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This photo illustrates language and technology, with letters flyout out of a computer onto a human being.
Language and Technology Certificate

Language and Technology Certificate

 Certificate code CTLATU

Contacts: David Bell, chair

Admissions Information

Certificate Requirements

Why Study Language and Technology?

This certificate explores the interaction of language and technology. Language has been constantly shaped by changing technologies — from the media used to convey texts in various writing systems to the invention of the printing press, movable type and portable books. And from the recording and broadcasting of speech to the ultimate portability of language — the smart phone, AI-driven speech recognition, and human voice simulation.

Such changes give rise to such questions as:

  • How has the human invention of reading changed our brains and our ability to think?
  • Is the development of digital literacy still further impacting the plasticity of human cognition?
  • Does the use of online grammar and spelling checkers ultimately lead to the standardization and homogenization of written language?
  • Likewise, does the growth of voice recognition devices and speech simulation inevitably lead to a standardization of speech forms and accents? And on the flipside, does the internet offer tools for preserving endangered languages and dialects?
  • Is texting a new language system complete with its own grammar and syntax and the use of symbols to reflect the pragmatic meanings conveyed by speech?
  • Does the emergence of AI-driven voice chatbots augur the demise of the human language teacher?

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Recent technological innovations are having a major impact on language. It is important for all students — whatever their field of study and future professional life — to understand these impacts and how to manage them and explain these impacts to others. The knowledge gained from this certificate benefits graduates entering into any number of fields.

Admissions Information

Any undergraduate student in good standing enrolled in any college or major is eligible to enroll in the certificate program. Students should consult with the certificate director, Dr. David Bell ( before registering for the certificate program.


Certificate Hours Requirement

The language and technology certificate program requires a minimum of 15 semester hours. See certificate requirements in the official Academic Catalog.

Core Requirements

Complete the following courses:

  • COMS 3200 - Communication and New Technology Credit Hours: 3
  • LING 2860 - Introduction to Language and Technology Credit Hours: 3
  • LING 4941 - Directed Research in Linguistics Credit Hours: 1 - 3

and complete ONE of the following Computer Science courses:

  • CS 1400 - Fundamentals of Computing Credit Hours: 3
  • CS 2300 - Computer Programming in JAVA Credit Hours: 4
  • CS 2400 - Introduction to Computer Science Credit Hours: 4

Elective Requirement

Complete one of the following courses:

  • ENG 3490 - History of Books and Printing Credit Hours: 3
  • ENG 3860 - Composing in New Media Credit Hours: 3
  • LING 4510 - Technology Enhanced Language Teaching I Credit Hours: 3
  • ML 3271 - Technology in Translation Credit Hours: 3
  • PHIL 2700 - Philosophy, Technology, and Society Credit Hours: 3