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African Culture Through Music & Dance Undergraduate Certificate

Students practicing a dance

Program Overview

There is a growing interest and focus on African studies at Ohio University and across the United States. While the College of Fine arts at Ohio University offers selected courses in African performing and visual arts through the School of Music; School of Dance, Film, and Theater; and School of Interdisciplinary Arts, there is neither specific undergraduate degree nor a minor in African music, dance, and culture. The African Culture Through Music and Dance Certificate program therefore functions as a specialization studies program in African studies for undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in African studies, any music or dance program, anthropology, and other majors.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

The program seeks to expand students' cross cultural awareness especially African cultural attitudes towards the performing and visual arts. Music graduates will be better equipped for emerging multicultural classrooms. Dance students are provided with new dance structures and movements for their creative works. Other majors are provided with in-depth knowledge of African cultures through music and dance. Completion of relevant courses and participation in the OU African Ensembles and African Culture through the Arts Education Abroad Program in Ghana will provide undergraduate and graduate students with a multicultural foundation, enhanced by personal experiences in African cultures through arts.

Required Coursework

Program requirements include a choice of core and elective courses as well as two courses in an African language. For a complete list of program requirements, please view the course catalog.

Apply Now

This certificate is open to all majors, and students must apply for admission by contacting the certificate director for an interview.

Paschal Younge,
Co-Certificate Director
Glidden Hall 471D
Phone: 740.593.4244

Zelma Badu-Younge
Co-Certificate Director
Putnam Hall 107
Phone: 740.593.1852