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INST4910 – Internship

Group photo of students who participated in the Ohio University Capital Internship Program in Washington, D.C.

This course is designed to allow for a practical experience in an international organization to complement the theoretical base supplied in area studies and comparative cultures courses. The applied experience will allow the students to see the practical way in which cross cultural issues and second language usage are manifested in a work environment. The internship experience will also allow the student to identify personal learning goals that will enhance their career prospects. This course is only open for Global Studies majors and certificate students.

Internship Requirements:

25 hours of work is equivalent to one credit hour*

*(Max. of 6 internship credit hours (150 work hours) will count toward the major or certificate)


  • Select an appropriate organization: international NGOs; private, voluntary organizations involved in development or international educational exchange; local, state, or federal government agencies involved in international activities; or private international businesses
  • Apply for travel funding through the Office of Global Opportunities or the Boundless Scholarship
  • Complete Validation of Internship form on the syllabus
    • Must be completed before the student can register for the class or begin the internship
  • Submit Travel Reservation Packet to the Office of Global Opportunities at least 3 weeks before the start of your internship


  • Keep a journal recording your activities to assist in the final paper/blog
    • Requirements for the final paper/blog are listed on the syllabus
  • Stay in contact with Dr. Cutcher concerning problems that may arise


  • Submit the Supervisor Evaluation form (found on syllabus) by the last day of classes
  • Submit a paper or blog by the last day of classes

Previous CIS Internship Locations:

Amnesty International

The Carter Center

Child and Family Health International

CIS Abroad

Community Refugee and Immigrant Services (CRIS)

International Institute of Akron

Operation Crossroads Africa

US Dept. of State

Please contact the Career Network or the Office of Global Opportunities to discuss other suitable internship locations 



Contact Dr. Catherine Cutcher,

Internship Instructor

Office: Yamada International House, Room 213


Phone: 740-597-2756