Ohio University

Booking Train Travel

The Travel Office has been receiving a few questions about booking train travel in Concur.  There is some limited availability to book train travel in Concur.  For domestic train travel, Amtrak provides very limited schedules through publicly available booking tools like Concur.  If the schedules are made available by Amtrak, they will display in Concur and can be booked through Concur. 

Booking international train and rail travel is a bit more complicated because international trains and railways can be owned by a locality (similar to a city, county or state in the U.S.), country, and even through private or independent companies.  Due to this variance in ownership, there is limited participation in booking systems.  This results in limited international train ticket results through Concur and Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). Some additional European trains have recently been added in Concur.  If the train you are looking for is not available the traveler can book directly through https://www.raileurope.com/

When booking a train ticket, travelers should always first attempt to book through Concur or CBT, if the option is available.  If no option exists, travelers are permitted to book their tickets online or at the train station.  Payment can be made on the travelers P-Card, Travel Card or paid for personally, and reimbursed by the University after travel has occurred.