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Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies

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LAS students met Ecuadorian permanent mission to the UN

On the 1st of April, LAS students had a great opportunity to meet the members of the Ecuadorian permanent mission to the United Nations. We talked with His Excellency, Ambassador Cristian Espinosa, and the Second Secretary Andrés Córdova about the major topics that the Ecuadorian mission is currently working on. We discussed climate change, sustainable development, and the importance of joint work towards peace and security in the world. 

LAS students met the members of the Council of the Americas

On the 1st of April, LAS students met the members of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas. We discussed the role of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas in creating a space for regional conversation and cooperation. Students were also interested in numerous cultural events that engage Latin American artists and musicians. Additionally, we discussed the Americas Quarterly - a journal, dedicated to politics, business, and culture in the Americas.

Students Research Colloquim flyer

On April 6th the Center for International Studies hosted its gradute students for the Spring 2021 edition of the Research Colloquium. The students of Communication and Development, Latin American studies and African studies MA programs presented their research. LAS student Valeria Garrido presented her work on the Perceptions of Traditional Medicine in Ecuador.