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Matthew Layton

Matthew Layton, portrait
Associate Professor
Bentley Annex 213

Recent News


  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 2015

Research Areas

  • Comparative Politics
  • Latin American Politics
  • Survey Methodology

Courses Taught

  • Politics of Development
  • Latin American Politics
  • Dictatorships and Democracies Around the World

Ohio University Affiliations

About Dr. Layton

Dr. Layton’s research and teaching interests focus on the fields of comparative politics and Latin American politics. He has significant field experience in Brazil, including time he spent in Brasília in 2014 with the support of a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship. His publications include (with Abby Córdova) “When Is ‘Delivering the Goods’ Not Good Enough? How Economic Disparities in Latin American Neighborhoods Shape Citizen Trust in Local Government” in World Politics (forthcoming) and (with Amy Erica Smith) “Incorporating Marginal Citizens and Voters: The Conditional Electoral Effects of Targeted Social Assistance in Latin America,” in Comparative Political Studies (2015).