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International Studies Major

International Studies Major (B.A.)

International Studies is a globally focused interdisciplinary program that draws courses from different disciplines in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and physical sciences.

Students select one regional concentration as an areas of specialization:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East/North Africa

And students select one transregional theme as an areas of specialization:

  • Global Communication
  • International Development and Global Commerce
  • Health and Development
  • Arts, Culture, and Society
  • Global Sustainability and Environmental Literacy
  • Security Studies

Advanced language study and a study abroad experience are required.

Careers and Graduate School Opportunities

The interdisciplinary nature of the International Studies major is applicable to a wide variety of professions.

International Studies graduates will possess the skills and knowledge to find meaningful post-baccalaureate opportunities in a variety of fields, including government, education, non-profits, business, and more. Through their language training and study abroad experience, graduates will be well-positioned to participate effectively in today’s globalized and diverse workplace.

About the Curriculum

Foreign Language and Study Abroad Requirement

The International Studies program requires completion of three years (six semesters) or equivalent of a foreign language. This can consist of three years in the same language, or two years in one language with an additional year in another language.

Additionally, students are required to study abroad for at least four weeks in a location which overlaps with their regional concentration.

Core Courses

There are five core courses in the program:

  • ANTH 1010 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Credit Hours: 3
  • GEOG 2400 - Environmental Geography Credit Hours: 3
  • INST 1010 - Understanding the World Credit Hours: 3
  • INST 4960 - Global Problems, Local Solutions Credit Hours: 3
  • POLS 2500 - International Relations Credit Hours: 3

Regional and Thematic Concentrations

View extensive lists of core and elective courses offered in each regional and thematic area.


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