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College of Arts & Sciences
Protester holding sign that says,
Environmental & Social Justice

Use nature-society frameworks and spatial analysis to understand how inequality and inequity are built into everyday life.

New York City urban scene with railroad in foreground
Sustainability & Planning

Examining the strategies for balancing environmental quality, economic development, and social equity.

Rural town in Africa, with houses in the background.
Globalization & Development

Exploring global issues and other parts of the world to better understand our own in an increasingly globalizing world.

Sun setting over mountain scene
Earth's Physical Systems

Examining atmospheric, ecological, and landform systems, how they change through time, and how they interact with each other.

A drone flying above fields
Earth Observation & GIS

Revolutionizing how we explore the geography of places, cultures, environments and processes. 

Chicago skyline
Cities, Places & Regions

Understanding the nature of places and delimiting regions, analyzing spatial differentiation across the Earth’s surface.


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College of Arts & Sciences