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Our Alumni

Profiles of a few recent alumni of the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies program

Emiley Adams

Hometown: Canal Winchester, Ohio

Majors: Global Studies- Latin America, Spanish, Linguistics

Certificate : Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Languages Studied at OHIO: Spanish, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic

Study abroad experience: TEFL in Ecuador 2016. Historical Linguistics in Scotland 2017. Spanish language and culture in Ecuador 2017.

Internship: Athens City Schools as a English as a Second Language student teacher

Student Organizations: Sigma Delta Pi, Generation Action

Highlight of Global Studies experience: "I got to study Hispanic culture more in depth outside of the Spanish classes offered while also gaining a holistic understanding of international studies as a field comprised of many others."

Emiley is now attending graduate school at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio

Hannah Borowski

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Majors: Global Studies: War and Peace, Political Science ‘18

Minor: Economics

Language: French

Student Organizations: International Student Union, Student Senate, Peace Corps Club, Margaret Boyd Scholars Program

Internship: Ohio Democratic Party - During the 2016 campaign cycle, Hannah worked with a grassroots, community-let effort to elect candidates ranging from state representative to president in Athens, Ohio.

"This experience taught me about the structures used to campaign in rural areas, how to work closely with people from different backgrounds, and how to be creative in successfully organizing long-term and complex projects."

Advice to future Bobcats : "Make friends with Athenians! Get outside of campus. Experience Southeast Ohio."

Hannah is now attending law school at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Bryce Jacob

Hometown: Sandusky, Ohio

Majors: Global Studies – Asia and Political Science

Certificate : Global Leadership Certificate

Language taken at OHIO : Chinese

Study Abroad: GLC project in Cambodia

Study Abroad Experience: " Through the Global Leadership Program I did a two week group project in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia. I collaborated with five Ohio University Students and five native students from the American University of Phnom-Penh. We worked with the NGO, Cambodian Living Arts - an organization created to empower young artists and keep traditional Cambodian art forms well-alive. We worked for two weeks collecting data and presented three recommendations to help Cambodian Living Arts attract more international travelers to their shows."

Student Organizations: STARS (Students Teaching About Racism in Society)

Advice to Future Bobcats: "Be curious, ask questions, make mistakes, meet new people, always attend class, and use an agenda. The faculty will always be there to help."

Mailé Nguyen

Hometown: Athens, Ohio

Major: Honors Tutorial College Theater

Certificate: Global Leadership Center

Language: Japanese, Spanish, Korean

Study abroad experience: Tokyo, Musashi University - East Asian Studies, Navajo Nation, Amizade - service learning, Cambodia, Global Leadership Center - business consulting

Student Organizations: Students Teaching Against Racism in Society (STARS)

“CIS inspired me to keep exploring and really connect with people different than me. I would have never applied to Fulbright if I wasn’t inspired to do so by the people I met through CIS. The program kept my learning experience diverse and I gained a lot of professional and personal skills such as communication and flexibility.”

Mailé is currently in Korea completing her Fulbright Scholarship program.

Brooke Siggers

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Majors: Global Studies - War and Peace, Political Science, Urban Planning & Sustainability

Minor: African American Studies

Language taken at OHIO: Spanish

Internship: The City of Athens Planning Department - Brooke volunteered with the Athens Planning Department helping the city planner consolidate and gather opinions from students and permanent Athens residents to see how constituents would like to develop Athens into an inclusive and increasingly sustainable city while maintaining the character of the community. She gained skills in public speaking, grassroots outreach, and experience in implementing local level sustainability efforts.

Study Abroad in the Dominican Republic, Scotland, and Cuba

Student Organizations: Geography Club, Student Senate, Residential Housing, Learning Communities

Brooke is continuing her education in a graduate program at Tufts University.