conducts daily patrols of campus. Responds to disturbances. Enforces University rules and local, state, and federal laws. Develops health and safety procedures to ensure the well-being of the University community and visitors. Develops and implements recycling and sustainability programs. Directs transportation and parking services.

Environmental Health & Safety

Develops, implements, and maintains campus environmental and safety programs and policies to ensure compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations. Analyzes environmental risks and develops plans to mitigate those risks. Responsible for hazardous materials control, emergency preparedness, fire protection, radiological safety, accident prevention, air and water quality, and other environmental health and safety protocols.


Protects university students, employees, and property from any preventable harm or danger. Engages in a variety of police activities such as patrolling, investigation, law enforcement, crime prevention and detection.

Transportation & Parking

Monitors campus transportation and parking activities and compliance with established policies. Responsible for overseeing permit parking, parking enforcement, event transportation, business transportation, campus transit service, safety and training, and facility and operations maintenance.

Sustainability & Recycling

Performs refuse and recycling collection functions, including dumping refuse and waste and maintaining litter receptacles.

Event Management

Involves the planning and organizing of campus event activities, including managing logistics such as facilities, tickets, audience management activities, concessionaires, caterers, and vendors, and facilitation of communication and services with speakers and facility maintenance staff; or provides technical support of these activities.


Plans and organizes campus activities. Manages logistics such as facilities, tickets, concessions, caterers, vendors, event communications, and technical support for activities.

Facilities and Operations

Facilities job family serves to ensure the cleanliness, maintenance, and operation of campus facilities and grounds. Functions encompass custodial, grounds, and maintenance services, including oversight and programmatic administration.

Administrative Operations

Coordinates, plans, and directs services to support facility operations. May include bookkeeping, telephone and front office support, mail distribution, scheduling, and data management.

Aircraft Maintenance

Inspection and maintaining aircraft and related equipment in the research mission of the Avionics Engineering Center.

Custodial Services

Responsible for cleaning and housekeeping of buildings and/or exterior areas. May involve trash and recycling removal and meeting room set-up.


Plans, organizes, coordinates, and performs landscaping activities on campus. Includes gardening, planting, landscape and grounds maintenance, erosion, and pest control.


Performs a variety of repairs, replacement, and maintenance of electrical and plumbing equipment, building systems, and equipment. Responsible for the general maintenance of all campus facilities. May include carpentry work, painting, custodial equipment repair, electrician work, plumbing, and HVAC repair.

Mail Services

Involves the preparation, pickup, and delivery of incoming and outgoing domestic and international mail and packages for distribution, including sorting, classifying, weighing, calculating rates and recording recharge information, processing improperly addressed mail and answering mail related questions.

Sustainability & Recycling

Enforce substainable behaviors, programs and policies.

Finance and Business

Provides the University with critical information regarding the University’s operational, financial, and academic performance. Manages and ensures the financial compliance of the University’s finances. Prepares University budgets. Assists leadership in strategic planning. Prepares required reports for external parties.


Performs accounting functions such as analyzing, monitoring, reconciling, and reporting financial information. May include activities relating to developing, implementing and monitoring accounting systems, policies and procedures.

Accounting Support

Supports the organization's accounting functions. Maintains up-to-date and accurate records of daily transactions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventories, payroll and various other records.


Responsible for providing for the preparation of budgetary reports, special projects, and analyses as needed. Reviews expenditures to ensure conformance with budgetary provisions, compile data, and prepare reports.

Business & Data Analysis

Responsible for inputting, analyzing, and managing data to draw conclusions. They provide a range of services from basic data entry to and providing sophisticated analysis and reporting. They monitor accuracy of data used in reports and queries, assist in definition of future data needs, and provide expertise to assist database users.

Finance Services

Involves the processing and servicing of a variety of operational, personnel, and financial transactions and services. Includes cashiering, payroll, accounts eceivable, accounts payable, collections, data collection and data entry, analysis, review and control, customer servicing, and reporting.

Financial Management

Responsible for management of financial analysis and accounting/budget functions of a school/college, institute, library or business unit.

Financial Support

Provides front-line support to customers for the finance department. Researches, interprets, analyzes, and translates information in different formats to accommodate a variety of customer needs. Creates customer reports for finance managers.

Grant Accounting

The fiscal activities relating to a grant account. This includes all invoicing and financial reporting to the sponsor as well as all financial audits by external sponsors and auditors.

Institutional Research

Supports university strategic planning and decision making through research, presentation, and distribution of research analysis.


Responsible for all payroll processing activities, including regular and overtime pay processing, employee and employer contributions/withholdings, vacation and sick time accruals, and payroll taxes.


Responsible for the purchasing activities of goods and services needed by the university. May include contracting for professional services and equipment acquisition.

Project Management

Responsible for ensuring that projects adhere to scope, schedule and budget as formulated by the University. Provides expert oversight from formulation stage through construction and project close-out. May handles administrative tasks for a specific project.


Includes jobs involved in the treasury function. Typical activities include cash management, bank relations, and supervision of credit and collections and nsurance functions.

Fine and Performing Arts

Provides the University with all aspects of services related to fine and performing arts productions. Develops, designs, and produces performances, exhibits, and screenings of artistic material. Trains and instructs students on the management of theatres and arts venues. Provides technical instruction and expertise on the design and creation of art within a variety of mediums.

Technical Arts

Involves the design, fabrication, and set-up of artistic displays, scenery or costumes. Performs or oversees practical, mechanical, or industrial activities, including but not limited to: designing and organizing light, sound, and other electronic scenes for artistic performances or exhibitions, designing and fabricating artwork involving carpentry, ceramics, sculpting, welding, costume crafting, etc., maintaining related equipment, and ensuring shop/studio safety.


Involves performance, coaching, and directing theater, including music, dance, and acting. Includes composition, arranging, and choreography.

Health Services

Promotes a healthy and productive University community. Supports and provides healthcare, health education, wellness programs, and health promotion to the University and surrounding community. Provides the community with clinical care such as physical therapy, health assessments, and mental health counseling. Organizes educational programming, distributes educational material to the community to promote healthy lifestyles.

Administrative Operations

Coordinates, plans, and directs services to support health services. May include bookkeeping, telephone operations, front office operations, mail distribution and data management.


Administers and interprets a variety of tests, such as air and bone conduction, and speech reception and discrimination tests, to determine the type and degree of hearing impairment, site of damage, and effects on comprehension and speech. Evaluates test results in relation to behavioral, social, educational, and medical information obtained from patients, families, professors, and other professionals.

Clinical Care

Provides patient care services in an area of clinical specialization in a specific clinical setting serving students, staff, faculty, clinical trial subjects, and patients. Provides patient care applying specialized knowledge and demonstrated clinical nursing skills.


Provides psychological and counseling services of a remedial, preventive, and developmental nature through consultation/contact with patients. May provide medical personnel with direction concerning patient care and prevention.

Exercise Physiology

Develops, implements, and evaluates exercise programs for patients. Assesses cardiovascular and metabolic effects of exercise for cardiac and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Creates educational materials and sessions for patients.

Health Education and Outreach

Develops, implements, promotes, and evaluates health education and screening programs to prevent illness and promote the health of the campus community.


Involved in the instruction of non-credit courses in the health services field.

Massage Therapy

Involves providing therapeutic and relaxational massage to promote relaxation, relieve sore muscles and back pain, and enhance athletic or general physical performance.

Medical Informatics

The resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and biomedicine.

Occupational Therapy

Plans and conducts individualized occupational therapy programs to help patients develop, regain, or maintain their ability to perform daily activities. Teaches patients skills/techniques and how to use adaptive equipment for participating in activities. Studies, evaluates, and records patients' activities and progress.

Physical Therapy

Assists patients in restoring physical functions following a disease, injury, or loss of a body part. Works with patients adjusting to a disability to help them achieve maximum physical performance.

Practitioner Support

Assists with patient care and clinical duties such as taking vital signs, giving injections, performing simple diagnostic tests, collecting specimens, drawing blood, sterilizing and cleaning equipment, and maintaining examination rooms at an outpatient care site. May also be responsible for some administrative duties.


Diagnoses and treats speech and language problems, and engages in scientific study of human communication. Evaluates speech and language skills as related to educational, medical, social, and psychological factors. Plans, directs, or conducts rehabilitative treatment programs to restore communicative efficiency of individuals with communication problems of organic and nonorganic etiology.

Human Resources

The Human Resources function serves to foster a healthy, productive, and inclusive workforce through the development and implementation of integrated and effective human resources programs, services, and policies. The Human Resources function advises and administers programs in the following areas: benefits, employee/labor relations, employment, HRIS and records, organizational development and training, and other related human resources services.


Assists with the administration and implementation of various university benefits programs and daily operations of the benefits office. Troubleshoots benefits issues and provides guidance to employees regarding benefit programs. Coordinates with benefit providers and generates benefits reports to internal and external users.


Performs a full scope of activities associated with the development and administration of compensation programs. Reviews job evaluations requests and proposals, and provides advice on job evaluation, position management, and position salary-setting.

Employee/Labor Relations

Performs employee labor activities such as collaborative problem-solving, resolution of disputes, contract negotiations, and participation in dispute hearings. Advises managers on a variety of employment matters, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.


Oversees recruitment, selection, and placement of employees. Conducts applicant screenings. Develops, implements, and maintains recruitment and other employment and sourcing programs and policies for the campus. Provides advice and counsel to campus on employment practices, recruitment processes, and competitive hiring practices.


Serves as a liaison between the University Human Resources office and assigned units. Provides interpretation and advice on HR policies and procedures. Assists with the recruitment and selection of employees, employee relations, general compensation questions, and performance management.


Performs administrative duties in support of the maintenance of employee records, including personnel status updates, terminations, and new hires. Assists in the collection of employee information for reports and statistical research. Enters employee data into HRIS.

Organizational Development

Provides departments with leadership and skill development training opportunities. Designs and coordinates apprenticeship, skill testing, and assessment programs. Creates curriculum and instructional delivery methods to address organizational development needs.

Shared Services

Serves as an internal service provider for generalized Human Resources functions.

Information Technology

Provides reliable, secure, innovative, and customer-oriented information technology services and solutions to students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community. Creates infrastructure, systems, strategies, programs, and services that leverage technology to fulfill the mission and objectives of the University.

Applications Development

Plans, designs, and implements full-stack custom software solutions that may cross multiple technologies, multiple products and/or organizational units.  Ensures applications meet functional, technical and security requirements; evaluates code to ensure it meets industry standards and is valid, properly structured, and compatible with browsers, devices, and operating systems. Performs detailed problem analysis and research, identifies options, proposes solutions. Utilizes business and technical knowledge and experience to identify and analyze needs in order to create solutions to meet diverse and potentially conflicting customer requirements.

Applications Management

Administers and manages non-enterprise applications, both cloud and on-premise, including technical testing, troubleshooting, analysis, installation, configuration and maintenance.  Manages vendor relationships.  Provides technical guidance pertaining to the capabilities, limitations and requirements of applications.  Designs IT solutions using existing tools and technologies.  Assesses compatibility and integration of products and services proposed as standards, in order to ensure integration across interdependent technologies.

Data Engineering

Translates business needs into long-term architecture solutions. Defines, designs, and builds dimensional databases. Evaluates reusability of current data for additional analyses. Conducts data cleaning to rid the system of old, unused, or duplicate data. Reviews object and data models and the metadata repository to structure the data for better management and quicker access.  Designs and implements data warehouse, data integration, and business intelligence components and systems to support a enterprise-wide data service needs. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems.

Database Administration

Maintains effective and efficient operation of database management system software to ensure stability, reliability, recoverability and acceptable performance. Designs, develops and implements database structures and systems to support the University's technological needs.  Ensures database runs properly, keeps database current, and makes access readily available and timely. Implements viable backup, recovery and high-availability strategies and mechanisms. Executes database recovery, restoration and/or restart as required. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems.

Endpoint Engineering

Engineers and administers enterprise endpoint environment encompassing PC and MAC desktops and laptops, handheld mobile devices and peripherals to ensure stability, reliability and acceptable performance.  Provides advanced technical support.  Leverages multiple tools and systems to manage imaging, application packaging and delivery, patching and security.

Enterprise Systems Administration

Responsible for daily administration and management, configuration, integration, maintenance, release management and upgrades of large-scale, complex, enterprise-wide applications, both cloud and on-premise.  Utilizes business and technical knowledge and experience to identify and analyze needs in order to ensure solutions on an ongoing basis meet diverse customer requirements. Isolates and resolves application utilization problems and errors that impact many areas and large numbers of users. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems.

Enterprise Systems Development

Responsible for developing, troubleshooting, designing modifications and upgrading cross-organizational enterprise systems software. Typical duties include coding, testing, documenting and implementing solutions to enterprise systems software, which includes developing patches and upgrades. Assists with troubleshooting of known issues, and in the daily support of University enterprise systems applications. Participates in user review, verification and testing sessions. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems.

IT Business Analysis

Works with colleges, schools, and departments to understand and define IT system needs. Develops and recommends solutions. Plans implementation, integration and maintenance of solutions into business process or system design.

IT Data Analysis & Reporting

Identifies business intelligence, reporting and data analysis needs at the University with the objective of turning data into critical information and knowledge which can be utilized to make sound decisions which support University operations. 

IT End-User Support

Serves as the initial point of contact for IT services. Receives customer issues and requests. Provides troubleshooting, evaluates issues, and escalates as needed to higher-tier and specialized staff.  Performs continued monitoring of customer issue escalations and requests. Communicates, tracks, and reports computing environment outages while working with IT personnel and leadership to monitor or assist in problem resolution.  Installs, upgrades, configures, and maintains classroom technologies.  Provides device troubleshooting and support to faculty, staff, and students.

IT Leadership & Organizational Management

Responsible for managing or performing work across multiple areas of the University’s IT platform/infrastructure including analysis, development, and administration of: IT Systems Software, Hardware, and Databases; Data & Voice Networks ; Data Processing Operations; End User Technology & Software Support. Conducts cost/benefit analyses for proposed IT projects as input to the organization’s IT roadmap. Most positions are centrally-based; unit-based positions may be considered in lower levels.

IT Project Management

Manages IT projects as they progress from design to production. Ensures completion of essential functions required to ensure consistent, quality, successful delivery of assigned projects, while managing competing demands of scope, schedule, cost, risk, quality and stakeholder expectations.

IT Security & Risk Management

Provides security engineering, risk management, operational support, and consultation.  Develops, enforces, and audits security policies and procedures such as access, breach escalation, use of firewalls, and encryption routines. Conducts and reports on internal investigations, develops risk analysis scenarios and response procedures.  Evaluates and recommends security products, services, and/or procedures to enhance productivity and effectiveness. Oversees security awareness programs and provides education on security policies and practices. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems.

IT Service & Process Management

Designs, develops, implements, maintains, supports and continually improves key processes as defined by IT service management (ITSM/ITIL). Accountable for process quality. Ensures alignment of processes to IT service management frameworks and best practices adopted by the organization. These processes include incident management, request management, change management, service level management, configuration management, problem management and knowledge management. Includes carrying out emergency fixes, determining and addressing other impacts. Participates in projects varying in size, scope, risk and impact. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems and processes.

IT Training & Engagement

Responsible for training programs/courses for centrally-based IT professionals as well as employee end-users. Duties include: developing and delivering training courses/materials focused on the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of off-the-shelf and customized end user systems and software applications; applying foundational knowledge of IT software and systems to design curriculum/content (tests, visual aids, etc.), select appropriate delivery mechanisms (i.e., classroom, webcast, e-learning, etc.), and conduct training; developing documentation for custom applications and packaged applications, using a variety of delivery mediums; developing and monitoring metrics for evaluating training course effectiveness.

Network Engineering

Designs and implements enterprise network and communication systems and solutions for the university.  Configures network components, troubleshoots and resolves networking problems, and evaluates new networking technologies and products. Manages the integration, provisioning, and procurement of voice, data, and video networking technologies.  Creates  and develops network architecture design solutions for infrastructure systems.

Network Operations

Installs, configures, administers, supports, repairs, and maintains the University's computer network equipment to ensure optimal performance. Monitors network performance. Identifies and resolves networking problems.

Platform Engineering & Architecture

Responsible for the underlying design of technical IT components and systems to support a University-wide, shared information environment.  Adopts cloud computing technologies, infrastructures, and applications to meet the University's needs and requirements. Works with technical staff to integrate hardware, software, and network interfaces to form a system. Utilizing complex models and concepts, positions address problems of systems integration, compatibility, and multiple platforms. Duties include: conducting feasibility studies, evaluating cost, analyzing user needs, developing testing criteria, and establishing documentation to support new systems. Positions are centrally located and serve University-wide systems.

Server Administration

Designs, builds and manages on-premise and cloud physical and virtual servers, backup, storage and operating systems, including disaster recovery solutions.  Responsible for provisioning, monitoring, tuning, capacity planning, security, troubleshooting and support. Researches and provides technical guidance on new and existing products.

Instructional Technology

Works with faculty members in the design, development and modification of instructional programs. Helps faculty employ the use of instructional technology and serves as the technology expert.


Works with faculty members in the design, development and modification of instructional programs. Helps faculty employ the use of instructional technology and serves as the technology expert.

Legal and Compliance

Monitors and promotes compliance with university policies and regulations imposed by external agencies and local, state and federal laws. Assesses risk of non-compliance and recommends measures to mitigate these risks. Investigates allegations of non-compliance. Participates in the development of policies to promote compliance. Advises faculty, staff and senior administrators on compliance/regulatory issues. Provides compliance/regulatory training to university faculty, staff and students. Provides legal or regulatory advice and representation to faculty, staff, senior administrators and the board of trustees.


Ensures that the university complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies. May review and set standards for outside communications, or may examine facilities to ensure that they are accessible and safe.


Audits information, systems, and processes to ensure compliance with laws, policies, and good business practices. Reports findings and makes recommendations for improvements.


Monitors risks to ensure compliance with federal, state, and other regulations. Provides compliance information, analysis, and recommendations to leadership.


Provides legal advice and counsel to the university. Advises students on legal rights, obligations, and related matters. Performs paralegal work in legal data collection and analysis.

Legal Support

Provides administrative assistance to the legal team, including assistance with and drafting of correspondence, copying/scanning documents, preparing and sending overnight mail, scheduling meetings and conference calls, and the organization of a departmental filing system.


Provides impartial, informal, independent, and confidential conflict resolution services to faculty, staff, and students.

Library Services/Museum

Develops and implements library and museum services and programs that best serve the University community. Collaborates with academic colleagues, students, and outside scholars to ensure that library and museum collections are easily accessible and support academic research and instruction. Monitors library policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws as well as University policy. Utilize expertise in library and museum related issues as well as knowledge of current issues and trends within the library/museum community to support/contribute to the library/museum’s short- and long-range strategic plans.

Administrative Specialist

Staff members in this sub-family provide administrative direction in support of the Libraries’ strategic initiatives. Examples include high level management, planning and assessment, and if not placed in another Job Family, this could also include marketing/communication, business manager, human resources, development, and facilities management.

Digital Specialist

Staff members in this sub-family provide specialized expertise in digital information delivery and services. For example, staff working in web design and management, digital content selection/creation/management, scholarly communications, institutional repositories, and the curation of digital collections would be included.


Works with Facilities Management and other units as necessary to ensure that the library is maintained, functional, clean, safe, and secure. Plans for best allocation and utilization of space and resources for the library. Assists with decisions about withdrawal, transfer, and preservation of collections.

Functional Specialist

Staff members in this sub-family provide specialized expertise is in a particular function of information management. Included in this group would be staff working with preservation, archives, cataloging/metadata analyses, acquisitions, etc.

Library Support

Staff members in this sub-family apply technical knowledge and skills in support of library services and information management.


Staff members in this sub-family plan, schedule, and prepare exhibits for the museum. Included in this group may be staff members managing daily operations and/or financial activities of the museum.

Subject Specialist

Staff members in this sub-family provide specialized expertise through collection management, research support, and instruction within a disciplinary area of information management. For example, staff working with subjects such as history, business, languages, or geographic areas would be included in this sub-family.

Media Production

Creates content and programming for a variety of media platforms including radio, television, and the Web. Delivers relevant programming to the community designed to engage listeners and viewers. Assists programs across campus in producing media content related to coursework and extracurricular activities.

Audio/Visual Services

Provide solutions to facilitate instruction or services using audio and video technology and other electronic media, which may involve editing, designing and/or production.

Broadcast Communications

Develops and manages content, planning, coordinating, and administering radio and television programs. Includes programming, production, scheduling, training, digital and/ or analog editing, accounting, and organizing related events.

Broadcast Technology

Operates and maintains system tools and equipment used in broadcasting.

Multi-Media Production

Oversees the production of video projects to support the instructional and marketing needs for the university.

Records Management

Oversees file storage and records management. Organizes, converts, and integrates files for storage. Locates and retrieves records as requested.


Oversees file storage and records management. Organizes, converts, and integrates files for storage. Locates and retrieves records as requested.

Research Administration

Provides research administration, compliance, and outreach. Function encompasses activities related to the full lifecycle of research administration including identification of funding sources, proposal submission, contract negotiation, sub-award issuance, post-award administration, compliance review and approval, licensing, technology transfer, and creation of marketable business venture. Jobs in this function focus on the development, facilitation, implementation, evaluation, and administration of a wide variety of research programs and initiatives.

Contracts & Grants

Participates in contract proposals and negotiations. Directs and manages the authorization and transmittal of all proposals to federal, state, and private funding agencies, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and institutional policies. Monitors grants and contracts to ensure expenses are being paid according to contract. Maintains contract renewal schedules.

Research Compliance

Ensures research is in compliance with policies regarding the use of human subjects, laboratory animals, and biological agents. Develops, directs and implements compliance program components including protocol and consent form review, record keeping, monthly and annual reporting, and program evaluation. Identifies protocols that need reviewed.

Technology Commercialization

Serves the OU community by connecting industry with university expertise and inventions for the public good, promoting economic development and increasing research visibility.

Research & Labs

Provides support and expertise to the design, implementation, and evaluation of various research projects or laboratory environments. Functions include providing technical and professional expertise to projects such as research design and implementation; instrumentation; equipment development, maintenance, and management; statistical and data management; training and oversight regarding safe laboratory operations; supervision and training of students; and participation and authoring of research reports.

Aircraft Technical Support

Facilitates the Avionics research mission by maintaining, inspecting, repairing, modifying, and supporting aircraft and research vehicles and equipment. Provides technical support, operates research equipment, collects data, and performs quality assurance screenings based upon research project criteria and requirements.

Animal Care

Conducts or assists with laboratory animal research and teaching projects including development and design of animal protocols. May include monitoring of animals, recordkeeping, and animal care (feeding, watering, or healthcare).


Involves conducting or assisting with engineering lab work and research.

Lab Management

Establishes, implements, and monitors laboratory policies and procedures. Ensures lab operations are efficient, effective, and comply with established procedures.

Life Sciences

Involves conducting or assisting with life sciences lab work and research.


Involves conducting or assisting with medical lab work and research.

Physical Sciences

Involves conducting or assisting with physical sciences lab work and research.

Social Sciences

Involves conducting or assisting with social sciences lab work and research.

Risk Management

Identifies and addresses all types of risk confronting the enterprise of the University or the safety of faculty, staff, students and the community. Develops, implements, and promotes campus safety programs.

Emergency Planning

Develops and executes emergency preparedness programs/plans, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and institutional requirements. Provides education and training to individuals and departments.

Environmental Hazards

Supports university staff, faculty, and students in the safety of laboratories, facilities, equipment, etc., by ensuring compliance with safety/health regulations through inspection, testing, consultation, coaching, training, recommendation, and other methods.


Inspects and maintains fire detection and suppression systems in all university buildings. Conducts tests, inspects working areas, machinery, equipment, and working conditions to ensure compliance with occupational safety and health regulations.


Responsible for protecting the institution from harm and representing the institution in the insurance market.


Involves reducing the risk of exposure to radiation and radioactive materials and ensures compliance with university, state, and federal regulations.


Oversees environmental safety compliance and program management. Develops and implements institution safety policy and training programs, coordinates with government regulators, plans and monitors the use of potentially hazardous material, and establishes risk assessment and emergency response plans.

Workers Compensation

Coordinates the administration of the workers' compensation program. Responsibilities include claims monitoring and administration, report generation, and communication with employees, managers, insurance carriers, medical personnel and lawyers. May report data to OSHA.

Student Affairs

Develops, implements, facilitates, and evaluates various programs focused on assisting students in successfully integrating into the University environment. Programs include those that support academic, co-curricular, student governance and leadership, and focused services to promote the retention and success of the multicultural population. Responsibilities include counseling students and student organizations; developing and providing appropriate educational programs, workshops, and presentations; promoting and facilitating a multicultural University, ensuring access and support to a wide range of students; preparing communication materials and website updates to inform and market unit capabilities and offerings to other organizations; investigating and resolving complex student disciplinary issues; preparing grant/funding requests; acting as a liaison and establishing support networks within the University and community; and developing tutoring and other student support services.

Events & Facilities

Involves the organization and implementation of various social, cultural, and educational programs, and events for students and the facilities used to accommodate such events.


Provides a diverse range of programs and opportunities that are educational, recreational, social and cultural. Committed to supporting and promoting multicultural awareness, the staff develops programs that increase understanding and appreciation of cultural differences by familiarizing the campus community with the contributions and histories of African American, Hispanic/Latino American, Asian American, and Native American cultures.


Provides instructional or program activities related to recreation, leisure, and fitness. Assists in planning and directing a comprehensive recreation program for students, faculty, and staff, including intramural and sports clubs. May be responsible for some facilities management.

Student Housing

Responsible for the direction of all residence hall operations for students. Also may administer off-campus housing programs.

Student Life & Development

Develops and implements student non-academic programs, services, and activities, including residential life, social events, public service, student conduct, leadership development, student organization advising, and other areas.