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War and Peace Studies Graduate Certificate

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Program Overview

Overview: The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in War and Peace Studies is to provide students with the opportunity to take classes in security studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. The program addresses the increased need for employees in this field, especially in the post 9-11 era. The certificate is open to students from any department or school.

Opportunities Upon Graduation: There has been a recent and dramatic spike in demand for students with a focus and training in security studies. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security, new emphases on improved intelligence analysis and risk assessments, border control, immigration, heightened proliferation threats in Iran, North Korea, and other countries, increased attention and hiring in the areas of counter terrorism and counterinsurgency, as well as reconstruction and development in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and the militarization of development all culminate in demand for students well trained in war and peace studies. In addition, this certificate helps prepare students for careers at NGOs, IGOs, multinational corporations, and think tanks.



For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jonathan Agensky 

Course Catalog

Core War and Peace Courses


Students must complete 1 of the following courses.

  • ANTH 5530: Anthropology of Violence and Peace (3.0HR)
  • HIST 5213: War, Violence, Modernity (4.0HR)
  • PHIL 5460: Justice and Liberty (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5580: Introduction to War and its Causes (3.0HR)
  • SOC 5680: Crimes Against Humanity: Confronting and Responding to Mass Atrocity and Genocide (3.0HR)

War and Peace Thematic Options

Students must complete 3 courses from two different departments from the following list.

  • ANTH 5510: Political Anthropology (3.0HR)
  • ANTH 5530: Anthropology of Violence and Peace (3.0HR)
  • ANTH 5620: Human Rights, Law and Justice (3.0HR)
  • ANTH 5944: Seminar in Human Ecology (3.0HR)
  • CLWR 5410: Contemporary Religious Thought (4.0HR)
  • CLWR 5330: Islam (4.0HR)
  • COMS 8220: Public Deliberation (4.0HR)
  • COMS 8290: Topics in Relating and Organizing (4.0HR)
  • COMS 6200: Communication in Social Conflict (4.0HR
  • ECON 5550: Economics of Africa (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5140: Natural Resource Economics (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5250: Government and Economic Policy (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5350: Economics of Energy (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5220: Economics of Human Resources (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5400: International Trade (4.0HR)
  • EDAD 7310: Conflict Management in Educational Administration (4.0HR)
  • ES 6830: Concepts in Environmental Sustainability (3.0HR)
  • GEOG 5290: World Economic Geography (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5400: Geography of Development (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 6500: Seminar in Environmental Justice (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5460: Environmental Law (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5210: Population Geography (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5260: Urban Geography (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5310: Geography of Africa (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5410: Geography of Hunger and Food Security (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5470: Natural Resource Conservation (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5450: Gender, Environment, and Development (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5580: Environmental Hazards (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5480: Migration and Development (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5220: Geography of Religious Space and Place (4.0HR)
  • HLTH 6150: Maternal and Child Health in Africa (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6760: Environmental Health Sciences in Public Health (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6170: HIV/AIDS in Africa (3.0HR)
  • HIST 5030: United States in World War II (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5050: The United States and the Vietnam War (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5081: The Civil War and its Aftermath (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5214: Military History of the Civil War (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5213: War, Violence, Modernity (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5330: Oil, the Persian Gulf, and World Power (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5410: History of Africa to 1850 (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5411: History of Africa Since 1850 (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5823: The USSR in World War II (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5750: World War I (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5211: American Military History, 1600-Present (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5742: The Cold War, 1941-1989 (4.0HR)
  • INST 5101: Seminar for the African Child (4.0HR)
  • INST 5400: Proseminar in International Development (4.0HR)
  • INST 6901: Special Topics in International Studies (4.0HR)
  • INST 6902: Special Topics in International Studies (4.0HR)
  • JOUR 5100: Communication Law (3.0HR)
  • JOUR 7200: Ethics, Mass Media, and Society (3.0HR)
  • PHIL 5400: Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy (3.0HR)
  • PHIL 5420: Philosophy of Law (3.0HR)
  • PHIL 5460: Justice and Liberty (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5400: The Politics of Developing Areas (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5590: Terrorism (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5600: International Political Economy (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5570: National Security in the Contemporary Era (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5580: Introduction to War and its Causes (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5490: Nationalism/Ethnic Conflict (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5495: The Challenges of Democratization (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5270: Theories of American Foreign Policy (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5410: African Politics (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5560: International Organization (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5565: International Human Rights (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5550: International Law (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5310: Politics in Eastern Europe (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5880: Environmental and Public Policy Dispute Resolution (3.0HR)
  • POLS 6500: Seminar in Theories of International Relations--I (3.0HR)
  • POLS 6520: Seminar in Theories of International Relations II (3.0HR)
  • SOC 5650: Social Change (3.0HR)