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people performing a traditional Indonesian Saman Dance
Asian Studies

Asian Studies

Welcome to the Asian Studies Program at Ohio University

The Asian Studies program at Ohio University is an interdisciplinary program that strives to provide students with a strong grounding in core disciplines that constitute Asian Studies (including political science, history, anthropology, geography, linguistics) while giving them the opportunity to form their course of study around their professional and academic goals.

Students in the Asian Studies program can concentrate in three areas of study:

  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Transnational Asia

While the first two specializations are designed for area studies students, the Transnational Asia specialization is designed for students to pursue a thematic field of study that involves Asian transnational and regional issues. Based on the research interests and specialties of the Asian Studies faculty, three thematic fields are developed under the Transnational Asia specialization, namely: Arts, Popular Culture and the Media; Gender, Ethnicity and Religion; and Globalization, Conflict and Social Change.


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