Ohio University

Linguistics Faculty Research Areas & Specializations

Research areas for faculty in the Linguistics Department:

David Bell

  • Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Language, Culture, and Food
  • Language, Culture, and Sport
  • Methods and Materials in TEFL
  • Pedagogical Grammar
  • Stylistics

Ludmila Marchenkova

  • Sociocultural and dialogic perspectives of language and learning
  • Second and foreign language education
  • Language and gender
  • Us and others: constructing identities through language
  • Teacher education
  • Intercultural communication

Michelle O?Malley

  • Impacts of Cognitive & Cultural constructs on speech & language development use and comprehension
  • Citizen Science
  • Language Development (L1 & L2)
  • Language Variation/Dialects
  • Phonetics & Phonology

Liang Tao

  • Grammar of Chinese and English
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Comparative study of English and Chinese discourse (written and naturally occurring conversational Chinese & English discourse)
  • L2 development
  • Language, culture and cognition

Christopher Thompson

  • Japanese language and culture
  • Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology of Japan
  • Japanese language pedagogy
  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Ethnography and field methods
  • Business Japanese
  • Japan Study Abroad/ Special Projects