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Forms for Undergraduate students

Here are several of the forms that undergraduate students may need:

Global Studies Majors Q2S Check-Sheet [Word]
INST 4910 Internship Syllabus [Word]
FERPA Compliance Statement [PDF]
Petition for Waiver [Word]
Release of Information [Word]
Petition for Reinstatement [Word]
Petition for Immediate Reinstatement [Word]

For additional information, contact Assistant Director for Global Studies Dr. Catherine Cutcher 

Forms for Graduate Students

Comprehensive Exam Guidelines

African Studies [PDF]
Asian Studies [PDF]
Communication and Development Studies [PDF]
Latin American Studies [PDF]

Comprehensive Exam Notification of Intent [PDF]
Comprehensive Examination Reading List [PDF]
Comprehensive Examination Committee Member Evaluation
Comprehensive Examination Program Director Evaluation 
Comprehensive Oral Exam Evaluation (LAS only) [PDF]

Professional Project

African Studies [PDF]
Asian Studies [PDF]
Communication and Development Studies [PDF]
International Development Studies [PDF]
Latin American Studies [PDF]
Professional Project Proposal Approval [PDF]
Professional Project Evaluation [PDF]

Grant Proposal (IDS only)

Grant Proposal Approval [PDF]


Thesis Proposal Approval Form [PDF]
Arrangements for the Oral Exam on the Thesis
Oral Defense Forms

Independent Study

Independent Study Approval (for all programs) [PDF]


Internship Guidelines (for all programs) [PDF]
Internship Performance Review
Internship Offer Validation [PDF]
Internship Information Sheet [PDF]

Graduation Check Sheets

Please click here for the Graduation Check Sheets, as well as for instructions on filling out the forms and additional information.

Graduate Forms

Dual/Second Master's Degree Programs [PDF]
Application for Update of Graduate Academic Program [PDF]