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Global Studies - War and Peace

Sign at a protest reads "we need a change."

This program allows students to explore the field of security studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. There has been a recent and dramatic spike in the demand for graduates in security studies. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security, new emphases on improved intelligence analysis and risk assessments, border control, immigration, heightened proliferation threats around the globe, increased attention and hiring in the areas of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, as well as reconstruction and development culminate in demand for students well trained in war and peace studies. The job market is competitive, and every career demands a substantive understanding of global dynamics today.

In our program, we introduce our students to the fields of peace and security studies through one-on-one advising, intensive language training, and education abroad. The students also participate in the myriad events and workshops related to dynamics of conflict and cooperation, network with experts, and activists, work closely with our faculty and present their research in national conferences. War and Peace students are exceptional, winning nationally competitive awards every year. Faculty involved with the program are top-rated scholars and teachers, many of whom have won campus-wide teaching awards and have published scholarly works with top presses and in major journals.

Required Coursework

Majors are to complete all College of Arts and Sciences and University graduation requirements in addition to program requirements. Majors are also required to study or intern abroad. Students must consult with their advisor and the Office of Global Opportunities before committing to an internship or study abroad program. To see current program requirements, please visit the course catalog.

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Eligibility and Application Requirements

Interested students can apply to the Global Studies - War and Peace program through Undergraduate Admissions. The Center for International Studies does not currently have any selective or limited application requirements. 

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Current Ohio University students who wish to add or change their major or add a second major can apply to do so online.

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Dr. Catherine Cutcher
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