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Geography Research Facilities

The Geography Department is located in Clippinger Laboratories. Teaching and research facilities include the following:

Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis

The Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis supports teaching and research in climatology, meteorology and forecasting. This lab maintains two weather stations, features Internet weather information systems, and supports a 24-hour weather hotline, 740-593-1717.

Geographic Information Systems Teaching Laboratory

This teaching lab supports research and instruction in Geographic Information Systems; available software includes ArcGIS 10.0 Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer, Google Earth, GRASS, Quantum GIS, ILWIS, Adobe CS4, SPSS.

OhioView Laboratory for Applied Geomatics Research

The OhioView Laboratory for Applied Geomatics Research, located in room 118 Morton Hall, supports applied research in remote sensing and special studies using GIS. This networked facility maintains a suite of research workstations and application servers together with hardware and software tools for advanced image processing, GIS analysis and map visualization. This facility is the department link to the Ohio View Remote Sensing Consortium.

Laboratory for Remote Sensing

This laboratory facility is the instructional center for all remote sensing courses in the department. Housed in room 114 Morton Hall, the lab consists of 20 networked workstations supporting the ENVI and eCognition software systems, specialized peripherals for data input and printing, and related applications for image processing, GIS and spatial analysis.

Ohio University Center for Geovisualization and Geographic Analysis

Carl Ross Geomorphology Research Laboratory

The Carl Ross Geomorphology Research Laboratory, located on The Ridges, is used for research regarding landforms and their component sediments. It contains tools, instruments and equipment for grain size analysis, field measurements, mapping, and air photo interpretation.

Long-Term Social and Ecological Research Room

The Long-Term Social and Ecological Research Room, located in 425 Morton Hall, contains workstations, microfilm reader, desk space and other resources for several faculty and graduate students. Ongoing research is being conducted as part of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (one of two Urban Long Term Ecological Research sites in the country), and the Local Knowledge & Climate Change Adaptation Project.