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OHIO Travel highlights for fall semester

As the Fall 2019 semester kicks off, we wanted to share information and resources available for the University travel program that was implemented on April 1, 2019. Since many of the travel arrangements for summer had already been made at that time of implementation, this is simply a refresher for those that may be using the new program for the first time at some point during FY2020.

On April 1, Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) became the University’s travel management company and the University travel policy was updated. The new travel program is aimed at delivering clear processes, improved services to travelers, and access to discounts that save the University money.

Policy and Procedure Highlights

Below is an overview of the major changes to policy. Visit www.ohio.edu/travel for more details and guidance.

  1. OHIO Travel (flights, hotels, rental cars) must be booked through the preferred travel provider, CBT, unless an exception is obtained prior to booking travel. Travel can be booked through Concur or by calling CBT for agent assisted travel. The following scenarios are allowable under the new policy and do not require prior approval:
    • Conference Hotels can be booked directly with hotel/conference registration site.
    • Guidance for Non-Traditional Lodging Options not available through CBT/Concur (such as Airbnb and VRBO).
    • Rental Cars: Enterprise and National can be booked either through CBT/Concur or through the OHIO Enterprise and National portal, or directly with the vendor.
      • If booking with Enterprise or National outside of CBT/Concur, the OHIO business account number must be provided to ensure it is billed properly and the proper insurance is applied. When booking on the portal, be sure to enter the traveler’s employee ID, if an employee. If the traveler is not an employee, please provide the booker’s employee ID.
  2. Domestic rental cars from companies other than Enterprise or National and all international rental cars require the additional insurance to be purchased.Please see Risk Management and Insurance’s Vehicle Rental page for additional information on insurance requirements.
  3. Meal reimbursement is based on per diem only and must be reimbursed after travel. University PCards and travel cards can no longer be used to purchase individual meals.
  4. Basic economy fares are available for purchase in Concur or through CBT.A general reminder about these types of fees is buyer beware. Basic economy fares are usually the cheapest fares available but they can be highly restrictive.Each airline has different restrictions, but these tickets are often not changeable or refundable. When purchasing airfare remember to review the fare rules and restrictions before buying to ensure that there are not restrictions that could cause travel issues, delays or unexpected costs on your trip.
  5. Hotel rates that are prepaid and deposit required hotels. Every hotel has different rate types, structures and restrictions so always check the rate rules, restrictions and cancellation policies before purchasing. This will prevent surprises during your trip.

Support Resources and Training

OHIO travel web pages were redesigned to help you quickly find the travel information you need. The landing page has quick access links to directly connect you to the resources you need to book travel, connect with CBT, pay for travel, document travel expenses after your trip, and much more!

At the bottom of the travel web page you will find a resources section with access to:

In addition, you will find a news feed with current travel related announcements. This news feed is updated regularly with answers to FAQS, tips and tricks for traveling, and other travel related announcements.

Recent communications:

There has been a series of articles published this summer that you may find useful:


Please direct comments or questions to Finance Customer Care at 740.597.6446 or travel@ohio.edu