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Alumni Legacies

These articles are part of the Center for International Studies series “CIS Alumni Legacies” where we share stories of the family bonds of our alumni body.

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My Greatest Happy Accident by Mauro Salomao

My name is Mauro Salomao. I am from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and I am the Marketing and Business Development Manager for Latin America and Canada for Mouser Electronics, Inc. 

My connection to Ohio University (OHIO) is my greatest happy accident. As a Brazilian national, I had no idea that there was a distinction between Ohio University and Ohio State University. As I arrived at the Columbus airport, I saw a bus for Ohio University. I took the bus and was surprised how long it took me to arrive at a local university (so I thought). A few days later, I started attending classes. After a term, I realized my error, but I chose to stay at OHIO. Everyone in my department was kind and attentive; I had great professors and lived in Athens, enjoying the most beautiful campus that I had seen. Who does not fall in love with Athens? Regrets? None. Studying at OHIO has been a great blessing in my life.

I started my Master of Arts in International Administration (MAIA), now the Master of Arts in International Studies, degree in 1987. International business has always been an interest, and OHIO offered me what I needed to further my career. Graduating with a dual Master’s in International Administrative Studies (now International Development Studies) and a Master of Arts in Political Science (International Comparative Politics) from OHIO has opened doors all over the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. Actually, I had secured employment at Rexnord Corporation even before I graduated in 1990.

Even after all these years, Athens continues to be a big part of my life. Aside from the degrees received, meeting other students from many parts of world at OHIO has been life changing. Most of us, students from the MAIA program are still in contact with one another. All of my friendships made at OHIO, from the US and many other nationalities, have become my Bobcat family that is excited to get together and remember our lives in Athens, exchange pictures, memories, talk about the classes and professors we had.  We are in love with Athens, its beautiful campus and community.

Mauro with friends and classmates in athens in 1980s_alt
Mauro with friends and classmates in Athens in the late 1980s.

I am excited that my daughter, Annelise, has decided to attend OHIO. My wife and I met in Athens, and having Annelise study Business and Finance in Athens makes us proud and strengthens our connection to OHIO even more. Our hope is that she takes in all that OHIO has to offer. Besides excelling in her studies, we hope that Annelise will get involved with at least one of the many student organizations on campus. As a father, I feel that her studies at Ohio University strengthens our connection. Being a Bobcat is indeed special!

Mauro and Annelise, in front of 23 Elliot St, Athens
Mauro and his daughter, Annelise, in front of the house where he lived at 23 Elliot St. in Athens.

I encourage all parents to send their children to Ohio University. OHIO offers great academic programs across many disciplines, and outstanding faculty and staff. It is a strong community that offers opportunities to advance in life professionally and as a human being.

To those interested in the Center of International Studies, come! You will find a diverse group of people and faculty eager to guide and support you. CIS offers a unique set of interdisciplinary programs that will enrich your knowledge and enable you to be the best you can be anywhere in the world.