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War and Peace Studies

War and Peace Studies

Kurdish Nationalism: Identity, Ideology and Geopolitics in the Middle East

Kurds are the fourth-largest ethno-national group after Arabs, Persians and Turks in the Middle East. The statelessness of such a major group in the post-Ottoman world led to their ontological insecurities in the hands of majority-led nation-states. Kurdish nationalism emerged as a reaction to such ontological insecurities in the 20th century. This talk will discuss the emergence and contemporary variations of Kurdish nationalism at the nexus of ideology and geopolitics across the Middle East.

Serhun Al is a visiting political scientist at the Ohio State University. His research interests include nationalism, ethnic conflict, and security studies. He is the author of Patterns of Nationhood and Saving the State in Turkey (2019) and the co-editor of Comparative Kurdish Politics in the Middle East (2018).

Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 3:30 – 5 pm
Serhun Al
Part of the War and Peace Speaker Series in War & Peace Studies.

View the recorded session here.


Domestic and Regional Impacts of the Russian War in Ukraine: Lessons from Hungary

Following her recent Fulbright-supported fieldwork in Hungary, Dr. Waterbury discusses how the Russian-Ukraine war is playing out in Hungary and how this is repositioning the Hungarian government domestic and regionally. She will also discuss the impacts of the conflict on her wider work on crossborder politics.

Wednesday, October 26, from 5 - 6:15 pm
In Bentley Hall 140

View the recorded session here.


Katie Harbath Talk graphic 2021

Democracy and Election Security in the Digital Age: Talk and Q&A with Katie Harbath

A fall 2021 discussion with Katie Harbath, former public policy director at Facebook, who has worked on major elections around the globe, including in the US, India, Brazil, UK, EU, Canada, Philippines, and Mexico. Katie is an Atlantic Council Nonresident Senior Fellow and sits on the boards of the National Conference on Citizenship, Democracy Works, and the Center for Journalism Ethics at UW Madison. She was named one of the top 50 people to watch by Politico (2014), and has recently been featured on BBC World News, CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.


War and Peace Media Takeover:

Celebrating United Nation's International Day of Peace

War and Peace Studies celebrated the  UN’s International Day of Peace which takes place every year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by United Nations General Assembly resolution, ‘Peace Day’ provides a global focal point for strengthening commitments to international peace. It promotes 24 hours of non-violence, cease-fire, and reflection.

For this week-long social media event, held September 20th - 24th, WPS took over CIS’s social media accounts, sharing content related to this year’s theme: ‘Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.’

Roundtable Discussion on Afghanistan

The War and Peace Studies program and hosted a Roundtable Discussion on Afghanistan September 27. The event was part of  “The World Now” Series in the Center for International Studies. “The World Now” series explores current events around the world by way of conversations led by OHIO faculty, students, alumni, community members, and guest speakers. It reflects CIS’s ongoing commitment to global engagement and dialogue.

Read more about the roundtable here

Feminist Action at the Negotiation Table: An Exploration Inside the 2010-2016 Colombia Peace Talks

Wednesday September 28, 2022, 1 – 2 pm
Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth Corredor 
Part of the Gender, War, and Peace Speaker Series Hosted by War & Peace Studies.

View the recorded session here.

War and Peace Studies - Dr. Miriam J Anderson

Gender, War and Peace | Women and Peace Negotiations: Before, During, and After

Peace agreements often break down, but their deterioration may fall short of constituting armed conflict. While the war-peace binary holds currency with decision-makers and scholars, it does not capture women’s lived reality during so-called “peace times.” As a result, we know little about the work of contemporary self-identified women’s peace associations when they are not responding to armed conflicts or seeking to influence peace negotiations. Using a Participatory Action Research methodological approach with a Burundian women’s peace organization in exile, we conducted extensive archival research and 68 interviews in Rwanda in 2019 and via Zoom/What’s App in 2021. We examine the women’s peace organization, Mouvement Inamahoro: Femmes et Filles pour la Paix et la Sécurité, which formed in the wake of Burundi’s 2015 electoral crisis, which signified the undoing of the Arusha peace accords. Specifically, we examine the numerous functions that the organization serves including humanitarian assistance, political advocacy, associational benefits for members, and information sharing and awareness-raising. In particular we highlight Inamahoro’s activities during the Covid-19 pandemic which worsened an already precarious situation for Burundian refugees in East Africa to which Mouvement Inamahoro responded through humanitarian assistance, advocacy, and awareness-raising. From Inamahoro’s standpoint, Covid-19 constituted a security threat exacerbated by international actors’ reliance on mainstream conceptions of war/peace, which de-prioritized vulnerable populations.

Monday, April 4, from 5-6:15pm
In Baker 231

A research talk and Q+A with Dr. Miriam J. Anderson 
Part of the Gender, War and Peace Speaker Series

View the recorded session here.

War and Peace Studies at Ohio University

War and Peace Studies at Ohio University provides students to explore the field of global security from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our programs emphasize both conflict and peacebuilding dynamics, allowing students the skills to solve some of the most challenging issues of our time.

Ohio University’s Center for International Studies currently offers both master’s and bachelor's degrees in war and peace studies as well as an undergraduate certificate on the subject. For more information, please see the program options below.


War and Peace Studies
Degrees and Certificates:


A graduating student

M.A. International Studies—War and Peace

This unique, one-year residential MA program at the Athens campus is designed to prepare students interested in careers in international affairs related to the complex dynamics of peace, conflict, and violence.

Program Details

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B.A. Global Studies—War and Peace

This program allows students to explore the field of peace and security studies from an interdisciplinary perspective through one-on-one advising, intensive language training, and education abroad.

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Graduate Certificate—War and Peace: 

This certificate provides graduate students in complementary programs the opportunity to take courses in security studies from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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Undergraduate Certificate—War and Peace: 

This certificate provides undergraduate students an introduction to the fields of peace and security studies through one-on-one advising and interdisciplinary coursework.

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