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Scholarships & Financial Support for Graduate Linguistics Students

Conditions for Department Support

The Linguistics Department has financial support awards available to master’s students in the form of Tuition Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships. Such support is awarded on a competitive basis. International students are eligible if they can demonstrate sufficient English proficiency to perform the duties that go along with the support; for Teaching Assistantships a score of 21 or above on the speaking section internet-based TOEFL is sufficient. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 to remain eligible for financial support.

Students admitted into the Linguistics M.A. program may apply for the following types of financial aid:

  1. Graduate Recruitment Scholarship--A tuition scholarship (waiver of the General Fee and Non-resident Surcharge) with no stipend, which requires the student to work five hours per week in the department;
  2. Graduate Assistantship--A Graduate Recruitment Scholarship includes a partial tuition scholarship (waiver of most of the Instructional Fee and all of the Non-resident Surcharge) and a small stipend sufficient to cover the remainder of tuition. A student with a graduate assistantship is required to work 12 hours per week assisting faculty or staff with their research and administrative duties;
  3. Teaching Assistantship--A teaching assistantship that comes with a full tuition scholarship (waiver of the General Fee and Non-resident Surcharge), and a stipend of approximately $6,500 per semester. This type of financial aid is reserved for persons who can teach undergraduate linguistics, adult academic ESL in OPIE, or one of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Swahili; 
  4. International students may find teaching assistantships in Southeast Asian and African language courses. For more information, please contact the Center for International Studies.

Applicants interested in financial aid are strongly advised to submit their application materials by early February because the assessment of submitted materials could take a couple of weeks, and the offering of financial aid starts in late February. There is no deadline for applying for Fall admission, but the chances for financial aid will decrease rapidly after March. The department admits approximately 15 students each Fall. Students who begin their study in Spring or Summer can apply for the following academic year’s financial aid.

For more information about graduate studies at Ohio University, including applications for admission and financial aid, refer to the Graduate College. The Graduate College maintains general information on Tuition and Fees, including the total estimated expenses for international students.

Graduate Scholarships Available for 2020-21

The Linguistics Department expects the following financial aid positions to be available for the academic year 2020-21. Recipients must be accepted into the M.A. in Applied Linguistics program to receive these scholarships.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistants

Full tuition waiver for fall and spring semesters with $6,500 stipend per semester.

  • Chinese - 1 position   
  • Swahili - 1 position
  • Arabic - 1 position
  • Japanese - 1 position

Description: Language Teaching Assistants teach introductory communicative foreign language skills to undergraduate students. A foreign language TA  is expected to work 15 hours each week.


  • Teach one foreign language class three times a week.
  • Prepare for class, assign and grade homework, make and grade quizzes and exams, and give final course grades.
  • Help students out of class, including, but not limited to, during two office hours each week.
  • Organize cultural functions for language students in association with international student organizations on campus.
  • Participate in the respective language program’s weekly curricular meetings.


  • Accepted into the M.A. in Applied Linguistics program
  • Native or near-native speaker language proficiency
  • Previous language teaching experience especially at the university level preferred.

Teaching Practicum – English for All Teaching Assistant

Full tuition waiver for fall and spring semesters with $6,500 stipend per semester.  

Description: Teaching Practicum – English for All Teaching Assistant supervises ESL classes. The TA provides daily feedback to lesson plans, reflections, and classes after observing student-teachers. The TA helps also with teacher training sessions and proctoring placement tests to community learners. At the end of the semester, the TA helps with the organization of  the English for All graduation. A Linguistics TA is expected to work 15 hours each week.


  • Observe ESL classes twice a week and provide constructive feedback to student-teachers.
  • Prepare for teaching training/education sessions, grade lesson plans and reflections, make and grade placement test, and give final course grades.
  • Help students out of class, including, but not limited to, during two office hours each week.
  • Have a close communication with English for All coordinator and student-teachers.
  • Participate in the first two week training sessions.
  • Keep close communication with student-teachers to keep track of community learners attendance.
  • Organize materials at the end of the semester and beginning of the consequent semester.
  • Be ready for any unexpected situations in the ESL classroom i.e. become a substitute teacher if any of the student-teachers have an emergency.


  • Must be accepted into the M.A. in Applied Linguistics program.
  • Must already hold a TEFL certificate or other form of ESL/EFL teaching certification (CELTA, DELTA, TESOL, etc.).
  • Must have taken a teaching practicum.
  • Highly advanced oral and written communication abilities.
  • Previous ESL/EFL teaching experience (adults/children).
  • Be extremely flexible and adaptable.

Contact Us

For full consideration, an application should be complete by March 1 for admission in the following fall semester.

Dr. Hiroyuki Oshita
Graduate Chair in Linguistics
Gordy 373
740-593-4570 (office)
740-593-4564 (department)
fax: 740-593-2967