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Overview of the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies

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The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies Program offers five interdisciplinary majors which seek to prepare students to develop global competence. These programs are:

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies Program also offers several Certificate Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies gives students a broad understanding of other peoples and societies and prepares the students to work effectively on a broad range of common problems. Our program is based on the philosophy that knowledge of the interdependent world in which we live and work is essential to all citizens. We invite you to learn more about our program and the numerous ways it prepares our students to become global citizens and leaders.

The program encourages breadth and depth of language study and calls for the education and training of persons who are knowledgeable of history, world views and cultures other than their own. Our students are well equipped for careers with non-governmental and governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and think tanks, as well as to pursue graduate degrees in related fields.

More information about Career Options for Global Studies majors.

Bachelors of Global Studies Majors

African Studies Major Overview

BA4405: Global Studies - Africa grew out of the excitement emanating from the decolonization of the continent in the mid‐1960’s and the awareness of the important role Africa could play in world affairs. Today the interdisciplinary nature of the program allows the student to build a course of study reflecting Africa’s contemporary reality. Themes include the socioeconomic development of the continent in the context of Africa’s grand cultural and historical traditions. Students may also view the study of Africa as an excellent case study of the process of social change in the developing world.

Asian Studies Major Overview

BA4406: Global Studies - Asia is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of Asia, or a more in-depth understanding of East Asia or Southeast Asia. Asia comprises a vital region that stands at the forefront of dynamic changes in global politics and the world economy. As American and East Asian businesses expand their cooperation and trade, many employers seek to hire graduates with a solid background in East Asia. Southeast Asia also holds great strategic importance due to burgeoning economic trade with the United States, important sea lanes connecting the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and the region’s extensive ethnic and religious diversity. Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world. The Global Studies - Asia major critically examines these trends as well as the rich cultures, traditions, and societies of Asia.

European Studies Major Overview

BA4407: Global Studies - Europe is designed to prepare students to understand the changing nature of European economics, culture and politics. Europe maintains vital cultural and political influence on a global scale. The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides students with a broad understanding of Europe applicable for a wide variety of professions. Ohio University offers a large number of study abroad, exchange, and internship opportunities in Europe.

Latin American Studies Major Overview

BA4408: Global Studies - Latin America promotes a greater understanding of Latin America through academic coursework and language acquisition. At Ohio University nearly 25 faculty members from 10 disciplines are dedicated Latin American scholars. The field work they conduct throughout Latin America has produced an impressive list of academic publications. The faculty’s research and experience in the region create an intellectual atmosphere where students are challenged to understand Latin America within a context of regional and global change.

War and Peace Major Overview

BA4409: Global Studies - War and Peace allows students to explore the field of security studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. There has been a recent and dramatic spike in the demand for graduates in security studies. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security, new emphases on improved intelligence analysis and risk assessments, border control, immigration, heightened proliferation threats around the globe, increased attention and hiring in the areas of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, as well as reconstruction and development culminate in demand for students well trained in war and peace studies. The job market is competitive and every career demands a substantive understanding of global dynamics today.
In our program, we introduce our students to the fields of peace and security studies through one-on-one advising, intensive language training and education abroad. The students also participate in the myriad events and workshops related to dynamics of conflict and cooperation, network with experts and activists, work closely with our faculty and present their research in national conferences. War and Peace students are exceptional, winning nationally competitive awards every year. Faculty involved with the program are top-rated scholars and teachers, many of whom have won campus-wide teaching awards and have published scholarly works with top presses and in major journals.

Bachelor of Global Studies Certificate Programs

The Global Studies Program also offers certificates in the following subject areas for students who wish to add an international dimension to their majors:

Our program is governed by a CIS Curriculum Committee and administered by the Assistant Director for Global Studies Programs at the Center for International Studies. For more information, please contact:

Dr. Catherine Cutcher
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Programs
Center for International Studies
Yamada International House 106
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701 (740) 597-2756

Other International Certificates