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Linguistics Giving Opportunities

How to Support Students and Faculty

Gifts by alumni and friends help support faculty and students in the Linguistics Department.

Gifts can help in these specific ways:

  • Graduate student support—both fellowships to attract top graduate students and add-ons to current teaching and graduate assistantships
  • Support for visiting speakers
  • Support for international exchange programs (student and faculty travel to China (language study), Japan (language and culture), and Scotland (historical linguistics)
  • Student: Undergraduate B.A. research and travel funds
  • Student: Graduate M.A. research and travel funds
  • Faculty research and travel funds
  • Endowed chairs

Please consider making a donation to one of the following accounts. Please identify the account name in the "gift designation" box for donations. Contributions are sincerely appreciated.

Contact Us

For information about giving to the Linguistics Department, contact

Amanda Blake
Director of Development