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Services and Resources

Housing and Residence Life at Ohio University offers a range of services and resources to ensure a smooth and comfortable living experience for students. Whether you're moving in, making room or hall changes, seeking maintenance assistance, or facing unique circumstances, we have you covered.

We're committed to providing a supportive and pleasant living experience for all students. Please follow these guidelines and resources to ensure a seamless stay in our residence halls.

Administrative Room and/or Hall Changes

While most room and/or hall changes are made at the request of the resident, there may be times that an administrative room change is necessary based on specific situations where health and/or safety are of high concern. If an administrative room change has been deemed necessary, the resident in question will be moved to another space on campus for the duration of the academic year at the request of Housing and Residence Life professional staff. Students will be charged for the room type in which a student has moved into, even because of an administrative room change. 

Bed Loft Information

The only lofts permitted are those provided in rooms by the university or those from Contact's team for direct ordering of lofts. Disassembling university beds is not permitted. No personally constructed lofts will be permitted and are subject to confiscation. Lofts are provided in most triple rooms to maximize floor space.  It is important to note that lofts may be utilized in most, but not all, residence hall rooms. General room information is provided to help students and staff understand their options.

Housing and Residence Life is not responsible for the distribution, care, or pick-up of lofts from Students are responsible for moving the bed lofts if they change rooms during the year.

Students may purchase commercially made plastic bed risers to allow for more space under the bed. These should be no higher than 12 inches. All requests to bunk beds should be made through Facilities Management.

Maintenance Requests

Throughout the year you may notice that your room needs some basic maintenance (light bulb burnt out, window won’t shut, etc.). To submit a report, place a Facilities Management work request. If the request is an emergency (water leak, suspected mold, or flood), call Facilities Management at 740-593-2911 and notify a Housing and Residence Life staff member immediately.

Move In

Students must check into their building or complex to receive their keys. All residents are required to attend their Opening Meetings during Move-In Weekend.

By signing your online Room Condition Report, you have agreed that you will leave your room in the condition in which it was received. Although the University understands that regular wear and tear will occur, you should immediately report any vandalism or damage to your RA, RD, ARD, or GRD.

Move Out

Residents are expected to move out within 24 hours of their last final or by the official closing time, whichever comes first. When moving out of a room, students must officially check out with a staff member. This includes clearing the room of all personal items, defrosting the fridge/freezer, wiping down furniture, and sweeping and cleaning the floors. Additionally, students must schedule a room inspection with a Housing and Residence Life staff member to review and sign their online RCR, and return all keys issued by Ohio University. RAs cannot determine if a student will be charged for damage within their room at checkout.

After your departure from your residence hall room, the room is assessed by your RD, ARD, or GRD for damages and/or cleaning needs. This assessment is based on a personal, visual inspection of your room after you leave and the RCR that you completed and signed when you moved in and out of your room. Any bills for cleaning or damage will be added to your student account. Failure to follow these steps can result in an improper checkout and a charge of $100.00. Students who do not check out with in hall staff will waive their right to appeal any damages associated with room damage or excessive wear and tear.

Belongings forgotten or left in a space after a student has checked out will be considered abandoned property and discarded. Items of perceived value will be temporarily kept for 30 days in on-campus storage. Students may email to reclaim their forgotten belongings within the 30-day period. After 30 days, the belongings will be disposed of through Campus Recycling or University Surplus. Ohio University is not responsible for the loss or damage of furniture left in spaces and submitted to Campus Recycling or University Surplus.

Room Consolidation

As part of the statewide energy conservation initiative and to renovate the residence halls across campus, one or more residence halls may be placed offline within a given year. Students will be given notice over the summer or at move-in if they are affected by this policy. The following situations may occur:

Under-Assigned Rooms: You may experience a period of time without a roommate (if you reside in a double, triple, or quad). It is important to be aware of your options if you find yourself in this situation:

  • You may select another roommate to fill the vacancy within your room, or the vacancy will be reassigned during the room change process.
  • You may move out of your room and into another vacancy within your building.

If a student resides in room that is not at full capacity, they must keep that room “move-in ready.” This means that the room is adequately prepared for someone to move in at any given moment. This includes keeping all items off and away from the vacant desk, bed, and closet space. Housing and Residence Life staff will conduct regular checks to make sure that these spaces are open. Any space that is not deemed “move-in ready” may be subject to a fine and potential conduct referral. Please note, you cannot refuse a roommate.

Closure of a Residence Hall: Although rare, halls can be closed if they reach an insufficient capacity (50% or less occupancy). This decision is only made if there are enough vacancies across campus to provide housing for students impacted with a hall closure.

Room and Hall Changes

Housing and Residence Life permits students to change their room with approval from their SRA, RD, or GRD/ARD.

Students must complete the Room Change Request on eRezLife. It is recommended that students be as specific as possible in their reason for request, along with specifying a particular area of campus or building style that they prefer for their new space. Availability of vacancies cannot be guaranteed.

After a room change is approved, students can pick up their keys to the new room between the hours of 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday by going to the building/complex staff office of the hall in which the student is moving into. Once a student has checked into a room, they must be fully checked out of their old room by 10 p.m. Sunday night of the same weekend.

You are not to move without having the room change approved. Failure to gain this approval before moving will result in a cancellation of the move and/or a fine.

A room change freeze will be in effect Monday through Thursday of the opening of each semester. Students who are reassigned or make a room change to a different style of room will be credited or re-billed for the difference. Credits or re-billings are prorated daily. Additionally, a room change freeze will be in effect around Halloween weekend and  for approximately the last three weeks of each semester.